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  1. Tn 1256

    Finally got the JD 318 fixed

    Looks good. You can bring it over this summer and try it out anytime. They dont make em like that anymore.
  2. Tn 1256

    Trying a few pictures

    I might try to come to that pull if work dont get in the way.
  3. Tn 1256

    Adios IH 1256

    Thanks to all for the good coments. I am really proud of the 1256 and thankfull to have been able to get it. It was a great trip back with the ol girl on the trailer, my very understanding wife in the passenger seat and our bellys full of Texas bbq. I will post pics as this project progresses.
  4. Tn 1256

    Trying a few pictures

    Good lookin pics. It warms my heart to see all them red tractors around here.
  5. Tn 1256

    Adios IH 1256

    Im in east Tn. About 40 minutes northeast of Knoxville.
  6. Tn 1256

    Adios IH 1256

    I just joined the site and wanted to let everyone know that the 1256 has a good home. I plan to use it some and go through it until everything is in tip top shape. Long farms is a great guy and he went out of his way to make sure I knew everything about it before making such a long trip. Its good to see somebody that trys to do things right.