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  1. The other possibility I've heard of, is a small broken piece of something gets stuck between the bottom of the bull gear and the rear end housing. If that's the case see if it will move in reverse. Forcing it might free up rusted brakes, but if it's something jammed in the bull gear, that can crack the housing. Check the brakes first.
  2. It's a boot! Did I win? (I actually waited until you got meaningful answers before I have you a garbage, unhelpful answer) ?
  3. KWRB


    In the words of a super-annoying pop song: "I see it. I like it. I want it. I got it". Don't look up the song or watch the song. You'll hate yourself, and probably hate me for introducing you to it.
  4. Since you asked about the pump panel, no I don't need any other pump panel stuff. For the interest of anyone reading, here's what's missing, that I'm going to hunt down. This Weldon Lens is melted in the center This side of the engine held a portatank originally, then was refitted to carry an additional ladder, I need hardware to hold a portatank. I also am looking for a cheap used portatank. Need a replacement for this marker light. I have the pn in my documentation, but can't get it at the moment And then just some small tools, needed to hang on the truck Small Akron spanners 18" Halligan Intake/Discharge covers (I'm going up north tomorrow and the department who owned the truck in-between might still have those. I will see( Axes I'm also going to replace the hose bed. Some of the wood rotted out and was replaced with utilitarian (not as pretty) replacement, and some more has rotted since then. Then the hard stuff. I have to figure out how to address the few places where there's body corrosion starting. I know a great body shop, but I don't think I have the King's Ransom it would take to have it all stripped, protected and refinished.
  5. That's a great point. And since 3-D and its successor are both defunct, I wonder if they have the tooling to remake them. I might get a whole set. I probably won't get that lucky, but I can try!
  6. As I posted on here about a year ago, I am the proud owner of a fire truck purchased new by my department when I was little. It was my favorite then, and now I own it. I'd like to start making a few of the small cosmetic fixes it needs. One of the things sticking in my craw is that one of the discharge pressure gauges has been replaced at some point. It was replaced with an aftermarket one that doesn't match the others. I want to change it back. The truck was manufactured by 3-D Manufacturing, out of Shawano, WI in 1990. 3-D was purchased by American Lafrance in 1999. I'm told there were very few of them around Central NY. I'm looking for a boneyard of used parts seller that might be able to get their hands on an original pressure gauge with the 3-D logo on it for restoring the truck to new. I'm thinking I might have better luck with someplace in the midwest. The replaced gauge isn't in the picture; it's off to the right of the compound gauge, but matches the smaller ones shown here. Thoughts? (I'm also looking for a source that can rebuilt the gauges with bad seals, but I don't think that'll be as difficult to find as that original gauge will be to find)
  7. My grandpa told a cool story about a potato farmer A-C customer in Maine. Brand new machine all covered with soot. The owner lit a fire under it daily in winter to warm the oil. Refused to entertain abandoning the practice.
  8. I have been given a shed that's about 50' x 12'. Rather than just fill it with junk, which I could easily do, I am thinking about repurposing it to do some of the work I farm out in restoration. I am thinking about turning it into a sandblasting build or a paint building; I'm leaning towards sandblasting. I currently pay someone else to do sandblasting. I have a cabinet for small stuff but so many things don't fit. THose little sand tanks for use outside are for me mostly just something to trip over. If I do it, I want it to do everything I need, do it well, and preferably save the media. Has anyone ever done this, and do you have any sage advice or lessons learned? I am especially interested in seeing pictures of the air/media setup. Thanks!
  9. Whatever it is I'm seeing here (I have no idea), was it a natural occurrence? That's the stuff of nightmares.
  10. I believe we once saw photos. If you ask me it looked like you were talking when you shoulda been listening, but you maintained it was a sting!
  11. Thank you! Saved me a trip both ways!
  12. I was gonna chime in about how hot it is in a GA plane. I have that little 4"x4" thing open ALL the time. Would kill for an openable canopy. I've never flown high enough to benefit from cooler air. I jumped out at 10,000' a few weeks ago and that was cold for a few seconds, but I think it had as much to do with the freefall speed as the air temp. The escape thing reminds me of the off-field landing procedure -at least in a Cherokee, that calls for opening the door first. The wind keeps it nearly closed, but you're supposed to unlatch it so it (maybe) makes escape easier when it's crumpled and quick escape is necessary. I shudder to think of how that step got added into the procedure.
  13. KWRB


    A towel! Did I win?
  14. The Mongols ('least I think they're Mongols) still have some people who hunt with them. They raise them from chicks too.
  15. I would buy a print copy from any one of the vendors, then scan it to PDF. This is to my knowledge not a copyright violation if all copies are for your use, but I'm also not an attorney.
  16. My manuals aren't beside me; they're with the engine. I need to buy plastigauge. Does anyone know what the rod and main clearances are for a C113?
  17. Donate on conditions. I've done that. I actually didn't donate. I gave in permanent loan so if something went wrong with the museum, I'd get it back. Didn't take but a few years and their landlord booted them. It's now at my house again. If I had as much as you do, I'd not only give on permanent loan for the reasons above, but I'd be a board member.
  18. At Canandaigua there was a letter series Farmall painted green. Not just green, but with bought-from-the-dealership JD green paint. It was awesome. I know a few of the two cylinder club guys and intentionally mentioned it to them, just to bristle them up
  19. Eff that!!! I'll take my snowstorms!
  20. I believe he meant that he put the sticker on its own side, (i.e. rotated 90 degrees) so when the tank tips over -at any time ?- it will then be right side up. 'least that's what I understood.
  21. KWRB

    Mice in Storage

    I like the fresh cab suggestion, but they say only effective for 30 days at a time... Gonna have to supplement that. Hopefully that (maybe I'll overkill it so when the scent finishes it stays strong enough) plus some bucket traps do the trick. For bucket traps I use old oil. Preserves them so they don't stink and doesn't freeze. Learned that by accident once. Had poison in the garage. Also had a bucket of nasty old gear oil from a transmission project. Dumped the oil in the spring and plunk plunk plunk, out came the mice. They must have gotten so thirsty and desperate they went for the oil. I'm reluctant to use poison anymore. Friends dog died because it ingested poison, presumably from catching a mouse that had eaten it. Also heard it will kill the birds of prey that eat the mice.
  22. Other than poison and dryer sheets, do you all have any tricks for discouraging mice? I'm going to move my fire truck to covered-but-not-mouse-proof storage soon. I would appreciate input. Thanks!!
  23. KWRB

    Engine Bearings

    Heard back from the engine shop. Clevite/Mahle are unobtainium. They offered a Federal Mogul, and stand behind the quality. We'll see I guess...
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