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    PTO Dyno

    I’m looking to purchase a PTO dyno to be primarily used on d310 engines. 100hp and less. Any recommendations on what to watch out for with a PTO dyno. Any leads on one for sale? I’m located in Indiana.
  2. yes, they have parts for the D358
  3. I will be using Anglo Parts that are manufactured in the UK. They made the last kit that I used for a D310 and the quality seemed good. You can buy the kit from Tractor Parts Direct. Search ebay for D310 kit and you will see several options for less than $1,000, or you can go to the tractor parts direct website
  4. I appreciate the advice. By the time I buy a gasket set, bearings and rings ($680), I might as well just buy the full rebuild kit for $1,000 that includes pistons, sleeves and wrist pins. I was hoping to keep some more of this engine original, but it sounds like re-utilizing parts isn't advisable. Thanks again for all the input.
  5. I acquired another 706 that my grandfather bought new in 1967. I have completely disassembled the engine and found the bearings and sleeves to be within factory specifications for tolerance. I tore the engine apart because When I acquired the tractor it was not running and when I went to drain the oil, there was a heavy crust at the bottom of the oil pan. The tractor was parked due to a bad injection pump. After a thorough cleaning of all oil passages, I would like to reassemble the engine with the same bearings and rings that I removed putting them all back in the same positions they
  6. I recently rebuilt a D310 and installed a new oil pump. I’m running 15w40 oil. On startup my oil pressure spikes to about 90psi and after it warms up it drops to 50. If I really work her hard it’ll drop down to 30 at idle. Outside temperature is 80 degrees. is this normal? I’m using a $80 auto meter mechanical gauge. I haven’t checked any other gauges. The oil pressure gauge and light take about 3 seconds after startup to begin reading pressure.
  7. Almost done, just need to break the new engine in. Pulled this out of Grandpas barn July 11 of 2017 and gave it a full rebuild. Grandpa bought it new it 1966. German D310. I’m going to convert the ih 560 plow to a 4 bottom.
  8. Started this project back in July of 2017, bought my Grandpa's 706 Farmall that he bought brand new in 1966. I have been enjoying working on it with him and actually got it running on Christmas eve. Just need to finish installing the wiring and sheetmetal and it is almost complete.
  9. I am restoring my grandfathers 1966 706 that he bought new. The restoration is a complete engine out overhaul and I would like to buy a re-manufactured external oil pump for the D310. Anyone know of a source I could get an oil pump at a reasonable price?
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