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  1. This is all we have around here I hope.
  2. When we chopped with open stations it was kind of a game for the chopper operator to turn a corner fast and cover up wagon man . It would keep you on your toes.We was 17 ish I guess.
  3. I always thought I was bigger after a few .
  4. Yea it don’t make sense to me either haul a 1486 cool as a cucumber run it while you unload and it’ll warm up .
  5. I know my duramax transmission gets hotter in park than it does pulling medium sized load down the road.
  6. No swathers around here can you cut hay with those or just dried up small grain?
  7. Man I’m jealous I’d love to buy my grandpas h but my uncle has it and saving it for his grandkids . I don’t blame him. He said it’s first tractor he drove . Good luck with it .
  8. ky966boy


    That’s all we got really to hot but she wanted to go she’s going to cook it .
  9. Well a friend of mine bought it I guess we will find out what problem is .
  10. Had to buy a Deere cylinder rebuild kit in a pinch $153 I saved old one and got two for $48 and local hydraulic shop.
  11. I was wondering if you could do an in frame we did that years ago on a 574 and it still going.
  12. Well drained a little oil out of it .
  13. Digital tach missing has been for 25 years the water filter says 2016 probably the year he bought newer tractor.
  14. That’s what I’m scared of
  15. A well known to me tractor is up for sale . Guy got newer tractor about 8 years ago and 1486 has gotten about 20 hours since . He decided it’s time to let it go . The blow by smells like antifreeze and you can hear bubbling in radiator after you shut it off . A JD mechanic told him head gasket but I’m not convinced. I’m going back when it hasn’t been running and check oil plug. What’s chances it’s head gasket. Also couldn’t see any water on oil or oil in water and I think he changed oil cooler a few years back .
  16. Just found out today that wd40 works on yellow jackets . It was all I had they was between me and opening a barn door, I got it open.
  17. If you have an Parker store nearby they can get anything you need .I recently ordered 1’ stainless schedule 180 now that was a little pricey.
  18. I don’t haul any but Ky don’t care . Mostly 5 wide around here.
  19. 5 wide and I make make mine 65 “ tall I think it’s easier on the roller and tractor moving them.
  20. Not very good but glad to get it a month ago looked hopeless. Pulled new to me 566 with 786 it did good for 79 horse power 😉.
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