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  1. Compression test and cleaning the air cleaner will happen, thanks for that tip. I wasn't sure it was a stuck float, as it didn't spew gas just sitting, but I guess it or the needle/seat could be sticky. Is it not worth replacing everything else while I have it apart? She was running great until I switched the distributor out for a rebuilt magneto. She ended up sitting for a few months while that took place and has been running rich ever since I got it back together. I was trying to make it a fire issue, but I feel certain that is not the case now. The last several times I tried to fire it from cold (no choke and 1/3 throttle), it soaked the plugs and puffed black smoke like it was flooded. If it does start, it chugs and puffs black the whole time and soots up plugs in a few minutes. That's what lead me to look at the carb once I eliminated spark and air issues.
  2. Hello, folks. I'm having a little trouble with a Zenith carb. It is on my '41 BN. I was going to clean it and put it back on, but when I pulled if off, fuel ran out of the hose from the oil bath air cleaner, so I'm going to do it right and rebuild it. Here is/are my issues. The parts catalog says it is an 161x7 (IH number 52499DB.) My carb tag says the Zenith number is 12613A and OEM number 375560R91. I can find those kits, I think, but the list of numbers is mind-boggling. I also feel that I'm not dealing with an original carb. Did they have dates on them? The intake side has a 3-63 number cast on it. The tractor is not a distillate tractor. No evidence of it ever being one. I think I'm reading the parts catalog correctly. Maybe not. Do you have a favorite source that possibly has a knowledgable person there to help or would just showing up at NAPA with the carb be my best bet?
  3. That is sharp! There are a lot of neat little features there. I'm sure it'll get a good bit of attention at RPRU. Thanks for sharing.
  4. The homestead has acquired a 1-F11 two-way plow as part of a package deal. I'm getting it all fixed up because, frankly, I think it is a neat piece of equipment to at least have in good working order. As far as I can tell, these plows were red, like the 100 it came with, but can't find anything specific on them. It is pretty much all there. 14" bottoms, and I have both sides with colters. The handle is, of course, broken, but was patched and it there, except for the knob. I forgot to take before pictures, but have some current ones. When I get done, I'll post the completed pictures. If there is something special for the paint color(s), I'd love to know about it. My assumption is this is an early plow, since all the parts so far (on the the right moldboards) are R1 numbered. I feel like it was bought with the 100. I'm going to use it a little, maybe at plow days from time to time on the 140, but not try to wear it out, especially the left side...
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