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  1. Fine, I will submit. You guys could have let me hope at least for a minute. I will admit, I am here to learn from your knowledge, so all advice so far is much appreciated. Now we are moving on to the unit needs to be replaced. Would 381512R91 be the correct part number I need to find from any of these models: 706 806 1206 826 1026 756 856 1256 1456 766 966 1066 1466 1566
  2. Alright guys, I am not convinced that this is not the original PTO. I will get some more info tonight when I get to the shop, but I may have provided bad data by assuming up position is on and down position is off (because it is currently spinning in both positions currently). I just went through every photo of 1468 PTOs that I could find and I noticed a majority of them appear to have an external spring next to the linkage bracket that holds the PTO in the down position. All of the photos below are from 'auction result' websites. All photos are from 1468s. This spring may be the missing component, or it may be the wrong PTO....stay tuned.
  3. Travis, I have a rebuild kit labeled as follows: PCK720 PTO Clutch Disc Gasket Kit for IH 706 806 1206 756 856 826 1566 1568 1586 Part # PCK720 CONTAINS: Part # 68803C91 PTO clutch kit: (9) A-381489R3 plates (7) A-381490R1 discs Part # 77720C94 PTO seal & gasket set For dual speed PTO assembly, kit contains all lip type oil seals, o-ring seals & gaskets. For the following models: IH TRACTOR: HYDRO 100 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: HYDRO 186 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 1026 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 1066 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 1086 (Serial # 48000 & Above W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 1206 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 1256 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 1456 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 1466 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 1468 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 1486 (Serial # 26000 & Above W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 1566 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 1568 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 1586 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 3088 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 3288 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 3388 (Serial # 10385 & Above W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 3488 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 3588 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 3688 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 3788 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 6388 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 6588 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 6788 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 706 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 756 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 766 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 786 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 806 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 826 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 856 (W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 886 (Serial # 17000 & Above W/ INDEP. PTO) IH TRACTOR: 986 (Serial # 24000 & Above W/ INDEP. PTO) Do you think this kit will work, if not, do you have a recommendation on what to order.
  4. That is the conclusion I came to last night. I will go back with the original handle and linkage. When I get back to the shop tonight I will check the pto to see if it will turn by hand and check the pressures on it. I have a rebuild kit in the shop, so it will likely be coming apart.
  5. Thanks Dan, The unit currently in the tractor is a single 1000 speed PTO. The linkage you can see in the photo, I just bought and put on the tractor trying to figure it out. The tractor originally came with a cab and had a PTO handle on the left side of the seat with linkage connected directly to the spool valve.
  6. The lever is spring loaded to stay up, while running if you push down on the valve it will engage and stay down.
  7. So I just started it up and checked it, you are correct that while running it will hold itself down, however, the PTO spins in both positions, up and down. Does this mean I need to rebuild something or adjust pressure?
  8. Thanks snoshoe. That’s what I needed to know.
  9. I’m restoring a 1468 and the PTO control valve is spring loaded and wants to stay in the on position. Is there an internal detent that may be broken? I’m wondering if I’m bottoming out at the detent and need to tap it down to free up the detent. first photo is all the way up and second photo is all the way down (or at least as far as it will freely travel) I don’t feel any detent to hold it down like on my 706’s.
  10. Sold for $9,400, I passed in hopes of finding one in a little nicer shape. Thanks for all those that responded
  11. I’m planning to bid on this 1566 tomorrow at a local auction. Based on the serial number I believe it is a true black stripe. Anyone have any reason to believe otherwise? The cab is throwing me for a loop because it is different than any other 1566 I’ve seen. Any thoughts are appreciated and any guesses at what it’ll sell for? serial number 2650135U011993
  12. I just finished rebuilding my D310. When breaking the engine in on the Dyno I have a flame coming out of the exhaust at WOT and full load of 76hp. Is this safe to sustain this load for an extended period of time or is this an indication I need to back down the throttle. The engine temperature was steady at about halfway on the temp gauge. the black paint was burning off the aluminized muffler
  13. I tried to PM you about the D310 injection pump check valve, but it wouldn’t send.  My number is (812) 298-4482.  My email is lgassert@garmong.net.  I’m interested, please let me know how to contact you.


    - Lance

  14. I’m looking for a fuel return valve for a Bosch VA pump on a 706 D310. Looks like a banjo bolt with needle and spring. If anyone has one or knows a part number please let me know. The one in the photo is off my other tractor, the tractor I’m currently restoring was missing this part.
  15. Terre Haute IN 47803. My number is (812) 298-4482
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