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  1. IH Mccormick Orchard O4 Parts

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I was able to get a machine shop to attach a steel collar to the base of the lever assembly and weld the lever handle to it. Not quite original, but now much stronger than the original die-cast white metal design.
  2. IH Mccormick Orchard O4 Parts

    Thanks dwillis4. Yes, if you could let me know what that part number is I would very much appreciate your help!
  3. IH Mccormick Orchard O4 Parts

    Thank you for the advice and great pictures. Mine broke in the worst possible area - the die cast portion at the pivot mount. See two pictures. The tractor is a recent find not yet cleaned up from years of storage in a barn. I guess I'll have to find the part number of this lever and start hoping to find a replacement.
  4. IH Mccormick Orchard O4 Parts

    Have a 1945 McCormick Deering O4 orchard. The throttle (governor) lever broke off near the pivot point at base of steering wheel mechanism. Looking for a lead on a replacement part, it's part number, assembly diagram, or possible repair options. Thanks in advance.