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  1. I think what I'm going to do is back the farm tractor up to the TD6, connect some lines from the tractors remote hydraulics to the TD6's spool valve inlet and return ports and see if the hydraulic rams or the spool valve itself are really the issue or not. I have an extra single spool valve i can use to test each ram if i have to. I got an email back from Hydreco and found they still manufacture a hydraulic pump that uses the same seals and bearings as the one on the TD6, though the gears and wearplates are obsolete and no longer in production. Sorry about my last post, just a bit disgusted over the whole situation having two machines i need running both down with possible expensive repairs. On top of smashing my hand a good one wrenching on the old 6 a few hours earlier., still sore today but usable lol.
  2. really starting to get the feeling getting the ol td6 is a lost cause i can see why my dad quit working on it. seems like it has absolutely no reason to not work, the splines and shaft and couplers are badly worn but not striped and the pump gears looks good inside. Parts are like impossible to find for any of the hydraulic components, case international talks like the repack kits and seals are still made for the hydraulic cylinders, just not by them. Komatsu don't recognize the serial number to allow accesss to their parts site. just really feeling frustrated right now, may just tear into theJohn deere 410 backhoe for a while and hope for it to be an easy fix and not a failed hydraulic pump or worse trans pump ready to fail thats not flowing enough oil to the hydraulic pump, and it's just the destroking valve in the pump being stuck. Then go back to working on the ol' td6. May bolt everything together fill it with oil and hope for the best. THough after looking at the parts diagram i wonder if a pressure relief valve could have failed in a lift cylinder, if the reliefe pressures were set to high at the spool valve, forcing the relief valves in the lift cylinder pistons to do all the pressure regulation.
  3. Got the parts manual for the blades, would seem there was some changes to the valves, to the hydraulic lines and the hydraulic tank on the 61 Series, when they became the 62 series. The hydraulic pump, lift cylinders and everything blade related seems identical.
  4. Guess I didn't answer your question my appologies, as for the plans for it after it is running and gets the bit of landscaping i have planed done. I'd like to get it all cleaned up and repainted, redo all of the 50 year old wiring possibly change it over to a negative ground setup, and replace the old generator with an alternator. If i do the alternator swap will probably add a few more lights, more than likely two up on the cab aimed at the blade corners, the generator seemed to struggle to keep up with the four stock lights if i remember when my dada would run it at night for more than an hour it would always need jumped the next morning.
  5. Well right now I just want to get it running again i have some landscaping that needs done, and a hand full of stumps that need removed. As of right now my John Deer 410 Backhoe is down with Hydraulic issues, and the TD6 the hydraulics are down on it as well. The Mustang 940E Skid steer just dont have the grunt or the weight to dig out stumps.
  6. The only pic i have of it right now, it also has a cab from an another dozer that has been modified to fit, but that is out side at the moment.
  7. If you ever have the side panel off would love to see how the hydraulic valves are setup on yours, adding a set of auxilary hydraulics would sure be beneficial. Would love to eventually get my hands on a winch setup.
  8. The Hydraulic tank your TD6 has and your parts book has is what my TD6 has as well. I wonder if the brochure shows a 61 Series? From my understanding the 61 Series and the 62 series used identical blade setups. Just found a parts book for the 6d-4 and 6g-4 blades but it lists it for a 61 Series. Your td6 looks great btw, wasn't even aware there was a blade setup like yours for the 62 series. Once i get the td6 I'm trying to get back into the dirt up and going again, plan to get it all cleaned up and painted up and looking sharp again. Curious the two controls behind the blade control and arm rest on yours is that for pto/ winch or auxilary hydraulics?
  9. Berco built the bullgrader blade and bulldozer blades for the 62 series right? and Drott built the 4 in 1 loaders? 6D4 is the dozer blade and 6g4 is thegradder blades right?
  10. TD-83B sound closer than what i have, the one I have shows a completely different hydraulic tank, showing it mounted underneath the auxilary hydraulic control vlaves, vs next to the Fuel tank like on the Bulldozer and Bullgrader. The hydraulic pump is different it lists a Carter pump with a different line connection set up than the Hydreco pump on the TD6 Bullgraders. I can look up the parts for the crawler itself in the book i have, but for anything hydraulic it is useless.
  11. Recently acquired what I thought was the correct parts manual for my 1965 TD6 62 series Bullgrader but it would seem it's the wrong one for my crawler I'm guessing it might be for a different version of the 62 Series TD6 crawler? Looks like the manual is for more of a farm application, seeing it has the diagrams for the remote hydraulics, and a different setup for the hydraulics than what the Bullgrader does. The manual number is TC-78. Could someone point me in the right direction of the correct parts manual i should look for?
  12. I was cleaning the splines on the pto shaft where the pump side coupler goes and noticed the pto shaft splined are worn down to about 50% as well. What all is involved in removing the radiator and the core support itself? Feel it would be best to get a good look at the crank side coupler before putting things back together.
  13. The roll pin is intact, can't be seen in the photo but it is still there. This TD6 is a 62 series with the extended track frames, i'm almost certain it is a 1965 but could possibly be a 64.
  14. Forgot to upload these with the others
  15. Not sure how much these will help but her is some general pics of the Hydraulic setup on the Td6. A hydraulic cylinder was added to the blade to give the blade the ability to tilt hydraulically, hence the double spool valve. The blade lift cylinder pictures has a decent leak and was the reason i was wondering if the packing had failed inside of it