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  1. Cool old Kenny

    Convoy was my favorite movie as a kid. I remember my grandpa letting me stay up late with him and watch it when I was about 6 or 7. Didn't see it for 20 years then watched it again as an adult and surprised they let me see it. Not exactly G rated. Maybe they knew all I was getting out of it was a high from all the trucks
  2. AR upper receiver

    Colt has been mentioned. Along with bcm and dd.
  3. AR upper receiver

    I'd pay more for the quality and look for Daniel defense, bcm, Colt or a few others. Probably look real hard at bcm.
  4. Forum issues

    Glad I'm not the only one.
  5. LB67 Fair Repair Act

    I didn't watch the whole video but Cat has been resisting that since their first ecm controlled engines came out in the 90's. Fortunately there are more cat and licensed by cat truck dealers around than Jd or case and the software has gotten out to a black market.
  6. Pay Pal fraud??

    Is the buyer out of town on an offshore oil rig or something similar. Seems like I had crooks trying to play me with PayPal. They pay the account and A few days later the money was no good and PayPal pulls the money from your account. Might not of been PayPal but that was the scam and I don't know who else it could of been if it wasn't. Been a long time since I sold anything big
  7. Cool old Kenny

    The 750 hp was the ktta. It came twin turbo which is why it has the extra t in it. I brought that engine up a couple pages back
  8. Cool old Kenny

    The 600 horse is rated at 2050 ftlb from the factory. 550 was at 1850. The 500 isn't that high
  9. Cool old Kenny

    Don't know about availability back then but now parts can be hard to come by for the 3408. Cummins still makes the k series for industrial applications.
  10. Cool old Kenny

    My dads truck is a w900L with sonny pruits paint job on it. I've probably said it a 100 times that I'll get a picture of it and post it. Should of done it years ago when he still had it hooked up to his pot.
  11. Cool old Kenny

    Don't forget the ktta. Think it was the same block but twin turbo from the factory. Rated at 750 horse. A few trucks got them and I assume that was from the manufacturers. The k series Cummins wasn't very common around here or maybe they was before my time. Most common was the 3406b. They had the reputation.
  12. Cool old Kenny

    I know what you mean by that but across ok it was calves from the southeast. No fats allowed. I flew the I40 airstrip with peewees out of Georgia many times. Another strip was 412 in the panhandle. Talking about these memories kinda makes me miss those days or nights.
  13. Cool old Kenny

    Thanks. That was back in 06 when I picked that trailer up brand new. Made a few changes since then but put tall stacks back on it cause I still have the pot. Right now it's got a cracked block but give me a couple weeks and it'll be up and going everyday again. Paint doesn't shine like it did but I guess that's expected since it's 20 years old.
  14. Cool old Kenny

    The blue is another friend of mine. He's only had that truck about a year. If driven easy he says it's not bad at all and about 4.5. Not sure if he's ever pushed it to find out how bad it gets but hp wise it's not far from a factory 500. Same with the v8 macks. Kta Cummins were stronger and would run better. Easy to get them up to 1k hp. Most I knew of and I grew up around cattle haulers and have a lot of miles doing it myself back then had b models. They were more common and more good mechanics that knew how to tune them to out run the 3408. The white one is mine. Have over 2 million on it with a 3406e. Never had it dynoed but that v8 won't touch it.
  15. Cool old Kenny

    I believe Some b models came without turbos. Or maybe that was just intercoolers. A friend of mine grabbed an 85 pete and was wanting to convert it over when he overhauled it but parts were hard to find. I know the intercooler was part of his problem with the lower radiator hose. He passed away and the truck was sold off out of state. I wanted to buy it because it was his and it had an old 6x4 two stick tranny but he had to much in it and for his and my wife's sake I let it go. Couldn't see making payments on a 40k yard ornament that I'd only drive a few miles a year and I'd have to put to much in it to use it everyday.
  16. Cool old Kenny

    Never heard of a 3208 in anything bigger than a medium duty truck. I've never had first hand experience with them but was always told they were throw away engines. Meaning when they were wore out or had a catastrophic failure you just replaced them. 3408 is a different ball game.
  17. Cool old Kenny

    Definitely a cool old ride
  18. Ag census

    Says by law you have to respond. Doesn't say you have to fill it out. My wife works for the local fsa office in ok and that's what she says about it. She filled it out in less than 5 minutes but said you could let a 3 year old have at it with crayons. I would of thrown it away also
  19. Tire repair today

    No smell. I turn on the oven vent to get away from that.
  20. Tire repair today

    I've aggravated my wife a time or to and brought tires in the house to warm them up overnight so I could mount them the next morning. Just told her how much money I saved by not taking it to town.
  21. how do you guys handle snowmoble trespass

    Doubt it's sucker rod. Looks like continuous fence. All tubing
  22. Ether (starting fluid) sickness?

    Where are you guys finding the good either at. I haven't found any with enough spark to seat a tire in years. It all burns to slow now and risk setting the tire on fire. That was always a handy trick to use when nothing else worked. If he was breathing enough either doing that to get sick it makes me wonder if he was huffing it
  23. How far would you drive a tractor home

    I'm not scared of roading big or wide equipment when I need to and can usually stick to dirt roads most of the time but my worst was only 30 miles. I bought a case 8820 swather and found out the hard way they only have 1 speed. Maxed out at 10 mph got old fast. I gave it an upgraded drive sprocket to get a little more road speed out of it for next time
  24. Pickup flatbed

    Never seen that done. I'm sure it would be fine other than look odd as long as you didn't put much weight behind the axle. Goosenecks loaded down might be a bad idea also since the ball isn't over the axle. Had a neighbor put a dually flatbed on a f150. Only used it to feed with but looked like the biggest pile of junk around. he probably ran that pickup for 15 years like that and it didn't look like he had any spring left in the rear leafs.
  25. Auto- manual swap

    Measure the distance between bolt holes on the bellhousing and I could tell you what size it is. It would be an sae standard. As for clutching you could build brackets and keep it mechanical or use a hydraulic system.