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  1. 1967ihtruck

    1086 front end

    We have a 1086 that is wore pretty bad where the pin goes through the front end that holds the axel on. What is the best was to fix this.
  2. 1967ihtruck


    I have my late grandpa's 1967 1100 and it is in really bad shape. I am not goin to get rid of it but I want to get it restored but I don't have to knowledge to do it my self, so I was wondering if anyone knew of any places that restored these trucks.
  3. 1967ihtruck

    Buying another truck

    I have no choice but to drive the freeway part of the way and that is the part that worries me
  4. 1967ihtruck

    Buying another truck

    From what the person says it is I am gonna fly up there ad I a trying to determine if I will drive it or have it hauled back
  5. 1967ihtruck

    Buying another truck

    I am thinking about buying a 1971 Chevy 3/4 ton truck but is about 1000 miles away and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to drive it home it has a 4 speed manual trans and a 350 engine I was wondering if it would run comfortablely down the freeway
  6. 1967ihtruck

    IH 886 with German diesel

    We have an original 886 with German diesal and it will pull like a mule not turbo and the fuel pump hasn't been turned up and is still at factory settings. My dad said when he was young they used t as a dozer pushing trees over and clearing land. Like they said earlier it will break traction before bogging down and uses no oil and is easy on the fuel.
  7. 1967ihtruck

    1486 tach not working

    My dad has an original style tach on his 986 and it does not work at all and I was wondering what it could be. We also have a 1086 with a tach with all the fancy buttons ad it gives a false reading all the time too it lights up but it just gives a false reading
  8. 1967ihtruck


    It is a three speed on the column
  9. 1967ihtruck


    I broke my shifter linkage adjuster and I can't find another one where can I find one
  10. 1967ihtruck

    1967 ih 1100b

    The right side is a little dented up because my grandpa roped it one time but it is pretty good over all
  11. 1967ihtruck

    1967 ih 1100b

    The other day my grandmas found the original line setting ticket, sale paper, and operators manul for my truck I thought that was pretty cool
  12. 1967ihtruck

    Truck won't start

    What can I do about a sticky distributed advance
  13. 1967ihtruck

    Truck won't start

    Went out this morning and it wasn't doing that but it wasn't doing that but i adjusted the distributor and it runs smoother but the toms go up and down not all the way up but up and then down and if I rev it up it revs but it still goes up and down what is it
  14. 1967ihtruck

    Truck won't start

    I got the truck to run but it idles really rough and when I try to accelerate it it dies. It has a new fuel pump new plugs and plug wires. All the valves are opening and closing right. Ps if u didn't read earlier up it is a 1967 304
  15. 1967ihtruck


    Ok do y'all think a 4 barrel would be a good swap from the factory two barrel and if so what size or kind