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  1. Super C FH to add C32 Loader

    Ugly is only in the eye of the beholder. To someone trying to make sure and not ruining a pump this will work and is still look better than a 2 way valve mounted. I might mount this under the light bar to make it a little more accessible. Thanks for the photo, it sure makes it understandable. BTW what function is the plug in the FH valve between the bolts?
  2. Super C FH to add C32 Loader

    I have seen a by-pass valve on eBay but is noted as not for tractors with FH. Where would you suggest I might locate one? I have another super C and a 200 to use as parts for other issues. also I am looking for the top link bracket to replace the belt pulley. Thanks for the info that 'Captain Obvious' failed to provide.
  3. Super C FH to add C32 Loader

    Do you mean stack two of the FH valves?
  4. Super C FH to add C32 Loader

    Looking to mount a C32 loader on a 1953 Super C. How should I modify the FH valve to control both the FH and the loader