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  1. TD9 final drive removal how to.
  2. Going for it

    Pusher cap screws did the trick. Just had to figure out where to put them. Easy once you do it . Hope this helps someone else.
  3. Going for it

    My back is sore the pinion out but still hung on the inner pinion bearing o.d. as I read and re-read and re-read the manual it talks about using "puller cap screws" if it doesn't come apart. I'm looking through the holes in the drive plate for the right holes to use. Bent over the fender reefing on the pry bar for two days with little progress but getting closer. The technical writing from IH can be confusing. At least for me. 2 Aleave, easy chair and some football should help.
  4. Going for it

    Thank you for the quick response and I do not have those views so helpful Back at it now, not to be defeated!
  5. Going for it

    Removed the left steering clutch yesterday everything went good however I still can not get the final housing off of the Main will sperate about 1 inch then binds up somewhere on the pinion bearings. Hoping someone might have experience in this area. I have the manual and exploded views for reference but something seems siezed. The final case does move freely on the dead axle. Any help appericiated..
  6. Injection pump seals

    Diesel Specialties inc. 1800-475-4827 John is the man. International A and prior to A pumps Main pump kit 260666 $181.50 Xfer pump kit 272710 $130.84
  7. Going for it

    Latest progress...determination required. For those that don't know you can't service the pinion bearings without pulling the steering clutch. I just happen to be headed there anyway.
  8. Going for it

    Today's progress is going a little better. What a cave inside, lots of cleaning to do.
  9. Going for it

    Definately Holloween. This project is full of nasty suprises. Bolts that will not be defeated without the torch really add time and effort. Usually that last bolt that will not cooperate. This was yesterday's fight..
  10. Going for it

    Not sure either but would make a great food warmer. Beef stew in a can..
  11. Going for it

    Well crap...i checked the final drives and the left one was full of water and the sprocket has wear on the sides of the teeth. Broke the track. Sprocket has side play..bearing issue I'm sure. Oh of course front idler is junk also. Diagonal brace comes off next, oh what fun.
  12. Going for it

    I don't think so.. I will look.
  13. Going for it

    There are 4 generators. Happy to look at them closer if you have further interest.
  14. Going for it

    Pretty sure there's a few in there. I will see what's there and post a picture for you after work today.4th picture from the top in this tread shows a couple.
  15. Going for it

    I had acquired the disk in a recent purchase of parts from a private sale. (see pics at beginning of this post). The clutch brake lining was thick and properly riveted in place. Turned the throw out bearing surface on the lathe for fresh contact.