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  1. Dairy by us used a 2+2 for years chopping with a ih 3 row head. Used it until the tractor finally gave out enough they got rid of it. They had plenty of newer ones but still used it for silage.
  2. Steel Wheels

  3. Steel Wheels

    I have two sets of steel wheels that my grandfather had. I believe they go on a F-20 or early H or M. One set is the cleated type and the other set has the full spades across them. My question is what are they worth? Best to sell private or put on big iron, purple wave, etc?
  4. Where can I find red power decals and branding irons? Best quality preferred. TIA
  5. Newly purchased 986

    Mine basically has all of those options. It was repainted somewhere along the way. Any chance with the serial number to tell if it was a "red power?"
  6. Newly purchased 986

    Mine has the burgundy door panels and seat also. Somebody must've put a new cab kit at one time because it is black. It still has the original IH am/fm radio. Tractor only had 4,040 hours when I got it. So far so good.
  7. Newly purchased 986

    Recently bought a 1979 986. This one has maroon carpet, not a rubber floor mat. I hadn't been around many of the 86 series, but was this something common or an upgrade? Seat is also maroon.