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  1. Going look at a 1970 Pick up

    LOL 🤓Fellas there all "worth a look" Good luck bud.
  2. 1966 IH R190 Project Truck

    She's a real beaut Larry. All kindsa possibilities and she's pretty!
  3. Reviving a 70' 345

    Ohh ya thanks Eason. I do know where to find the line ticket thanks for the glovebox release trick though! No I will need to send away for Line tickets on several of the trucks I own that didn't have a ticket when I purchased it or it was so much dust on the floorboards...etc.... Besides it would be real nice to have newer hopefully easier to read ones to replace even the few that I do have.
  4. Reviving a 70' 345

    Again thank you fellas for your help and the references. I'm a caveman when it comes to blogs posts ...etc... but I've gotta learn it as the supply of information and technical help here as well as the supportive culture here is second to none and extremely valuable to a still wet behind the ears IH enthusiast. So please pardon my clumsiness or repetitive posts as I learn to navigate here. I will post pics as I learn how to. Again thank you very much.
  5. Reviving a 70' 345

  6. Reviving a 70' 345

    PS. Is there specific contact info on procuring a line ticket for the above truck? This would b a good place to start I'm thinking. Thanks again folks. I'm very much looking forward to finally learning to care for these grand old trucks. I was a junior in high school in 1989 when I bought a 63' 1100 with 68,000 miles on the 266 and have been driving her ever since.
  7. Reviving a 70' 345

    Hey fellas. First ever post. Advice is welcomed. Taking the first step in reviving then restoring a 70' six pack 4x4 3/4 ton. Confirmed 345 with under 80 grand on it. Has not run in 12+ yrs. I'm not in a hurry and have limited funds, due to the recent construction of my first ever garage to finally work in, hence the limited funds. Soooo I would appreciate a comprehensive list of where to start specifically with the motor...etc... then whatever else you see fit to post. Thanks much!