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  1. No kidding? That must be the benefits of progress. I have never been around one. The old belt and pulley must be to simple. Sorry but I'm no help.
  2. On another note- I cant believe how some can bash people for taking the doors off. Its ridiculous.
  3. I had a 1086 with an eliminator and the original long straight pipe that thing was alot more quite than any I have heard with a curved stack. It wasnt noticeable in the cab at all. Ive always thought the staight pipe was the reason
  4. You should get caps for the lines if you order the correct bracket for an 88 application. I think the seat part number I got last spring was 6975. But I could be wrong. I dont remember the bracket part number. You have to take the floor up slightly under the seat to get the back bolts out of the original suspension and in the new one. Unless you're wheels are set out wide. Is it worth 1200 bucks? I guess I think it is. Its way cheaper than a new tractor, and they are a very comfortable seat. I changed mine because I was redoing the interior and I didnt want that hydraulic one to spring a leak. Plus I don't think the original seats are as comfy as an air seat
  5. It seems like bagging corn is getting more popular for temporary storage. I know that in wheat country some wheat is bagged.
  6. When I did that to a 1680 I used a portapower to hold them in place. Then I welded them in.
  7. I would fix the leak. Not mask it by putting in thicker oil. You are going to have to fix it sooner or later
  8. Yes it does. Thanks. Mine is butchered up from someone putting an aftermarket radio in it. Where did you get that harness? Id like to just put one in it that plugs into the original harness from rei or shoup. I could fix the harness in my 5288 but I don't care to have all the splices on there that it would take.
  9. Ok. Thanks. I will probably get it figured out. But Im curious what does it say about installing a cb in a 1086. I know my 5288 has a hole in the center of the cab lid. I assume thats for a cb antenna. Just curious since you mentioned it in your original post.
  10. Not to sound rude but you don't have to fill the boxes.
  11. Id agree. Im done with any recaps. Ive never had them on skid loaders but have on trucks. They are nothing but trouble.
  12. Does it have a diagram showing 4 prong connector that the am fm radios plug into and what each prong controls?
  13. I didn't go. But the auction results are on sweeney's website. The 1566 black stripe wasn't to bad of a price. But I wonder why it was repainted. The 2+2 was repainted also I believe Im 80 miles away and have no knowledge of the operation.
  14. I like the looks of it on that 14. Some have told me having that roof on there makes the tractor seem louder. Do you think it amplifies the transmission noise like a cab does on a 66 series? Im curious because I have an 826 that had one before I bought it and I've considered getting one.
  15. I have an air ride suspension from k and m on my 966 and 1066. I got the one for the 10 a couple years ago. The 9 this year. Kinda pricey but a very nice ride and you can flip the seat up like its supposed to when you use the original seat. My suspension wasnt shot but it wasnt doing my back any favors either so I thought I would try one. I really like both of mine. Fwiw
  16. There is definitely a difference in spears. Some arent worth putting on a bale carrier. I would try another one if you have one. I went thru several spears on my loader one year. Then I welded a new sleeve in and put the correct spear in it and its been great since. That was 2017. It moves 500 bales ayear.
  17. The least he could do is show a picture of the tag that says "1086" to back up his long long story.
  18. I agree with the others. Clean your machine best you can and be cautious about the direction you throw the sparks and you should be ok. You don't have much choice
  19. That tank looks like a good idea! There is really a fine line between the low level light flashing and having too much coolant in the radiator and then it boils over.
  20. I pull my sprayer with my 1086. I spray around 1400 acres per year with it. I have had it 10 years now. Its been one of the best return on investments I have made and it gives my 1086 a job
  21. Hopefully Oleman gives us more information. Im not sure what he is getting at. I guess the answer to the question is anyone thats not organic.
  22. Do you mind saying why you dont like the 3lm?
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