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  1. Went and picked it up today and it is an Allis Chalmers. I found it stamped in the frame. Everything works, every grease zirk even took grease!
  2. I think you are onto something IHCPloughman. Found this photo of an AC 1 bottom. Thanks for puttin' that bit of info out there. Sure does look the same to me!
  3. Ole boy selling doesn't know for sure but he thinks its an IH. Says he can't find any markings on it. Guess I will have to just go give it the once over myself tomorrow. Any specific areas you all know about looking to find some sort of marking for a make/model?
  4. I had one other fella tell me that today as well. Thanks
  5. Anybody have any thoughts in if this may be a Little Genius?
  6. I am pretty sure that is the same kit that Abiline Machine sells. That is the kit I am leaning towards and originally started researching. Thanks for the reply!
  7. I will surely keep you in mind if mine turns out too small already. Thanks Dennis
  8. Yeah my buddy is actually my machine shop! I was just really wondering about the sleeves/pistons and what others have used and had good/bad luck with. He is doing all the head work as you stated as well. Getting pretty slim on my crank.... May have to find another one as it already has 30 over bearings in the mains but it doesn't appear too awfully bad. Won't know for sure until he gets it all mic'd and finds out if it can be used as is. I haven't ever seen 40 over bearings for the mains on these engines. Taking that much off the crank jounals may be asking for troubles as well...... I am probably just being over picky on what I end up going with, it is just nice to hear from others and their experiences. Thanks!
  9. Getting ready to purchase a complete overhaul kit and would like to get opinions from others. Looking at Abilene Machine with the fire power pistons, Yesterday Tractors with stepped pistons, and Agkits with fire crater pistons. Has anyone had any good/bad experiences with any of these out of frame kits? This is for a little 1946 Farmall B. Thanks in advance!
  10. Thank ya fellas, I just ordered me a single terminal push pull switch. Much appreciated! Nothing 40 bucks wouldn't buy!
  11. Been working on my "new to me, Farmall B" and I rebuilt the magneto but now I am scratching my head on the push pull run stop switch. It is a 2 post switch, which I think is incorrect being the tractor has a magneto, but I am not sure..... I rebuilt the magneto and put a new coil inside along with points/condenser/gaskets/gear/etc. The previous owner bypassed the internal coil and put on an external coil. Well I wanted to put it back to original and now I am trying to make everything else right. The tractor starts fine but instead up pulling out on the switch to run, I must start the tractor with the switch pushed in. Does anyone know what I need to do to correct this and make everything original? Get a single wire push pull run stop switch? As of now I have the 2 post push pull switch wired as such, one terminal going to the positive post on the battery (6V positive ground system) and the other post is going to the post on the side of the H4 magneto. Thank in advance!
  12. That's exactly what I need! Thanks for the picture.
  13. I will have to look for one. Guess I've never seen nor heard of a little wonder. I have heard of the genius, and that was my first thought at looking at this one. Thanks sir.
  14. He said 14 or so. I don't think a B will handle (2) 14's in tough soil. It may in easy soil. That's why I was thinking of taking one off for virgin dirt.
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