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    Son! I said...

    I bet the cdg would look good with a body lift
  2. I’ve had an exiss and regret selling it years ago. Was in good shape and pulled great but I thought I needed something different. Even loaded a 2010 jd or maybe it was a 1020 with a 5’ mower in it to move a few miles. Had a Wilson also and that was another one I wish I still had now but I wasn’t using it at the time and my neighbor had cash so it’s parked at his place. He lets me use it if I need to so it worked out. Between the two the Wilson is heavier built strength wise and they are built with the same material thickness as their pots are. Had a sooner that I wasn’t impressed with and it’s why I sold the exiss. I’ll never own another sooner unless it’s given to me but that’s just my opinion. Years ago most of those trailers were made down here and to us it was known elite, Hart, cm, sundowner, and bloomer were top of the line and I’m sure there’s others I’m not thinking of that’s better quality. Sooner, featherlight, and exiss with a few others were lower end but I did like my exiss. Wilson and merrit would be a different class altogether. I’ve never heard of pacesetter but I haven’t been in the know on aluminum trailers in awhile either.
  3. Bad deal all around. There was a case similar in Oklahoma a few years ago where the Indian courts took an adopted girl away from the only family she had ever known like tony because they were white. That’s not right on so many levels. Tony had to pay the ultimate price for no reason and the judge walks free. Race has everything to do with it.
  4. Was 12k on the ad with 83xx hours and good rubber all around.
  5. I didn’t get time to think on it very long. Figured I’d call him tomorrow and see what I could talk him down to and do the repairs myself but it’s marked sold already. That makes an easy decision for me when it happens like that. Don’t have to talk the wife into it or find time to get it home and fix cause I don’t have enough to do already
  6. I’ve read a little on here when the sentries go out it hurts the clutches to run them but I’ve never had an 88 series or been around one. I found one not far from me for sale and that’s what the description says about it. The dealer ran a test harness on it and has transmission problems now but fires up every time. I’m not looking for a tractor but it has fwa and if I can get it cheap I’m interested. What’s It gonna take to get it fixed right for a worst case and best case scenario. I guess what I’m trying to ask is what is most likely the damage that could be wrong with the transmission. Edit. It is the one on Facebook that is making the rounds on here now
  7. It’s definitely not at 40. I’m not as gutsy as I was 10 years ago but I’m far from pushing a walker. I think I’m just as active today as I was back then also
  8. Speak for yourself. I turned 40 in September and I’ll be damned if I’m getting old
  9. Tmtbob

    Blue Jeans

    What’s the deal with dawn in a washing machine. We always use it on my greased up jeans and I’ll rub it in then let soak before I wash them. That’s what my wife does also and we have pretty good luck with it.
  10. What model Deere did you use. I extended mine with just flat iron pieces I had then welded them up. They are right at the top of the arm rest on my seat now. Coarse I had to also paint them red
  11. Dang it. Now you have me questioning my opinion of them.... Perhaps they were smarter than I give them credit. They were smart enough to know they didn’t know how to run a tape measure and knew a chainsaw was asking for trouble. Good call
  12. I heard that a couple times and they were talking about their 8 foot tall horse trailers and hotshot trucks. One place had to get their hired Mexican hand up a tree to cut limbs with a machete. Got a million dollar + horse facility but no chainsaw or brains.
  13. We loaded square bales of alfalfa in cattle pots 15 years ago. They would slide motorized conveyors in the trailer to get the bales up front. I hated doing that cause it took an extra day to get anywhere and the idiots with money that had no idea how much room a truck needs to get in their driveway or under their trees were clueless.
  14. Is that a state thing cause I think I could walk into my local vet supply and buy a bottle of micotil.
  15. I grew up around trucks more than I have farm machinery and have done it a few times myself. Don’t feel bad. What’s worse is when it’s a cattle trailer without adjustable landing gear. Have to shove a pipe or something under the plate to get out from under it
  16. Been times Lorenzo that I wanted to use that on my whole truck
  17. Good to hear you can stretch your legs out a little bit.
  18. Could of used your help this week Ron. Didnt get any pictures cause I didn’t have time. I’m divorced from my first wife and have two daughters with her and every weekend I have the girls so I do my best to get home for them. Luckily my current and last wife is great with them and the three of them get along great while I’m hurrying home. Between her and my mom they make it easy for me with those girls. All I can say is yesterday morning I pulled out of Carrolton Ga and 22 hours later I was in fort lupton Co and now I’m home in Oklahoma. Long trip but we did alright. I picked up my dad last night on my way by and he saved me a couple hours by not having to nap this morning. It’s hard to sleep behind someone even if they taught you how to drive years ago and the thousands of miles you slept behind them as a kid doesn’t seem to matter. But for that long of a trip every little bit helps. Oh I forgot about this one. This was my wife good morning pic at 730 getting close to Denver. Hope your feeling good Ron.
  19. Hook a chain or rope to the handle and pull the **** out of it. It’ll give
  20. Tmtbob

    04 Pete 379X

    Paccar owns Peterbilt and Kenworth. I wouldn’t call them an engine company. They never made anything but the cab and chassis for decades till about 10 years ago when they started building some. Never had one but never heard anything good about them either. That’s what they were built for. Rough country and geared down for big loads. Torque ratings on those trannys and rears are a lot lower than the driveline behind a big horse highway truck. One is geared to put power to the ground at walking speed or slower and the other is geared to pull 80,000+ up mountains. There’s not much comparison
  21. Tmtbob

    04 Pete 379X

    If those transmissions were that weak they weren’t big cats. C12 maybe so but not a 3406e over 400hp or a c15. The dealers wouldn’t even turn up power past 475 if they didn’t have at least a decent 13 speed behind them. They were putting 14613 trannys in the b models in the 80’s and 90’s and those are rated at 1450ftlb. The factory 600’s came out with the bigger driveline and 20918 trannys. They were heavier to make paccar feel warm and fuzzy inside with a warranty on them. But I have been told the part numbers are the same between the 18, 20, and 22 series Eaton’s. The 550’s and some 500’s came out with 18913’s
  22. Tmtbob

    04 Pete 379X

    I always looked at freightliner as the jd 9600 of the industry. In the 90’s they had the market flooded
  23. Tmtbob

    04 Pete 379X

    He’s not talking about a normal 379. It’s a 379x with the stainless front fenders. Didn’t know they did a stainless dash also though. Never looked in one and with all the laws and emissions out now I have no interest in anything after 2000 models. When I can convince my wife that we need it I’ll find a 359 extended hood to convert over and run. They made 379 from 87 to 07 and they numbered the last 379 made like they did with the 359’s before in 87
  24. I’d be doing that stuff to Ron. It’s to hard to stay quiet when your feeling good. Keep fighting it
  25. You guys are doing good then to afford the equipment on donations only. We couldn’t do it. We have annual hog roast that brings in some bucks but that wouldn’t cover our gear and We’d still be without trucks. We have talked about doing a gun raffle and coyote hunt but nothing has ever come of it. Back when the rural departments started popping up around here I think they were all donation but the county saw the need for them and decided to vote on funding them. We had a wheat field catch fire years ago by my uncles n7. Obviously that machine went to the shop for repairs while we kept cutting. 2 days later the same thing happens with the same machine in a different field and the local department responded again and tells my uncle they would send him a bill if they get called again. The issue was found and fixed after that and they never got a call but I was really surprised to hear they had the nerve to say that to him. He was one of their big donors just to build the firehouse but I guess they forgot.
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