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  1. Hey Devon. Didn't know you were on here! I won't be there either. My baby turns 1 that weekend. She's probably gonna throw a wrench into RPRU every year now... Worthy trade-off. You've got a great website. Simple, with inventory listed. As long as that's the case I don't need to go to RPRU to buy from you!
  2. KWRB

    Engine Bearings

    Would I need to know the Clevite number, or could I get away with the IH number. I didn't have the Clevite. Also, Amish machine shop? That's a thing? Kind of ironic to me.
  3. KWRB

    Engine Bearings

    I agree with the Clevite/Mahle opinions, but I don't know who sells them. You can't buy them direct, and none of the vendors I found, who sell to the IH number/application, list their parts' manufacturer. Of course, I started looking on a Friday evening. I guess I'll have to stay calling around Monday. Was hoping to get something on order this weekend.
  4. That's great. I JUST missed track states my senior year. Still bothers me.
  5. Years ago I had a replacement crank ground for the C113 rebuild, and bought the bearings to match. I bought the bearings from Red Power engine parts, when they still existed. The bearings were actually Clevite bearings, which I've been informed are a highly respectable engine bearing. Since then, Red Power was bought by Reliance, and I don't know what they may have changed in terms of their vendors. Fast forward to now, and I have a different crank going in, and the journal diameters are different sizes, and I need different bearings. Does anyone have any idea if Reliance bearings would be Clevite? If not, any recommendations? I've heard such horror stories about Reliance, that I'm terrified to use whatever they offer.
  6. I'm such a wuss, I'd have to park the tractor until the little guys hatched!
  7. Two years ago I was with my daughter driving in fast, very tight traffic through Columbus, OH, and a crotch rocket came ripping up on my right side trying to squeeze past. There wasn't room so he slowed, and went right to left behind me. I looked into my rear view mirror as he did so to keep an eye on him and watched him lose control of the bike and go smack into the barrier in the center of the highway where there was virtually no shoulder. By the time I got over, got stopped to call 911, I had passed under a bridge that squeezed out the right side shoulder too, so I couldn't get to the guy. Not to mention I had my daughter I had to look out for. I stood helpless watching traffic dart in all directions, presumably trying to avoid him. It was nighttime, and with the headlights in my face, I couldn't tell what was happening. It was a terrible, helpless feeling. About an hour or two later, and down the road I called 911 back to ask if they would tell me anything at all, as we were both kind of shaken up. Car-human events are particularly uncomfortable for me, given an event from childhood. 911 dispatcher tells me, the guy refused medical treatment and transport when they showed up, and got a ride home! My kiddo nailed it. When she heard that she said "that guy is alive for a reason. He better really do something with his life, like cure cancer!"
  8. Also wik. The only thing I could think of
  9. I never went through that invincibility stage. Very close friend was killed in an accident at 12. Another friend saw it happen, and our small was shredded by it for a long time. Unfortunately, without that experience, I can't say I'd have been so keenly aware of my mortality at a young age. In a way, her dying might very well have saved my life, because I was almost always very risk averse after that. I'll never know.
  10. I love animals. I say that because two of the suggestions here are exactly what I would do -not because I'm mean but because they're animals and their brains are basic. Two things they understand well are food and pain. I had a neighbors car get in my detached garage once. It was winter and I didn't go in much in winter. Only to get the tractor or to plow. I think that car was in my garage about a week. Must have been starving. I didn't see it anywhere near there now. The other suggestions of live trap and spray the heck out of it, and airsoft gun it are great because no real harm done, but they'll hate the experience.
  11. At first, I thought it had front fenders!! ?
  12. I noticed the same thing. She didn't have the advantage of already knowing the context like I did. He was a bit hyper and it's a highly out of the ordinary call.
  13. Any Electric dishwasher soap should go easier in the "sudsing" category
  14. Beautiful family! Congratulations! My baby's first is coming up. I haven't been excited like this for a birthday in 16 years.
  15. I never knew them to hurt trees. Educate me.
  16. But at the same time, they offer a delivery service.
  17. Harmless, but UGLY AS SIN
  18. KWRB

    USA vacation

    There's a book. 100 most scenic drives in America, or something to that effect. I have it, and I get it out when I travel somewhere new. I recommend it. I'd say pick an area and go explore, won't be able to do it all, so once you decide on a region, do it as best you can! If you end up in upstate new York, I'd be happy to host you for lunch, or a day or two.
  19. That's a Central New York company! One of the few left...
  20. welp, looks like I just added it to the list. I'm adding to the list faster than I'm checking them off. Better get to living, eh?
  21. WHY!!??!! is it just for grins?
  22. My grandmother and her family are from the West Columbia area (way back when). She told me stories about those snakes. NO THANK YOU! People rag on this place for our snow. I'll take snow, because here are things we don't have. Nasty snakes tornadoes (very, very rarely. less than one a year in all of CNY) hurricanes wildfires cockroaches earthquakes (like tornadoes. I remember one, mild one) brain eating amoeba crocodiles/alligators sharks
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