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  1. Ih problems

    I believe the lights are original but the grille is not when you get up close you can see someone has pieced it back together it is definitely not factory. It is in fact a 4 cylinder gas. Does the fact that it was painted yellow make it the 2400?
  2. Ih problems

    I&T is the only one I could find. It does give some pretty detailed pics of the pto which is what I need, so I'm hoping it works
  3. Ih problems

    Great! I really wish they would have put the plate back on after they painted it. Would have saved me a big headache. So now that I'm fairly certain what it is, the pto isn't working. I ordered a shop manual and I'm going to buy a pressure gauge. And recommendations on a brand? Thank you so much for all your help. This is definitely not my forte.
  4. Ih problems

    Can a 2400 be a gas 4 cylinder?
  5. Ih problems

    Okay sorry it took me so long the website was down when I tried to post this yesterday. On the frame under where your right foot would be it reads. "399813 R3" On the engine hand stamped in I think it says "157c112u003974" Just a little further back it reads "405856 r1. 2-22-T" The letter T = 1972 I believe.
  6. Ih problems

    Thank you so much for all your help. Yes it is gas. It is the C157. But it used to be yellow. Any clue what that means?
  7. Ih problems

    I couldn't find any pictures of utility tractors that look like this one
  8. Ih problems

    Is there any way to find out for sure if that plate is gone?
  9. Ih problems

    My dad bought this tractor last week. I spent hours trying to identify it. Whoever painted it removed the plate that contains its information. The closest I can find is a 1972 454. But here are where things get strange. It used to be yellow. But when I look up the 2400 series it looks nothing like it. It is the 4 cylinder, 8 forward 4 reverse. The main problem with the tractor is the pto. It worked when we bought it, but when after it was trailered home it no longer works. It is the 2 speed pto, so it has the 2 shafts with different splines. When the tractor is off you can turn it by hand about 1 revolution in either direction. Then it makes a loud clinking noise. When the tractor is running it won't move at all. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.