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  1. I'm a staff member at the Bentwaters Cold War Museum in Suffolk, UK and amongst our exhibits we have this, a 1964 International Harvester with a Metropolitan Superior body. It was converted into an ambulance from new and is a right hand drive vehicle as it served at RAF Upper Heyford we think. It came out of military service in 1973 and was used until 1979 and then stood up in a field. A bus museum in Oxford rescued it and started restoring it but it was again abandoned and we were offered it. In 2009 it arrived and was pieced back together then put on display. The paint started to look tatty and late last year i started to prep the body and repaint it fully. It's in fully working condition though there are some gauges that aren't working and i'm going to get every aspect working. Does anyone be able to help with photos of these in USAF service? We know nothing of ours military life and assume Upper Heyford as it lived around Oxford. Any help would be greatfully received.
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    Red Diamond RD450 engine

    Hi all, i've just joined Red Power. I am a staff member at the Bentwaters Cold War Museum and have restored a 1964 International Harvester bus which has been converted into an ambulance. As far as i can make out it has the Red Diamond RD450 engine and 5 speed manual gearbox. What i would like to know is where is the water temp sensor on the engine as i've got a non operating water temp gauge. Alos what type fits as it has been blanked off. i'll post pictures of the bus on the project thread. Thanks