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  1. 57 minutes ago, mike newman said:

    PM me    urgently, Sledge...I have two...one has a carby off an English "Vangaurd ' car circa mid 60's....which makes it most unusual...but I would let it go.... Way better tracks than ""Busted Knuckles "'old crawler....which features on the Restorations forum....Neither have blade gear.....which is just the way I like them.....:rolleyes:


    Put pontoons in it and road it home!

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  2. Background: I have my father's C, and an OS-4 and OS-6 awaiting restoration


    Not really on the list, because I think the owner will see to it that it's never found: My father's OS-4 that we restored together, and was sold out from underneath me before his dead body was cold, by his then wife. I have one now, but I'd give just about anything to get that one back.

    1. O-4
    2. O-6 to complete the collection of letter series Orchards (not including diesels)

    3. GREEN!!!! Series II Steiger. Any model. Want it for parades. I want to mount a GIANT American flag on it, and tow a sign that says something to the effect of "This tractor and this manufacturer were the product of American ingenuity and innovation. Keep American strong, keep America independent keep your neighbors gainfully employed, and keep your money at home. Buy made in America, from American companies"

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  3. 6 minutes ago, Cummings1486 said:

    Definitely agree with that!! I realize it costs money to not only keep the tractors going but when you do a full-blown restoration that adds up quick. That being said I know people that have boats and it’s unreal what they spend on fuel in one summer alone. It was funny when I brought this one home, a friend of mine said oh like you need another one! My reply was I don’t drink or gamble or smoke so what else is left in life besides collecting ih tractors? 😂

    I don't drink anymore, I don't go out to lunch, I don't set foot in a restaurant unless it's my wife or daughter that insists. I used to fly -don't do that anymore. Same with traveling. And I never smoked. Don't have expensive tastes in shoes, clothing or vehicles.

    When my wife starts thinking about getting ornery about tractor parts showing up at the house, I have a looong list of habits I don't have. I just start rattling them off. Eventually she gets bored and gives it up

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  4. 3 hours ago, junkandcattle said:

    We always had good livestock dogs growing up but they came and went as they wanted around the house. It was just a really old farmhouse and we didn't think anything of it except on the occasion when one of them would go for a roll in the hog lot.

    Two things stick with me, a border collie that would bar me from the gate when I was a toddler and the border collie that stayed in my lap for days I think when Mom died. [ I was 5 }

    I prefer dogs over people most days, but I have had to restrain dogs for their own well being. 

    I love this.

    Two different dogs?

  5. 30 minutes ago, Cummings1486 said:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you on that. That’s why we all have and take part in this addiction or expensive hobby as some say lol. And you bet! 😄

    Agree. Except this hobby is CHEAP compared to so many others: travelling, camp people, boaters, recreational drugs, professional sports team season ticket holders, car guys (not to mention RACECARS), and probably many more that aren't coming to mind. I tell my wife all the time that it could be worse, I could be into boats!

    2 hours ago, lorenzo said:

    Same here .  In Iowa the Gestapo DOT would line you up along side the scale house and a firing squad would shoot you .

    For an ignoramus like me, what's the issue?

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  6. 3 hours ago, farmall666 said:


    Yup. Same here. I'll never forget how mad my daughter was with me after she watched the movie, because I had told her how great a book it was. Heaving sobs for probably thirty minutes straight.

  7. I had a boat for a summer. Named it the Dolley Madison for the following reasons.

    Was approaching the bicentennial of the war of 1812, which was a big deal in my part of the country. She was the first lady at the time and was responsible for saving the famous portrait of George Washington when the city was under attack and the White House was later burned. Of course, the anti-everything crowd has sought to debunk this -though I don't know how that's possible; screw 'em. I put a fifteen star/fifteen stripe flag on the bow.

    Then I had a few problems (it was on old boat). A few seasons later I sold the engine and then later the hull to a coworker to in part buy my wife's engagement ring.

    I got enough problems and boats don't bring me enough joy to justify the additional headache and maintenance.

  8. My best friend is an auto tech. Charges the most, or nearly the most of any non-dealership around. I pay it and don't bat an eye, because quality work, reliability and honesty IS worth more. He has the same issue. No advertising, no employees anymore, and more work available than he can take on. Coincidentally, it's another reason I am happy to pay a lot. I've told him before, I don't want any special treatment in terms of price. For one, why should the friendship be a one way street where I get all the benefit? If I'm your friend, who's to say I shouldn't pay more because I want you to have it? Second, I do like the special treatment of knowing my stuff's going to get done , and when needed, move up in the line.

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  9. 12 minutes ago, KWRB said:

    There's a guy near Grand Rapids Michigan who works with a small foundry to make short runs of manifolds for antique tractors. He advertises on craigslist -not just Grand Rapids. Every so often one of his ads shows up on the local Syracuse Craigslist.

    If you poke around you might find him.


    On 7/18/2021 at 2:10 PM, fputnamjr said:

    Does anyone still make new distillate manifolds for a Farmall H? Or, are there specs available somewhere that a forge could use to make one?


    I found the guy. See your PM's


  10. There's a guy near Grand Rapids Michigan who works with a small foundry to make short runs of manifolds for antique tractors. He advertises on craigslist -not just Grand Rapids. Every so often one of his ads shows up on the local Syracuse Craigslist.

    If you poke around you might find him.

  11. I can't remember how I determined my C seat is supposed to be silver. I'm guessing now it was Guy Fay's book. You know who might be able to tell you though, is Pilot Knob Restorations. Further, their prices are as good as anyone's and their seats are restoration grade.

  12. 3 hours ago, vtfireman85 said:

    Been thinking about all the free advice i have gotten lately about business. Most of it has been well meaning, but from people who don’t seem busy enough themselves that they have time to worry about how to keep me busy. On a family trip i was getting wisdom from an inlaw about my rates, the importance of iron clad contracts and advertising. Another person says i need a website and a quick easy way for people to get “quotes” online from us. Some other pearls com from a closer in-law about local advertising and how I really need to get into alarm systems, how i am missing the boat and could really be capitalizing on the influx of city people. And still another wants me to send out mass mailings advertising my services based on local housing sales. 
    all of these people don’t seem to grasp that if the phone didn’t ring again I would not run out of stuff to do until this time next year. 
    i am sure some of you on here have received similar advice, since we have been here doing the same thing in our 3rd generation since 1963… i think we will be ok. 
    now if these advisers want to come help me find the chain brake cover i took off 6 months ago and haven’t had time to get put back together so i can finish cutting firewood… that would be appreciated. 

    I once texted you about a breaker box and you never invoiced me. Naturally I disregarded everything you said, because it was free😆

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  13. 2 hours ago, Ian Beale said:

    I have a friend who is a professional concreter is in that position.  His only advertising expense I'm aware of was some Xmas T-shirts about 20 years ago.  Their caption was

    "Always going hard"

    Love it

    I have a subscription to this old house, and with it I can watch any show from the 40+ seasons on demand. Anyway, I think it was season 1, they had some painters on site with t shirts that said the company name on back, but on the front it said (mind you they're from New England, so I hear this with an obnoxious Boston accent) "How's About a Paint Job?"

    I don't know why, but that's the funniest friggin thing. I'm laughing now typing it.

  14. 56 minutes ago, DC Snider said:

    49384919-842E-4500-8975-A2C21BDCD1D5.jpeg.08a50d959b4bcb086365510f2902e1f2.jpegHere’s a few of the IHC tools I have. There’s a few larger pieces tucked away in the shop. I think I have all the recommended tools from the manuals for the Farmall, F-Series, Farmall M and Cub. 

    I also have an full set of Ford Tractor Wrenches and tools along with an assortment of antique Klein, Craftsman, Crescent, Coes, and Ames tools built here in West Virginia, many of which were my Poppy’s. There’s also a few Dietz lanterns; a Wizard, Monarch and No. 40 Traffic Guard.

    Nice! You have a couple there that I've been looking for!

  15. On 7/17/2021 at 12:37 PM, Cdfarabaugh said:

    What really peeves me with snap on is their cordless power tools are made in china but designed in n.v the US.  Told my snap on guy ill NEVER spend the stupid money on their cordless garbage.  

    I am friends with a guy who was an executive with Snap-On for some time. He might be an even bigger snob than I am about American Manufacturing. He has made his fortune (and I mean a fortune) in the manufacturing industry in the United States and believes in it to the core. He could afford a ferrari, but won't buy anything not made by Americans. I say that to give you a perspective on the guy. He's kind of one of my inspirations. He once resigned an executive position (not at Snap-On) on the spot when he was informed a plant would be moving to China. They offered him a huge bonus to facilitate the move. He resigned without a safe harbor at the time because he felt it was just plain wrong.

    With that said, I asked him once about Snap-On power tools and the Chinese componentry. He informed me that it's just an unfortunate reality that the small electric motors are plainly not made in the US. Sucks.

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