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  1. Hello, I have a 1958 Farmall 240 nf serial number 551 and it has an aftermarket seat. I would like to put an original seat back on. These tractor came with an adjustable deluxe seat or a standard pan seat with a spring steel support. I can not find a picture of a 240 with a standard pan seat to see what it would look like. Have not seen one at any tractor show, not to many 240 nf tractors around and the ones I see have deluxe seats. I can get a pan seat assembly for a reasonable price.The deluxe seat is up there in price, and I would have to find the adjustable slides and hardware to mount the seat. My question is, does any one have a picture of a 240 nf with a pan seat assembly so I could see what it looks like on the tractor. Or does anyone have a complete deluxe seat assembly with the adjustable slides, or just the slides and hardware to mount a deluxe seat. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Thank you for the reply. I bought at a flea market on Monday, as soon as I saw it I had to buy it. Was not much, the inside is clean, looks like it was never used. I never saw fittings of that nature, I am not around crawlers and big equipment.
  3. Hello, I just picked this item up at a flea market. It looks like a fluid dispenser of some sort.At first I thought it was a grease dispenser, but the hose end does not have a zirk attachment, It must be for hydraulic fluid the more I think about it. I may be wrong, does anybody know what it is used for? Thank you, Greg