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  1. My 54 did the same thing. Got a new switch from mike but haven't put it on yet.
  2. I would like to put a manual fuel shutoff on my 95 Dodge Cummins with inline pump. Anyone know what parts/where to order them to take off the fuel solenoid and add a cable? I'm sure some kind of tractor or industrial applications used the cable.
  3. 766-$24,500, 2845 hrs. 886 cab-$26,500, 3970 hrs. 5140 cab 2wd-$40,000, 3230 hrs. 5240 cab mfwd-$64,000, 2045 hrs. Plus 5% buyers premium, capped at $1500 Jedlicka Farm auction https://www.equipmentfacts.com Nice, well maintained tractors.
  4. Joninva


    I have found some parts at the Navistar dealership. We rebuilt the 392 in a loadstar about 8 years back. I found a few things there I couldn't find at auto parts store, motor mounts, correct radiator hoses and I think a few other parts. I have found correct brake hoses and booster there too.
  5. Maybe try The Scout Connection and IH Parts America
  6. Gemplers just came out with their own brand of muck style boots. I got a pair a month back, so far so good. Not quite as much cushion on insoles, probably will put some better insoles in them at some point. Mine aren't insulated.
  7. Thinking about buying one, 9 shank disc chisel. Anyone here had any experience with one and did it do a good job?
  8. Anybody know if a rollbar off a 686 will fit a farmall 504?
  9. Update - We got the front planetary back together, got tractor out of shop sat. Axle shaft worked great, direct replacement with no modification. Had delay because when planet gears came from hycapicity they had rust and 3 had pits on inside. Got 4 replacement from hycap fri, 2 of them had pits, dad honed one enough to use it. Gears were made in USA, looks didn't get coated good before being boxed up. Hycap was good to deal with, no hassles return.
  10. Maybe try Winmill Equipment in NH. They were great help when I needed parts for my TD8
  11. Got a used 7140 rt axle shaft to try on the 5488. Side by side, same length, outer yoke splined end same. Slid into axle, looks good. Will know for sure next week when the rest of the parts come in, but looks like it will work. If you just need an outer yoke, looks like you could use one off a Magnum. U joint cups are same od, you would just need 2 of the external snap rings. ( 88 used internal snap rings, Magnum used external )
  12. 5488 sn 4396. I need to replace the right axle shaft and Sun shaft. Splines worn on outer shaft, u joint cups loose in shaft and yoke. If I can get a complete shaft from a 71 or 72 series Magnum cheaper, would it fit? The 88 & Magnum sun shaft is the same part #. Is there a cheaper way to get genuine Dana axle parts, other than going through CNH? How good are the aftermarket parts out there ( A&I, Hy Capacity, etc )
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