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  1. Thank you! This new phone is awesome lol just scared I'll break it and won't be able to post more pictures! (Horrible luck with phones...) also I posted more pictures to the thread! Have been thinking about having a new tank made but from what people in my town has said I'll be paying alot.. Thinking the opening up and cleaning out idea is going to be my best bet... cause no one makes I new tank.. the tank it's self is part of the hood, body panels and holds the whole dash and gauges and let switch, choke and throtal... so if I made a new tank id have to cut the front out of this one, clean it out then build one to slide into it and build a filler neck to go through the old filler hole.. it's turned into quite a ordeal.... Yes! Lol that cup was just awful! Luckily the rest of the air cleaner is Okay!!! Well, the undercarriage is at 80% and I have extra track cleats and bushings now, so if I can get the tank fixed and the engine/carb kinks worked out then I just found out the output yoke bearing on the drive shaft to the rearend is wore out and flopping... if I can get all that fixed, I'll be painting it, putting new decals on it and putting it to work doing small jobs around houses, cleaning brushes up around properties, fixing drive ways, run offs for drain pipes and anything for it really. My brother owns my father's old company and he wants to buy a bobcat and I told him I could do half of the things a bobcat does with this little crawler and I'll have a mini backhoe here soon so I'll be able to do the small work for him.
  2. I believe me and you think alike haha! Yes I have a old mig around here and the sanding/dawn cleaning sounds like a wonderful idea. (Dawn will cut through anything! Who needs gojo or fast orange when you got dawn!) Is there a good tank sealer to get and cheap ones to stay away from? My father used some back in the 80s or 90s and he said it flaked off in the tank making like a red glitter and just stopped everything!! Up carb, lines, pump, filters and after that he's been scared to use tank sealer and it kinda scared me from using it cause it sounded like a Mess!!! So I'm curious if he did something wrong, or if it was a cheep kind or?.. (Now my father is 76 so he's pretty old school he may have just not wanted to seal the tank and didn't do it right)
  3. Alright! So, I think I'm posting in the right place again! (lol) Okay, so. So far I have taken the hood, side panels, battery tray, air cleaner, fuel tank (gas) and gauge panel off. Only 3 broken bolts!! Ha! So, my question is... does anyone know if there is a company that makes repop tanks? Or anyone know of somewhere to get a good used tank, that ISN'T going to turn my wallet inside out?... Or would you clean it out, then cut the front open, steam clean it a few times, wire wheel it, braze/weld up any holes. Then weld a plate over the rusted out front section that would be cut out and call it good? Also, my carb is just pouring gas... checked over the float settings, soaked it in cleaner done it all, used thin copper wire to clean out all ports and vents, recleaned, over and over and over......... still! Pouring gas... only thing I can think is it needs a new needle and seat? Maybe? Any ideas? (Also i did do the float test and let it sit submerged in water over night held down by something, pulled it out the next day and it was bone dry and floats. So no leaks. Also checked the bowl for for holes, cracks, anything, all checks out good) Next question is, I need a new water pump housing and I remembered where a few are off some old farmalls, are they the same as the IH crawler gas motors? And I had to break down and order a bottom air cleaner cup for my dry type cleaner, no company's offered one.. I found a company that did and ordered it through a local dealer. If anyone is interested in the part number for it and the company just message me. Now, here is the pictures of the tank and the tractor tore down. I'll have more pictures tomorrow! Thanks for looking and any help would be amazing! Thank yall! Very happy to be on this site with so many nice helpful people!!
  4. Thank you! If you ever need any info just let me know the two green ones cover up to a super H I think
  5. Well my uncle was saying something about the rearend leaking out, so to be on the safe side and not ruin the pump or get water in it (I can't for the life of me remember how all he explained it) but he welded up/built the tank, fabbed up a filter system rerouted lines and placed it up by the lever system and filled the rear end with 90 weight. As for the motor! That's awesome to hear there is still parts available. All my cylinders work great but I was told if you ram it real hard for a week or so it would foul the front plug. I'm HOPING it's just a stuck ring cause non of the others do it. Been letting it sit in a little concoction I call cherry bomb lol. Works wonders on locked up motors. If I told you what all was in youd say no way! But it works! As for 5th oh yeah.. id probably stay out of it! Lol! Found a few things on it after steam cleaning it, was wondering where to find a bottom half of a air cleaner... mines a old oil filter style. Man i wish I had his tracks! These seem pretty solid though, although need some greasing up! I was told it has never bound up or jumped track before.. luckily.
  6. Lol oh man! Yeah sounds like mine I can't even get them to go in it... just steam cleaned the whole tractor, looks a neck of a LOT better. Also.... I found these to it and s few extra booksmy uncle had with it!
  7. Thank you for the welcome! Also, I believe... the undercarriage is at least 70% my uncle ran it for 10 years before me said it never gave any problems and that he believes he might know where another one is that the rear end went out due to lack of oil back when it was new, the guy never fixed it so maybe I can aquire it for parts... hopefully it didn't go to the scrap yard.. I know a lot of things did when scrap went up so high...
  8. Will do! THANK you for finding the number for me and well..... my tank is uh.. well I hit the wall of the tank and the bottom fell out.... Been trying to figure out where to get a new one, now that I have the number (thanks again) maybe I can get a new one or used. Wish mine had a winch! Mind has reverse and I think 5 forward gears. Never use but 3. I fear 4-5 would just shake it all alose.
  9. That would awesome if you could, I would greatly appreciate it. I've been hunting all over and can't seem to find much on them... I'm waiting for my uncle to find all the service/parts books he had on it but he said it would take a while if at all since it has been so many years since he used it... So are the gas ones harder to find now? I haven't seen but 3 online so far. I believe one was yours.
  10. Hello all, hope everyone's having a great morning, I'm sorry if i am posting wrong on here, if so please let me know and I'll be happy to fix it! Well to start off I picked up this 500 from my uncle out from under a molberry tree, has been sitting the past 19 years and when I got it home I spent most the day rewiring a few things, ignition, battery, coil, condenser and resistors. It's a little 4 cylinder gas motor, it runs and drives like a top! I'm not sure of the year but from what I could gather it's a 1967 The questions I have are simple (I hope haha) How can I tell what year it really is? How can I tell what rearend it's has? Where could I find a used or repop gas tank and is there anything yall would advise doing to it since it's been sitting so long? I figured flush all oils (as you'll see in one of the pictures my hydraulic oil has been moved to a tank on the fender and rear end just filled with oil) and flush the coolant, but any other advice would be greatly appreciated. The serial number/model I'll post in a picture along with some other info. Thanks again to all who takes the time to read this and help out! I've seen a few people on here with a few 500s! Nice to see some still running! Guess the gas ones are dying out it seems though.. Thanks again. Sincerely: torque1