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  1. I would. For sure. Flashers say "something's up here. Use caution". Fog is an excellent example, possibly the best example of when drivers sharing a single road might be operating at quality disparate speeds, thus being dangerous. In fact, I see zero problem with it
  2. I don't doubt that they help. But they're still real work. The day I played with mine, for one, it wasn't mounted to the floor and so it was wobbly. Second, it was a hot humid day. I was gassed.
  3. Good to know. Thank you. I can't see mine fitting as tidily in my tool belt though. I suppose there's an obvious solution to this: make fewer mistakes!
  4. I have one. Never used it. I understand it is less destructive to the wood than, say, a cats paw. Is that correct?
  5. Take one for the team and go find out how many are active. We'll all be very grateful!
  6. "geblitzt" The MAJOR difference, however, is that they have reasonable speed limits. When both are implemented together, I could get behind it. I'm not a Europe apologist by any means, and it's been almost 20 years since I lived there, but one of the areas they are better (at least in Germany) than the US is HANDS DOWN, traffic. Seems they invented the highway, then only exported half the know-how to implement and use them. Reasonable speed limits, including variable limits dependent on the vehicle and the weather. Mandatory actual driver education. Hefty tickets for the oblivious ignorant morons who ride in the left lane, as well as jackasses who pass on the right. Smooth, safe and fast highways. Cobblestone streets in town that naturally slow vehicles down and seem to stand up better than asphalt. Circles, and a TON of yield signs where stop signs are overkill. They're better, and they were implemented for fuel savings, not to mention that manual transmissions held on longer in Europe and they both led to fewer stalls. And presumably fewer BS "failure to stop" tickets. I'm not a fan of: Germany's strict rules about corrosion, but I think PA is just as bad -they'll fail your inspection for a spot of rust, I'm told. No trucks allowed on certain roads/highways on certain days (weekends). Seems a little heavy-handed to me.
  7. This house is at least as old as 1865. I found civil war newspaper in the wall. Every inch was hand dug, and every stone in the wall was hand carried and laid into place. It's lasted this long and I don't begrudge the builder that. But, it's time for an upgrade.
  8. And what, have discovery channel at my house? 😆
  9. I am doing a project this spring, and I'm going to take a different approach. I need to excavate a foot or two out of a crawl space under my house. The dirt hasn't seen moisture or sunlight in about two centuries, and it's fairly loose and light. I've read of people using all kinds of methods to excavate under crawl spaces, including shoveling into buckets and removing by hand, using a small "dingo" machine or whatever that's called, and one guy on YouTube built a bucket conveyor which itself looked like more effort than shoveling and carrying out buckets. I think I can rig up a really powerful vac, with the power head mounted on a tall frame without the bucket. It would discharge the dirt into a pile below the frame, outside the house. I could then scoop the dirt with the tractor. I'd vacuum out the light stuff, and hand remove the rocks only. It's annoyingly difficult to search for "largest shop vac" on the web. I have considered going to Lowe's and buying the biggest one they have, or getting a dust collector like what's in woodworking shops. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I could use for the high powered vacuum head?
  10. My two cents: those painted letters on a casting never look right. A lot of people do that on vises and wrenches, and it looks like a four year old did it, because of the inconsistency of the cast surface.
  11. I have one of these. This one isn't mine, but looks like it. It's a Coates Tireman pneumatic tire changer. I inherited it. I had never seen it used, let alone used it myself, until a few years ago. I did a couple of front tires just for grins. Well, they may have saved some labor, but they're still real physical work. I put it back after that and haven't used it since.
  12. Ugh. That sucks. I friggin hate debt. I despise lenders about as much as I despise insurance companies. My family lost the farm on account of an insurance company denying a claim. I don't know if it's possible to run a manufacturing without debts, but it would scare me so badly that I don't think I'd have the stomach for it. As for debt, something permanent happened in my brain when I financed and graduated college with a "good" degree during a recession, and I couldn't find a job and had those loans to pay. It was like a much lesser version of how the depression changed people, causing excessive frugality and hoarders. NEVER AGAIN. Sorry about the tangent. Thanks for the education!
  13. That's certainly no Bud Light. I've heard of Bud heavy, but that's on a higher level. Man, I just love huge old tractors. What came of Big Bud, the company? I sort of recall that someone with the assets is floating restarting production? I tell you what, I think there'd be a market, if they made a stripped version of their contemporary competition, without all the complicated and expensive bells and whistles. Imagine a less expensive, simpler machine but without the reliability issues of being old. I'm too young to really remember those days. Of course, I've said the same thing about road going vehicles and clearly no auto company agrees with me about there being a market.
  14. There are companies that will buy those timbers. If interested, have the owner contact pioneer millwork. I know they travel the country to buy old timbers for raw material. (Them tell them I want a referral credit!!!)
  15. My house has disconnected knob and tube in a few places when I bought it, and evidence of HEAVY fire in a few places. I think the fires were the result of (1) a lamp in a window, where the charring is in a symmetric arc, deepest in the center of the window sill, (2) clearly at least one chimney fire, where some timber rafters burned to half their cross sectional size and others were replaced, along with some of the roof planks (3) and spot where fire burned all the way through a post-beam joint, so the beam that held the rafters was no longer on the post. The beam was, after the fire, supported one the other end by a post, and along it's length by the board and batten under it. The last one was crazy, and I couldn't believe it stood. There was an old timer who was in our FD when it was founded in 1948-ish who said he vaguely remembered a fire here. No idea which one. Another guy who's been at the FD for fifty years doesn't remember any fires here. So that structure held for fifty years at least. The roof looked like a saddle before I replaced all the structure, but it was up. A lot of old houses burned. And just about every old house standing, is a survivor of at least one fire, I've found.
  16. KWRB

    The Dog Thread

    Just like sticking their head out the window in vehicles, but if you blow in their face.... Look out.
  17. KWRB

    The Dog Thread

    Dog thread. Is there a wild animal you don't despise?
  18. It's probably got a bunk room
  19. KWRB

    The Dog Thread

    I'm sorry buddy. I'm real sorry. Everyone should be so fortunate as to have a dog for a long time. I don't have to ask, to know your life is better for having had him.
  20. Forgive me for being dense, but, is it the chain link, or the big blue section?
  21. My uncle shot a monster ten point in Chautauqua County this year. He's been hunting the same farm for about fifty years and not a whole ton of big bucks. I'm so happy for him.
  22. KWRB


    What about online auctions? For some of the hobby collections I have, I buy at online auctions. I never enter my actual max, because I don't trust that the information is kept confidential from the auctioneer. I bought some little things at an auction today online. I ended up winning about a dozen lots and I was on my phone for hours as a result, manually upping my bid for each. A positive story though. I once bought an LA engine with the attached pumpjack from an person's personal property auction somewhere in the Midwest. I want to say it was Iowa. I called the auctioneer to ask a question, he called back a day or two later with the owner present. They talked to me and I explained what I wanted it for my etc. The owner says right on the phone "if you leave a bid, that'll be your bid and it'll be honored with no games. I will not allow any 'choice' or 'times the money' and he'll be honest about it." I got that engine (only wanted the pumpjack) and a few other things way cheaper than my bid. I could have gotten hosed. My grandfather a few years ago got a Deere stationary engine in a telephone pre bid at an auction in the Finger Lakes. The auctioneer that did the IHCC auction in the Finger Lakes a few years ago ran an honest show too, I think. In fact, there have been very few experiences where I thought the auctioneer was shady. But like anything, we remember the bad experiences more than the good, which is why I asked the question.
  23. KWRB


    A general question. I know this bunch tends towards the cynical side, so I'm slightly afraid in tossing a grenade in here, but I do want to ask. Do you guys trust auctioneers? I have read in here some unflattering things. I also don't know any auctioneers personally. GENERALLY, do you trust them? As in, if you think they're 95% upstanding and honest, then yes, you generally trust them.
  24. If that judge really wanted to nail him, he could go ask on YT or RPF for value opinions. I can hear it now: "I wouldn't give a penny more than $3,500 for Trump Tower. $4,500 tops. 'Course some idiot from town with more money than brains will give $35m, but they're all stupid, because it needs a new elevator door, so it's not worth it. SMH. City morons."
  25. Once you tell her how it'll work the baby fat off her arms, she'll be so grateful you won't be able to stand it!
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