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  1. Just talked to him he said 2 blade with stump jumper the blades hinge when they hit hard its about 10 miles from me

    1. MTO


      Guess I prefer single blade brush hogs just because less moving/breakable/wearing parts. 

      A used 5 footer trailer type goes for $300 to $400 here. 

      I`d be leary of a $150 mower that I haven`t seen mowing for a half hour or so. 

  2. Woods bush hog ???

    5 ft $150.00 do u know the model and how old
  3. Woods bush hog ???

    Looking at a bush hog are these any good don't know model number either help help thank you
  4. Been looking for rims for my 39 farmall h
  5. Chapter 33 plowday pics

    I know grandpa is not plowing just had to throw this in
  6. Lost 706 D

    Yes what is it
  7. Lost 706 D

    OK I see the funnel also the fuel can has the non epa spout on it and those are getting hard to find
  8. Lost 706 D

    Fuel can
  9. What's your favorite crop to harvest?

    Hay and more hay its hard work . I cut hay with a farmall h pulling a 455 new Holland 7 foot sickle bar. Bale with a new Holland 68 pulled with a wd45 its slow going and getting help in the fields is almost impossible the young people only wants to play TV games
  10. Today's Birthday Boys

    Happy birthday guys . don't forget the birthday girls
  11. 1939 farmall rims

    Gas tank is getting boiled out and coated. Just thinking about rims . some members say they would not be right for the serial numbers and others say why not put them on. I believe them all its something I will figure out.
  12. Letter Series Styling Upgrade?

    I agree with cgage the h and the m look the best
  13. Would u be willing to sale 36/inch rims

  14. Farmall C Pto klunks noise with Brush Hog under load

    I had a gear with 3 teeth missing o took it to a weld shop and they might welded them back and dressed them down looked like new . worked perfectly . find a good shop they can fix it Cindy's acre
  15. farmall h starter

    Are all farmall h starters the same . had a extra starter from another h put it on my 1939 h. And all it would do is spin .I can hear it but its not turning motor over thank you Cindy's acre