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  1. We have a 1086 with the digital tach. Just put a used sensor in and it is still showing erratic reading. For example when it is idling it shows 9xxx. What causes this?
  2. 1967ihtruck


    Will the ac valve that is on top of the compressor off of a 70s ford truck work on a 1086. I need a new one and was wondering if one off of a truck would work
  3. How do I get the steering column out, it’s a 3 speed. I have it loose but I can’t get it out.
  4. I figured it out and finally got it off. The bumper is what was holding me up.
  5. There weren’t any additional retainers that I could see, I will try to get some pictures up tomorrow.
  6. I have the bolt completely out already that is what I don’t understand about it.
  7. I’m pretty sure I have all of the bolts out but it still seems like it is on solid in the middle of the rad support.
  8. Okay so I got the truck in the shop today and I am going to start taking it apart, first I want to get the front clip off and I was wondering it it would come off all at once or if it is piece by piece
  9. 1967ihtruck

    1967 1100b

    I’m starting this topic so I can put what I do to my truck on here and ask questions I have along the way so I don’t have to keep making different topics for everything.
  10. Talked to the people at ih parts America and they said nobody makes a radiator for my truck and they told me my only choice would be to try to get it re cored
  11. 1967ihtruck


    I have a 67 1100 and i need a radiator, the only problem is I can’t find one, all I can find is ones for a scout and I was wondering it a scout rad would work in my truck?
  12. Do you have any pictures of it and what would be a good way to contact you about other information.
  13. Would it just be cheaper to just buy used springs for the front then to have new ones mad because I think original ones are past any sort of repair and I am on a pretty tight budget at the moment and I just want something better than what I have.
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