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  1. I got the Dunlap so unless I find some jeans I can pull up above my belly button I can’t show it off as a buckle.
  2. Someone bought 2 quarters about 10 miles away from me to use as a storage yard for those eye sores. Major highway on one side and mainline rail on the other. They built rail access into their yard and ship in and out by both rail and truck. Every year for the 4th of July they move all the cranes in line next to the highway and fly huge American flags. Always thought that was strange to see at a windmill sight.
  3. Tmtbob


    Leave the hole in it and install grease zerks. Easy to inspect everything that way and just shut it down to grease every 5 minutes.
  4. No dates were given but she had a look in her eye that told me to shut up.
  5. I got told by my wife on Sunday that someday I wouldn’t be waking up. Im thinking the way she said it that she knows something I don’t.
  6. I’m so good at number 3 that I’m still doing it.
  7. Definitely a w900. Those headlights are the same aftermarket 7” headlights that are put on 379’s
  8. I think so to cause I would of bid on it and probably spent to much. I have a cousin I grew up with that’s working on Groendyke ranch that’s in the area and I called him to see what he knew about it. He said the old man worked at the coop and passed away a couple years back but didn’t know he had a tractor. He called a friend of his to see what he could find out. His friend said the old man worked for his dad when he was a kid so he’s known him most of his life and didn’t know he had a tractor. Since those guys didn’t know anything about it I lost some interest They didn’t even know about the auction and when I told my cousin who’s name was on the sale he asked if there was any guns in it. Said the old man had a huge arsenal
  9. Did not get it. I sat down in front of the tv and was keeping an eye on it but I fell asleep. Woke up 20 minutes to late so I don’t have to mess with it or think about what all it needs. Was disappointed to see it went that cheap but now I don’t have to worry about finding the time for that to
  10. My problem is I’ve got to many projects to finish now. They all sounded like good ideas when I thought of them though. I’m just finally getting smart enough to realize I don’t have time for things like I think I do. Thanks for the replies and opinions and if it doesn’t get much interest I might still try for it but hopefully they start bidding so I don’t have anything to explain to my wife. Farmallfan thanks for posting that
  11. Still can’t get a link posted so screenshots of the add will have to work I noticed the ta is pulled. That kinda bothers me if that’s how they ran it
  12. having trouble posting the link but it’s about 50 miles away from me. Has some flat tires and says it needs clutch work. Looks like it’s been sitting for a few years. Think it has closed center hydraulics but I could be wrong. It’s online only bid and is at around 2100. I know it will sell for more when the time winds down. My thoughts on it are it would be handy to have another horse to use around if I could get by without splitting it right away. If it needs a clutch it’s probably gonna be sitting for a while before I’ll have time to mess with it. Or I could part it out
  13. It’s had a slow leak for awhile and I noticed today when I was adding Freon it seems to be moving up and down when using the clutch. Like the bolts are loose. I’m guessing 1/4” movement when you step on it. Grabbed a blow gun to clean it up some and get a better look at it and looks like there is rubber bushings on the bottom of it I need to replace. I’m not having any luck finding much on it other than a seal kit for it. Surely that much movement isn’t normal.
  14. Hope they can find parts. Had a friend who had his overhauled then sold the truck. As of last week it was in a shop south of Wichita with the Detroit bull gear flaking. It was down a couple weeks but last I was told the parts did arrive. Good luck
  15. I think it’s age. It got me to. I would set the cruise at 75 to 80 on my long runs depending on what state I was in. And I’d push it harder than that if the opportunity presented itself. Now like you, I feel 75 is plenty fast. When I get out to the panhandles of ok and tx I’m thinking they owe me some money for all those tickets I had to pay 20 years ago. Now the speed limit is every bit as much as they were writing me tickets for
  16. Painted mine white with black valve covers on my last overhaul. Looked good until I had to put a head on it and didn’t have time to make it match. Now it’s got a rusty metal head on it. It also shows where every drop of oil that’s ever touched it now. Doesn’t look like that will be a problem with the blue.
  17. Ramble away Sandhiller. That’s what I was doing when I started this thread. I like to hear other peoples experiences. Those are good stories. I have a couple horses that could use that kind of work so if you decide to pick up a similar side gig like that let me know. I’ll send them your way. 😎
  18. I remember speedway well. All silver or grey freightliners. It was common to have them down here loading at my local salebarns. Especially the wheat pasture calves getting pulled off this time of year. They were the swift of the livestock haulers. I did see that about LW Miller. First one of those I saw was in the early 90’s running across the Oklahoma panhandle when I was a kid. We’d see them occasionally after that for a few years then they just disappeared down here. A few years later right after my Eastern days I started working with a bunch of local guys and we got on a pig contract to downtown Los Angeles from Laverne Ok then bring calves back east out of California. I’d see LW Miller all over out west bringing pigs down from Utah. We would unload in LA and usually head north out of town toward Bakersfield to lay down. On one trip I missed my freeway exit at Pasadena. I thought no big deal, I’ll grab the next exit and head back to where I needed to be. Problem was there was no entrance ramp to get back on after I crossed over. I didn’t know that until I turn on the first street I could and it was 3 lanes of one way traffic. It was dark out and there were people standing in lines to get in bars and clubs with me bringing a stinking cattle truck right through the middle of them there happened to be a city employee street worker a few blocks down and he gave me directions out of there. Back to Eastern, I saw an article where a bunch of salebarns and cattlemen all over the southeast sued the bank involved with eastern for the cancelled checks they had and the way the bank handled the shutdown. I guess they had been on the banks radar for a few years for check kiting and allowed it to get worse when the bank finally shut it down during the fall calf rush out of the southeast. That’s what we called it anyway from September to New Years. I’d seen it start in July before but that was our busy season
  19. My mind took off running today and got me thinking about Eastern and then I have to google them and read the old articles of their fall again. I’ve known of them since the 90’s when I was a kid. Always shiny Pete’s with the rockin E brand on the side of the sleepers with Eastern in the porch light on the front of their Wilson trailers. I don’t know how many trucks they had but they had a bunch. In 01 I hauled eastern cattle for a year till I laid my truck over one night in dead man’s curve on highway 60 east of Paducah ky. That was the worst cattle hauling jobs I experienced but I was also young and it was different than what I was raised around. I guess I was spoiled cause we’d wake up in the morning, take a shower, maybe get breakfast, then load and head out on our long hauls is what was normal to me. With eastern I loaded a lot in Ky and you sat at the pens all day then load in the evening on 1000 mile runs. It was also common to hear them say “head west and call us when you get there”. They didn’t even have a destination in mind when you loaded sometimes. I know there was a couple times I’d get a call the following afternoon asking if I could be back the next day and I’d tell them I’m still headed west with a load on in Kansas. When I was hauling for them I don’t remember a bunch of eastern trucks and I’m thinking they got rid of most of them and used owner operators cause of less headaches. My memory is a little fuzzy cause that was over 20 years ago but that’s what I remember. Does anyone else remember Eastern or had experience with them. I believe that was the biggest cattle company in the nation by far until their fall in 2010. I know there was a lot of people hurt when they got shut down from cattlemen to the haulers. That was a big deal. I’m amazed how big they were and all they had.
  20. I don’t think that’s what they mean by “if it fits it ships”
  21. I agree with this and when I rewire I always have a ground. If it’s easy I’ll have a ground wire to each bulb just to avoid the issues but it’s usually more time than I want to spend on an old trailer that don’t get pulled much
  22. I feel the same way he does and I’m sure it’s from all nighters in front of a Wilson. I’ve also been known to add more lights on a brand new trailer. Got to make it look right
  23. Haven’t read all the posts but when I have all lights flashing with 4 ways on it’s usually a ground issue. Did you drive it much when you hooked up to it or did you just try the lights without moving the trailer. With some older trailers I have to drive around a bit and make a few turns to get a good ground for the lights to work. On my trailers, when I rewire them I’ll screw the ground into the neck of the trailer so it doesn’t have to ground through the ball but that doesn’t always work either with old steel and sometimes I still have to drive around for a good ground. Don’t get me started on the plastic 7 way plugs most trailers come out with now. I never had near the issues with the old 6 way plugs everyone used before. With the plastic it’s hard to get a good connection and if I hit bumps it tells me I lost my trailer but I’d bet on it being a ground issue
  24. 2 ways will have more distance and privacy compared to cb. We used them in the 90’s and could probably reach 20 miles on mostly private channels. Also had cb’s in a couple tractors and half the time we couldn’t hear each other in the same field. With everyone having cell phones when the radios quit working we quit fixing them and slowly quit using them. Thinking Motorola was the brand we mostly used and they did work good. Just got phased out due to cell phone service.
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