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  1. My brother broke both legs trimming a limb out of bucket. The next farm machinery show We went together and bought the whole family a limb hog that goes on your bucket . No more trimming from a bucket for us.
  2. Well rim measures 18 inch wide so I guess I’m good .
  3. Be tube bias ply also would like to keep big ones cause they look mean but they twice as high
  4. It’s on 786 but rims where yellow I’ll have to measure .
  5. Tractor has 20.8 34 on it thought some new tires would be nice but they are high would 18.4 x 34 fit on my rims
  6. Going to be looking for some 18 x 34 rims I priced 20.8 34 like is on it $ 1500 per tire plus tube and install .
  7. Got the wheels spread out, ready for KY hills.
  8. I wonder what the power company use sprayed a right of way through my woods they said see you in five years and they wasn’t kidding started see green the fourth year?
  9. I tried farm credit once seemed like a lot of hoops to jump through compared to small town bank but they’re rates are usually lower around here.
  10. About 3 or 4 inches today in ky
  11. I’ve seen a few with the cab painted red I’m thinking about doing that it looks like it’s had one or two paint jobs already not worried about be original. Any body have an opinion?
  12. Seems powerful is that about the right sized turbo
  13. Is there anyway to tell by serial # not that is matters to me just wondering. It’s 1u 008614 .
  14. Inside looks good needs cleaning.ill get some pictures
  15. On those tractors it helps to have a full tank of fuel .
  16. Apparently it was an option . Don’t think many were made.
  17. Going to start a topic on fixing up my latest purchase. It wont be the quality of work some of you do I’m just going to give it some better work clothes some of the work is already done . It has a new cab kit . Today I took loader and brackets off ,got all gauges working and adjusted clutch a little.
  18. Dealer couldn’t deliver till next week I couldn’t handle that . Drove the 10 miles in rush hour . I probably have a few new nicknames. I got a few things to work out amp gauge goes all the way to the right, temp gauge barely moved not trusting it . Pull into drive in high and hammered on it up a bad hill seems like clutch slipped for about 2 seconds need to adjust everything and revisit that I guess . I’m into it about$7100 after I sold loader so I think I’ve got some room if it needs a clutch or ta . When test driving in high fourth I could kill motor with ta in low and high.
  19. Unless I’m using my loader it’s off the tractor takes 5 minutes
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