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  1. 674newb

    International 674

    frozen as in the engine or coolant freezing? It was running just prior to discovering the issue.
  2. 674newb

    International 674

    I was told there were not sleeve O-rings on this style of tractor as it is gas? Parts guy not knowing what to look for?
  3. 674newb

    International 674

    I have a mid 70's 674 with 6500 hours. Went out to start it the other day and was hard to start finally got it going and water/oil started spraying from the exhaust and engine compartment. Shut it off and checked the oil quick antifreeze mixed in with the oil. Drained oil out and was about a gallon of antifreeze and oil smelling like fuel. Any suggestions, cracked head? Blown head gasket? Thanks