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  1. A local online auction has a nice looking two bottom case plow with an eagle hitch. I dont really know anything about these, but appears to me a guy could replace the lower original pins with regular cat 1 three point pins to use this on a three point tractor. Can anyone tell me if I'm correct in that? Thanks
  2. I feel like my 424 is in the sweet spot. New enough to have live PTO, 3 point hitch, and hydraulic steering, but old enough for no electronic control modules. It's a good setup in my opinion.
  3. I'd never seen a baby bat in person. Creepy little buggers
  4. I think I should check it out myself before I rush to judgement on this.
  5. I was watching one of those car restoration shows on cable, the boss told the new guy to use a spray can to paint some brackets or something. He asked him if he had ever spray painted before, he said no. The boss told him, "You gotta shake the can really well to get the paint mixed up, and you can tell when its mixed up because the ball in the can will quit rattling." That kid shaked and shaked waiting for it to get quiet.
  6. Every six months. You just gotta change from winter air to summer air.
  7. On the 350 I used to have the TA linkage adjustment was very finicky. Just a hair off and it would do the same thing you are describing. I would probably put a new friction disc in it while you're in there and follow the linkage adjustment instructions in the manual. I think the TA on those was a good feature in theory but a real pain in the butt to actually live with.
  8. When I was in high school my name got around as being available to bale for people. A local farmer I only knew from church called me up looking for help. His wife came and picked me up because I wasn't old enough to drive. He told me i would be unloading with one other guy on the wagon, and five guys in the mow. I thought "we are gonna be doing a lot of standing around with that many people." Well as it turns out he had two kick balers and one stack baler running, and his wife pulling wagons back and forth as fast as she could go. We unloaded 2000 bales in a little over four hours. But he paid good and supplied beer, even to the guys who couldn't drive yet. I sure slept good that night.
  9. More than once I've spent an embarrassing amount of time troubleshooting because I forgot to open the gas valve.
  10. Well it continued to run, and intermittently die throughout the day. I plugged my spark tester in and I did have spark when it would not run. Then I got it started, but it was running poorly. What I noticed was the sediment bowl wasn't completely full. It was probably 1/8" from the top. The engine vibrations were causing gas to splash up to the screen and I guess that is what it was running on. So I guess the fuel line is partially clogged. When I bought the tractor the tank was real bad rusty. I cleaned it as best I could and added a tube about an inch long in the tank at the fuel outlet so it wasn't sucking right off the bottom of the tank. It worked really well until today. I guess i will blow through the line when i get it home tomorrow and see if that fixes it.
  11. My wife asked me to go over to my sister in laws house and move some gravel around. When she bought the place it came with a huge gravel parking area, I think the previous owners must have a big RV or something. So she wanted some gravel scraped out of that into driveway. She lives about 15 miles away. So my plan was to just drive the 424 over. That way I didn't have to bother with borrowing a trailer and all that. I figured I'd leave a little after 8:00 am to avoid the morning commuters, but still be able to get most of it done before it gets too hot. So I get there and start pushing gravel. It's going good, for about 30 minutes, then the tractor shuts down. I got gas, fuel pumps running, must be ignition. I have owned the tractor about a year and hadn't messed with the ignition, so I go to napa and get all the tune up parts plus a coil. Then drive 15 miles home to get tools. By now its 88 and humid. The 424 didn't have the decency to break down in the shade. So I do the tune up. I drop the screws for the points and condenser into the fresh gravel about 75 times. Did I mention the tractor has a loader? Because it does. I'm baking in the sun with my face pressed up against the loader arms, trying to start the little tiny screws in the distributor wondering why I'm doing this on a vacation day. But I get it done and points set, fire it up. Runs good. I let it idle while I'm putting my tools away. I climb back up on the seat, and it dies again.
  12. I had a 350u. As stated above the steering was shot. I ended up putting a steering axle from a JD 95 combine under the front end to have hydraulic steering. The other issue was the torque amplifier. Does a 300 have those? When I bought the tractor the TA wouldn't shift, so I was satisfied with one speed. Then it seized up, and I had to find a replacement. After that it worked, but the linkage adjustment was super finicky and I had to adjust it all the time to keep it working. But it ran good and felt like it had a lot of power for its size.
  13. I cant answer your question, but you could look on the IH parts website to get the part number then look at other models to see if they match. I had to do that when I needed a TA for my 350.
  14. I used to wear Levi's in high school because they were the cool brand, but it seemed like I could wear them out quicker than anything else if I used them for work. Now I buy whatevers cheap. I work on a lot of cars and tractors so everything ends with grease stains anyway. My favorite work pants are these canvas carpenter pants TSC sells. Way more comfortable than jeans and not as hot.
  15. I thought you were gonna say the dog laid down and fell asleep on wet varnish and glued himself to the deck.
  16. My last tractor purchase went something like this Cousin; Hey, want to buy another tractor? Me; No, I have hard enough time keeping my current junk running. Cousin; It supposedly runs and has a loader. 500 bucks will buy it. Me; I'll be there in the morning.
  17. I didn't check the thermometer but I can verify that in ohio today it was hotter than two rats fornicating in a wool sock
  18. The tire places around here have pretty steep field service rates. It's cheaper to take it to them if you have the time to mess with it.
  19. I like the black pipe sleeve idea. If you're trying to get by with quick and cheap I would try a muffler clamp, maybe two. They are only a couple dollars each, so if they fail you aren't out much. Probably best to put a washer between the clamp and the packer wheel so it doesn't eat into the softer cast.
  20. Last year i sold my gas 350u with aftermarket loader for $2500 and i had that within 24 hours of posting it. It was running and everything worked but the back tires were junk and over all it was in really rough shape.
  21. Our Pequea hay tedder is green with yellow wheels. On one hand I can understand questioning how someone can claim to own a color scheme, but on the other hand I have a hard time believing that the small companies are painting their equipment the same colors as a coincidence.
  22. Turbos and carburetors dont typically work well together. Especially with that long of a run from carb to cylinder.
  23. Here in ohio a solid, working 8n is worth about $1200-1500. A restored one is $2200-2500. If you need a three point hitch there isn't much else available in that price range. If you dont need the three point for that same money you can have an H or sometimes even an M, or a JD B or A. Those are a lot better tractors for the money if you dont need the three point. We still have and use a JD A for raking and tedding hay, running the bale elevator and pulling wagons.
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