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    Why not a bolt?

    They do, actually. That makes sense!!! Thank You!
  2. KWRB

    Why not a bolt?

    Thank You. That's the best plausible explanation I could come up with either... Barring a eureka moment or enlightenment but someone on this forum, I'm going to use bolts to reassemble mine.
  3. KWRB

    Why not a bolt?

    The Toolbox/seat mount for the C is held on with threaded studs and a nut inside to the toolbox. Like the studs used for the rear axle housings, they have two pitches: 1/2-13 and 1/2-20. I guess the two pitches is so the stud doesn't work itself through the transmission cover and fall into the transmission, but why not just use a bolt? There's no space savings in using a stud, as a nut is required anyway. The answer's probably obvious, but I apparently need one of you to tell me what it is.
  4. What's the story with the yellow 3488? I don't know if I've ever seen a yellow IH of that era...
  5. Obviously a female. Operator's afraid of getting his head bit off.
  6. I don't know the quality of your relationship with this neighbor but is there any hope in inviting him for coffee, a sit-down and a talk and say, "friend, you cost me crop. I don't want to sue you, and the insurance people are telling me I have to, in order to recover what I've lost. Do you understand how bad of a predicament you've put me in here?", and will such a conversation yield anything positive? (pardon the pun)
  7. This is a 1956 Ford that we still have. When I was a boy I would get to go with my dad and his buddy to get it out of storage in the spring, to make it ready for the local parade circuit. I spent many a parade, proud as a peacock, sitting in that truck! The department has done a great job over the past few years restoring it. There isn't really much left to do. It looks pristine!
  8. I've posted along these lines before, but every now and then I find a gem in a pile of stuff in my garage. I always say that it's probably the last time that'll happen because I always think there aren't any more places I haven't gone through. Well, tonight I found a belt pulley for my C in a pile of (what I thought was) junk. I had actually bought one recently to put on it, but it was killing me to do so because I swore that I remembered seeing one at one time. Well now I have the original one which will go back on, and I have the one I bought, which can go on another project later. It really made me smile. He died in 2005. Not only is it the equivalent of finding cash, but I'm happy that now I have his, to put back on his tractor. Anyone else got similar stories? I'd really like to see them
  9. Here's a pic of a 1951 IH Heavy Rescue that was bought used from Bonair FD in Philly and put into service in my FD. I don't remember it. It was sold later to Eden, PA FD.
  10. very true. But this tech is still bringing the ability to prototype to the little guy better than at any point in human history. In my experience CNC programming pales in comparison to the cost of hard tooling if these parts had to be die cut, for example. Even programming is getting cheaper, with ever better and better model generated tool paths.
  11. The upside to laser cutting, 3D printing, etc. is that the cost penalty for small batches it little to nothing, so quantity becomes less of a problem and thus prototyping is less expensive and less risky, and innovation is sped up and multiplied by allowing more players in the game.
  12. You take that thing with one (or all three) of those Red Ryders in the background?!? That IS impressive
  13. C grille on the left and A grille on the right. Notice the cut out section on the C grille relative to the A grille.
  14. KWRB

    Old Cable Stuff

    Every time I see a cable shovel, ever since I was about a six year old kid, I say "you are a snort".
  15. When I finish repurposing the A grille into a C grille, I'll just send you my C grille. It's really rough, but if you think you can use it and you want it, it's yours.
  16. Generally, that's true. And it might be true that the grille screen was painted, but in all the photos I've dug up, It shows the chassis of letter series machines being painted in a *nearly*-fully-assembled condition. Unfortunately, the photos are black and white, but they show the tractors being painted without wheels, hoods and grilles. A picture even shows a stack of hoods and grilles ready to go onto the machines right there. What I can't tell, is if the sheet metal put on bare and was then painted on the machine, or if it was pre-painted. I'm inclined to believe it was pre-painted based on the paint I see under the hood and behind the grille. Getting paint there post-assembly would be real tough, and inconsistent. The problem is, if the grille assembly was installed to the tractor in a pre-painted state, we know nothing about how they were painted, and thus it's possible the sheet metal was painted off-line and that the screen (which is likely galvanized and doesn't need paint) installed after paint. It is likely trivial, but I get caught up in these things and can't let them go. The picture below illustrates what I'm talking about, albeit at Farmall Works and not at Louisville, where my C was made.
  17. I'm probably the least educated person among those who will chime in here, but I'd think you could get a firewood guy to come in and cut the trees for free or a modest profit first. If they get the stumps low enough to the ground, recovery might be easier then. Or course, I might be way off base too. Take this with a grain of salt.
  18. I am so sorry you experienced that. We were discussing grass/brush/wildland fire behavior in my fire class last night and it reminded me of reading this story, that had such a profound effect on me that I wanted to re-read it. Of course, I've lived almost my entire life in the Northeast and I've seen a bunch of fires, including an arsonist when I was a kid, who burned every dairy barn around my hometown. Lots of dead cattle there too, but I've never seen anything like these fires that happen in the Midwest and West. I have the utmost respect for the people of the Midwest. I always find they're the most down-to-earth, toughest, and yet kindest kind of people. I think that people-wise they're America's greatest treasure. I always come away from meeting someone from the Midwest with a good feeling. More than anything I remember the personal stories I read about this fire. Tough, wonderful people. Not that I know a whole ton of Midwesterners, but in my mind the accounts I read about with this story are typical of them. Tough, selfless, unassuming, smart, and kind. I don't mean to sound morbid, but I love this story, because I love the people in it. Someday I'd love to move out west somewhere. Those are the people and that is the culture I'd like to be a part of. I don't know about the landscape as I'm partial to woods and hills and Great Lakes, but all the rest would be a win, I think. I've commented to @sandhiller that my dream is to be wealthy enough to buy a ranch and hire really smart people to teach me everything, and reroot my family for the next 100 years somewhere between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains. Of course, I'd be the know-nothing Yankee, but in my dreams anyway an open mind and modesty would get me through and I could be a rancher. Space enough to get to know myself, my family and God without all the static in the way. Question: from the article, $10k/mi for new fence. Educate me. Why so expensive?
  19. That was the story. Thank you.
  20. A while back someone posted a link on here to a long story about a big wildfire in the Midwest. I'm sorry I don't remember more about it, but does anyone remember anything about it? It was a nasty tragedy and there were some personal stories in the article including a farmer who got out and plowed fire stops.
  21. Correct. I still owe this thread some pictures of the two side by side. I'll have to fill the holes where the emblem mounted too, because the C had the "new" man on a tractor logo.
  22. I have finally found out the differences exactly between the A/AV Grille and the B/BN/C grille. As someone here suspected in a prior post I made, the bottom section of the B/BN/C grille has a cutout for the front axle/steering mechanism, whereas the A/AV grille is solid in that section. I'll take a picture later to post. It means the A Grille I was gifted will work. I just have to carefully cut out the bottom section appropriately. The C also has the IH emblem whereas the other have the Farmall emblem. I can solve that though -non-issue. However, I notice in the A grille I was given, that the screen behind it looks gray/silver. Can anyone say definitively if those screens were assembled to the grille unpainted?
  23. Just put a rag over it. That works.
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