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  1. tricycle front axle

    Thanks for all the tips. Will utilise a bit of spare time over Xmas. Seasons greetings to you all - cheers
  2. tricycle front axle

    My Farmall H rowcrop has now developed a front wheel wobble when at speed on the road after you go over a bump or its a bit rough, after our club ploughing day. Any tips where to start looking to fix this before I start taking it apart? Cheers
  3. #8 Plow Cross Reference

    Does anyone have a contact for obtaining Ace plough shares in any country?
  4. Hi IHkiwi,

    Do you have any leads for tracking down 3 Ace (8' or 9's) shares for my McCormick International A-8 tractor plough (made in Great Britain) , A comment on this site said that someone in NZ may even cast them - would you know who that might be. Cheers

    1. IHKIWI


      Hi there, right off the top of my head nothing comes to mind but I will keep it in mind and ask around for you.

      Entirely possible they were made here but I have no idea who might have made them, sorry mate.


    2. Kiwi Farmall H

      Kiwi Farmall H

      No worries - still have a few leads to try Sparrex aren't finished yet.

      Keep me posted if anybody has some ideas

      Cheers Roy

      16-12-26 I phone upload 369.JPG

  5. #8 Plow Cross Reference

    Hi Hillman, You mentioned in your text about wear parts that are cast in New Zealand . Do you have a name or contact for that? I am after 3 Ace shares for my McCormick International A-8 tractor plough (made in Great Britain) Cheers