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  1. I always heard the milk had a bad taste if the cows got out on winter wheat.
  2. Had a local store here post bad checks on their counter here and I got a call that my name was one of them. I went to investigate and see for myself and sure enough my check was there. After several calls to the store and to my bank and me raising a big stink about it they stopped that practice. I’m still not sure exactly what happened but my bank never had any record of that check ever showing up so they advertised my personal information on their counter because of either their bank or their personal mistake. Needless to say I don’t do much business there anymore. Believe that’s against the law here also but I get the posting of shoplifter pictures.
  3. Another big one was Fort Worth. They opened up shops in the pens that are still standing with several alleys left with shopping on both sides. They still use a rail line that comes in with coach cars for tourist coming from Dallas. It took me awhile to find but the tunnels from the pens to the packing houses is still there but fenced off. I don’t know how many packing houses were there in the day but several are still standing with their names painted on them. I’d like to go back and wander the tunnels but getting caught trespassing and the homeless that are living in there have kept me from it. Didn’t mean to hijack from Omaha but I find history from all the big stockyards fascinating
  4. Great video. I grew up only hearing stories about the bigger yard of Omaha and kc and wish I could of seen them in their glory. We drove by the remnants of kc many times but I was to young to remember it. Dad hauled cattle when I was growing up and I spent many hours at yards as a kid with okc probably being the biggest. I Think they still hold that title
  5. I’d also consider replacing the condenser. If you put a new dryer and compressor on that’s where most of the trash came from that plugged the expansion valve
  6. My dogs have a friend that's a skunk. I saw him run across the yard this morning and they just watch him go by. He's been around for over a year now and probably going on 2. As long as he don't spray he can stay
  7. I find a lot of used parts listed on eBay.
  8. Try a truck pro for continuous duty ones if you need to. I've had them power 76 lights on the cab of my truck for 20 years. They aren't as good as they once was but will work for a while. Napa brand is probably better if you can find one though.
  9. I don't understand why you're not sure in wanting one. I definitely want one. That would go great with a tank that my wife says I can't have. When people ask me what I would do with a tank my response is always the same. What wouldn't I do with a tank
  10. I get aggravated at the idiots at Chrysler with a 12 year old pickup that thought it was a good idea to make the horn blow if the indicator didn't know it was in park and you opened the door. Im learning some patience after breaking the gear selector off and showing it was in park with a lot of force. After several adjustments it only works right for a day or so then it's back to letting everyone know when I get somewhere. I leave the seat belt plugged in across the seat now just so I don't have an audience when I arrive somewhere now
  11. That's what I noticed today at port of catoosa. Has to be 20 to 30 feet below where it was friday
  12. Not sure how much it will help you but keystone dam is reducing flow at the spillway. Believe they are saying it will be down around 150 cu ft per second and maybe closer to 100. I don't remember the exact figures I was hearing on tulsa radio but I think It was up to a little over 300 for a week or better and the lake kept rising. Now they are releasing more than the lake is taking in and it's going back down. Up stream in Ponca city they were calling for evacuations cause kaw lake is flooded. Lots of homes are underwater but a lot more were saved. Braggs Ok. is completely isolated from the rest of the world and the Only way in or out is by boat or rail. In the last week or so we were seeing quarry equipment pulled up right next to the shoulder of the road on highway 266 east of the Tulsa airport. Trucks and trackhoes packed the driveways with more equipment lined up in the grass and nothing but water on both sides of the road. It was deep enough to where a d4 size dozer surfaced from the water last week. I just figured it was junk cause they didn't get it up to high ground but a few days later they drug it up closer to the drive with a trackhoe. Apparently it wasn't junk like I assumed and they just couldn't get it moved fast enough.
  13. Feel for you with the hail. Rather deal with tornadoes myself than big hail. I've never seen it that big before other than reported on the news after the fact. Hope it all turns out good for you on repairs and dealing with insurance
  14. I do pull the pistons to check the rings on cat liner packs. Only problem I've had from them is they didn't have a rod cap marked to match the rod and tried to charge me the core for it. They said I mixed them up when I put new liner packs in. Stopped in to look and cleared it up when I showed them grind marks on both that did match.
  15. What would you want for it
  16. Kinda what I'm leaning toward. I got plenty of irons in my fire and don't need to be adding anymore. Just didn't want to pass up a deal if there was one to be made
  17. Have one selling close to me but needs an engine. All I find is parts are expensive. Does anyone know of an 817 engine for sale somewhere. Have heard of a few guys replacing the 817 with a Cummins 844 also. What's your opinions on the whole job. I got plenty of things to do and just thought a dozer would be handy but I don't need it.
  18. Even good virgins come apart and do damage. Cheap and or caps isn't worth it to me. My metal might be dirty and faded but at least it's straight.
  19. I read it this morning that he was moving grain from one bin to another and he stepped on the auger. At first it just sounds hard to believe but the more I think about it the easier I can see it happen. Then think of all the close calls I've had and how I would explain it.
  20. Just read about a life long farmer in his 60's from Nebraska that had to amputate his own leg cause he stepped on a running auger. Accidents can happen quick in this line of work
  21. Maybe the del grande is rolling that way. I'd catch a plane ride in the opposite direction just for a ride in it
  22. Heck yeah one of those guys. His beer rate is cheaper than everyone else's shop rates. He welds for a living and probably one of the best there is. Now if I could only get him to teach me how to use my equipment like he can. Then I'd be set.
  23. Like how you think it's a nice clean job with my baler wires strung all over in the background. I do try to keep things looking factory or better if I can. I can't stand sloppy cuts and welds and if I can't make it look good I make a phone call to a friend that doesn't mind helping for a little beer as payment
  24. My joystick mount isn't adjustable but similar to what your wanting to do. I also have some extension hoses to put on it for mounting and dismounting the loader
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