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  1. ky966boy

    986 power

    What could I expect to pay for turbo set from a junkyard?
  2. ky966boy

    986 power

    That maybe the case that’s all I do anyway. I maybe spoiled by the 14 it’s a demon wish I had a couple more.
  3. I’ve offered my uncle many times what my grandpa’s tractors are worth but he wants them for the same reason I do .
  4. ky966boy

    986 power

    My roof is rusty I thought I could just paint it but I’ll be like you and can’t stop .I doubt if mine will look as good as yours.
  5. ky966boy

    986 power

    Your probably right I didn’t really think about it being 50% less .She should feel weak compared to a 14 .
  6. ky966boy

    986 power

    How did the 3688 gain the hp ,pump setting?
  7. ky966boy

    986 power

    Well I’m not really pleased with the power of the 986 . It did fine in hay but I put the batwing on it and it sure ain’t a 14 I may twist the screw a little or start looking for turbo. I’m probably just spoiled by 1486.We used to have a 3688 and I thought it was powerful aren’t they the same tractor.
  8. I had Mc 102 wimpy would have been an understatement traded it for 5240 best day ever.
  9. ky966boy

    1066 PTO

    If I would have been putting that together from scratch I would put cup wrong .
  10. Found little seal when I pulled it ran to dealer $14 and all is well hardest part was getting dang little keys back in pins I only have partial feeling in left hand and I needed it all but I got it.
  11. Mine does same thing on a 1486 . Makes tractor ride funny on the road . 1517 John Deere bushhog .
  12. My dump valve is leaking around shaft in book it looks like maybe a o ring inside the nut is that all there is to it is anything else I need to look for anything going to fly out at work I would just pull it out and see but when it’s my money I’m a little more careful .
  13. Reminds me of my 8 ball shifter knob on my old 82 chevy
  14. He found some one he sold it last night.
  15. I’m thinking I don’t even want to look at it I’ve been known to lose all senses in the presence of old red paint.
  16. I’m going to look but it would have to be cheap going in figuring on a ta job.Advertised as a year round cab looks like a four post to me .
  17. I found a 786 for sale close to me haven’t looked at it but guy says ta was working good until he had clutch replaced 17 hours ago now it slips in low . He thinks it just needs clutch and ta adjusted. Is he full of bs is that possible my guy does that as part of ta job. Can I just look and see if snap ring is flush and is it 1 1/16 the other way .
  18. Looks like more reliable technology than the old ones to me . We run a lot of similar stuff at work in a Smokey and wet environment runs 24/7 for years with no trouble.
  19. I had a two row on a h it would plow our c under on the second pass through tobacco.
  20. Don’t do that please that was a $4500 lesson for me and I just put in a 10 amp
  21. I capped off the heater hoses on 3 three tractors found 5 of 6 valves leaking .
  22. I lost both off an 5088 at different times before I knew better. One was right after I turn off highway and slowed down. I had bought the tractor and moved the wheels and tightened never checked again. Now if I move one I check them until bolt quits moving.
  23. ky966boy

    895 pto

    That sounds fun he’s going to have to get a book .
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