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  1. ky966boy

    New toy

    why have 5 shots when you can have 10.
  2. ky966boy

    New toy

    I know it’s overkill but I also rake hay with a 986 turbo,just the I roll I guess.
  3. ky966boy

    New toy

    Now that you mentioned it I got a Mossberg riot gun somewhere think it hold 8 or 9 shells . I might let my daughter keep it in her room. It’s a 12 gauge I used to have a 20 but traded it off that was a mistake the 20 was a lot easier to handle and probably just as deadly.
  4. ky966boy

    New toy

    If it proves reliable it might join the 44 desert eagle beside my bed .
  5. Most of them foster kids never had a chance in life through no fault of their own.
  6. Batteries are funny sometimes had a truck that would start every time you leave radio on for five minutes and it was dead finally changed battery no more problems.
  7. ky966boy

    New toy

    It says made in China then says Tennessee on it also SDS cheetah is the name
  8. ky966boy

    New toy

    Had a home invasion up the road thought I probably didn’t have enough fire power so I picked this up . It’s made in China but shoots good so far .It holds 6 and they come out real fast .
  9. In our fields mowing hay at 7mph you better have seatbelt on 5 is comfortable.
  10. I did my part there this morning letting the 786 go on the batwing.
  11. Last time it was high I filled up 1486 and drive it to a leased farm to get ready to mow hay next day . Top tank was dry guess they didn’t know about bottom tank .
  12. Can someone tell me what this so called muffler thing is?
  13. I know how you feel
  14. Back in 90 I had a 460 Ford hauling cattle blowed the doors off everything else then one guy got a new ford with 444 had dealer install a turbo I couldn’t handle him .probably still weak compared to new trucks.
  15. At work they lease computers and laptops seems like every new one is cheaper made and does less than the one it replaced .
  16. I’ve never bought a new tractor and have never had one with PTO guard still on it .
  17. Yea they got my cousin for a wad when they went down he had to sell his cows to make farm payment that year . He finally got his money after the AG of Ky sued them . I sold my cattle with them for years before that.
  18. I’m sure it would be happier in KY the weather is much better not much of that ole snow to blow
  19. One bad cow = 1 bad calf 1 bad bull = all bad calves buy best bull you can afford
  20. No tied back doors for me if air quits I fix it fast . I’m hot all day every day at work I’m not going to be hot in my tractor.
  21. I had some more pictures but the windows were so dirty I was embarrassed to post them
  22. I was hoping to see a coyote but I did run a turkey hunter off didn’t need the AR though the bellowing 1486 was enough.
  23. I did even notice that until you said something
  24. It got new TA , clutch and hydraulic pump this winter trying it out on manure spreader.
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