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  1. I'm telling ya, use oil in the buckets. Preserves them. Doesn't stink. Clean them out at the end of the season.
  2. Jeff's motocross track? Maybe? Idk. I'm in Oswego County, definitely between you and RPRU!
  3. Not sure where you're at, but if things go to plan I'll have a (finally) finished C to haul out for display. But I'm down for a convoy for sure. I am not part of a local chapter or anything so the RPF redheads here are my social circle!
  4. I just watched that beginning to end. I found a new time-kill, as if I needed another one of those!
  5. Come **** or high water, I'm going to Ohio. I went to my first in Bloomsburg two years ago. Last year, SD was a long ways from NY with an expectant wife. This year, it was baby's first birthday. Next year, It's before her birthday, and nothing will come between me and the show!
  6. They're super cool but I think I'd just be like "the truck will be there in the morning. I'll walk home. Mis casa es su casa or whatever."
  7. I get SUPER frustrated buying jeans. Mostly for all the reasons already mentioned. I will say that I can buy Levi's online easy, because I can select my model (559), all cotton, and size and then they just show up. No having to drive to a store and ransack tons of pants too find what I want. I've always wanted to try on a pair of 1620 jeans, but they're too rich for my boss blood. I had a pair of Lucky Brand jeans within the last decade that were good, and American made, but I've had no such luck finding another pair
  8. Whoa!! I jumped through hoops years ago to buy (ahem -ask Grandma for Christmas) a jacket and bibs, when I find out they were closing their American sewing down. In fact I had to go to a surplus store, and then scour the rack, as most were already made in Mexico. If they're moving manufacturing back to the US, I'll jump on that train in a second!
  9. And you're just gonna leave us hanging like that? Ruuuude!
  10. That caught my eye too. What are the tanks for?
  11. Also, Tony, I know you have an eye for orchard/Grove stuff, but any pictures you could share would be much appreciated. Daughter's first birthday this weekend, so no show for me
  12. That caught my eye too. What are the tanks for?
  13. I ask to see the parts before I pay for them, for just that reason.
  14. Or plastic straws. Or internal combustion engines.
  15. The audacity and ignorance of soot. Well, chemistry, YOU are on the wrong side of history [with the snobbiest tone possible]
  16. Shoot. Here, everyone's in the cab, seated and buckled, or the truck doesn't move. It's real fun when you're last guy in the back and trying to get your SCBA on, so you can put the seat belt over it, in order to start to go to the fire. Regulation over reasonableness.
  17. I haven't seen it in years... WTH is racist? I don't remember any racism. But I don't remember much about it at all. I ate a "spoonful" of sugar once when I was a kid, after watching the movie. I remember thinking it was gross
  18. I'd take that a step further. I'd follow up with an email and get their response in writing. If wouldn't be the first time someone had been told verbally "oh yeah. That's totally covered." only to have them say "sorrrryyyy.... We never said that, and it's not covered." later when you file a claim. Insurance is slimier than used cars. You have to be very, very diligent.
  19. Super easy to inventory. Take your smart phone (or your kid's) and video record a tour of your shop, showing all your stuff. Narrate as you go along. That'll be a good record of what you have (had), if the time comes that you need it, and doing so won't require major work until then either. But, it's all the proof you need.
  20. I know that IH was a big deal in Chicago. Is there anything left to see related to IH history? I'm going to be in town next month.
  21. I am curious too. I don't really mind, because I use the magazine, but I do wonder.
  22. As well as other old tractor-related websites/forums. I've had some success buying there. I've had much success with the print classifieds in Red Power Magazine.
  23. Me too. I used to work in a factory that made compressors. We iris tested every one in a steel chamber. One in every thousand or so would have a poorly installed wheel terminal block. Because of that experience I understand how shell shock can just permanently wreck a man.
  24. Northern really hooked me up! Turns out he remembered selling to my dad, decades ago. I got both light lenses I needed from him.
  25. What z says above is what I do. Keeping it cool is important. Whether you use the hole saw type or a traditional shaped drill bit for porcelain, keeping it cool and going (agonizingly) slow with little applied force is the key to not only preventing cracks, but also to not ruining your bit.
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