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  1. Back in the very late 90's or early 2000's we had some friends from our county in southwest GA who visited the Smithsonian in Washington. At that time the Smithsonian had some type of new agricultural exhibit and in the exhibit hosted a 1466 unrestored in her work clothes, and to their surprise it had a dealer sticker from my dads dealership back in the 70's named Faircloth International. When they told us we thought that was really cool ! If anyone has ever seen that exhibit or knows anything about it I would love to hear about it. I've posted a picture of our dealership sticker.
  2. I have another interesting topic. Back in the late 90's someone from our county was visiting the Smithsonian and they had a new agricultural exhibit. In the exhibit they had a 1466 tractor in its work clothes and to their surprise the tractor had a Faircloth International dealer sticker on it. When we were told about it we thought that was really cool. Don't know if the exhibit is still open but if anyone ever encounters that. I would love to hear about it. That's why I put a picture of our dealer sticker.
  3. My Dad had this dealership in Bainbridge GA from 1973 to 1979. Hard to believe now, since John Deere's are everywhere, but back then when you drove through our county you were more likely to see a 1066 or 1086 in the fields.
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