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  1. Ours at work has heater on it 24/7 starts auto once a week and runs for 30 minutes it’s a V 12 starts wide open also .It starts up and comes on line in seconds If needed.
  2. You should watch 4 grade girls they rougher than the boy’s ,my girl wears knee and elbow pads , sleeves and needs a helmet . Fun to watch lots of jump balls .
  3. Basically my set up but I have jd roller.
  4. Think y’all right about getting bigger my grand dad was 6’0 said he was tallest man around dad 6’4 I’m 6’9 I got all girl but they are tall I call them baby Amazon’s .
  5. Buy the best you can afford. I started out with junk and tried to trade up when i could finally got some good stuff.
  6. We used to be wilder than bucks now when we go out we’re like that by 6pm.
  7. ky966boy

    Thinking cap

    Had an 87 and 88 f350 with 460s 6 mpg hauled a lot of cattle with them . Friend of mine had Chevy 454 he couldn’t stay in sight loaded . The fuel injected 88 was a bad cat for the day .
  8. That would look great hooked to my hay roller.
  9. We have a 15 with v6 19 to 23 mpg nice power plenty of room even on passenger side .90000 miles one sensor of some kind $30 dollars at Napa is all we have done to it
  10. That’s what I do just change tractors .
  11. We can’t even get a good fence post now they don’t last no time.
  12. I used to have a built 440 road runner step dad had a stock 340 dart we never raced them think I might have been sacred that little dart would beat me .
  13. Saw a guy used to work for trade two fifths of whiskey to county grader driver one time .
  14. Have you tried Haywood sales and service they have an older mechanic that might know about them .
  15. Yes I would check that I’ve used a hammer before also.
  16. How does stock running gear handle that power or is it stock ?
  17. Is this the Cummins swap you was talking about.
  18. ky966boy

    966 custom

    Yea dealer traded for it said it was for reverse they’re supposed to be fixing it to sell but it’s be there for months it’s got a home made canopy on it also I figure was designed by same guy.
  19. ky966boy

    966 custom

    Saw this on local lot
  20. That’s what I was thinking my hot 684 barely pulls a two bottom in my dirt
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