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  1. This place is a wild ride sometimes.
  2. There is a fertilizer dealer up the road that does it. I will give them a call. To be honest sometimes I get a little embarrassed calling places that deal with people who farm thousands of acres to come mess with my little tiny field.
  3. Let me start by saying I'm definitely not an expert farmer or agronomist. I have just a couple tillable acres at my house that I like to grow mostly for fun. The original part of the field was rented for decades before I bought it. I made it larger by plowing what used to lawn. For the last five years I've had alfalfa on it and the lawn area grew much better than the original field. This spring I plowed some of it and planted sweet corn. It is also growing much better on the new part of the field than the old part. Also the dirt just seems bad. Hard and clay filled. So I want to fix my dirt. I dont want to rely solely on chemical fertilizers. So as of now my plans I'm considering are this September hit it with maure, plow the corn and alfalfa in and plant rye. Then next spring more manure, bush hog and plow the rye under and plant some grass hay and more sweet corn. My hope is that all that organic matter will help to get the soil back healthy and get the microorganisms back in business. What do you guys think I should do? How would you do it different? Thanks
  4. I only know of one independent hog farmer in our area, and they had to go to direct to consumer sales. But that has went well for them and now they have some grocery stores and restaurants they supply for. They have also started selling their own beef and poultry. They seem to do pretty well at it, but it seems the retail side of the operation takes at least as much time as the farming. There are other people running hog barns around here but none that own their own pigs, all contract feeders.
  5. The tech school I went to had some oddball vehicles that were donated by manufacturers after they were done be used as prototypes/test vehicles. One of them was a jeep XJ cherokee with a diesel. Everybody in school wanted it.
  6. I love free all. I've never tried atf and acetone, what's the mixing ratio?
  7. Nice score. I've been watching a guy on YouTube that grows a bunch of food plots using a cub and what appears to be factory attachments. He has a mounted planter, mounted cultivators, fertilizer spreaders, all kinds of stuff. I would love to find one with all those goodies for sweet corn and green beans.
  8. I got the sheetmetal back on last night and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I still need to order decals and get the loader painted and back on. I used rustoleum rusty metal primer and rustoleum farm and implement paint thinned 6-1 with acetone. I sprayed it all through a harbor freight purple paint gun. I was happy with the paint and the gun. I'm sure a guy could get a better finish from a quality automotive paint, but it seemed like the rustoleum was more idiot proof, which was good news for me.
  9. I thought of another one. Before you start mixing paint mark the mixing ratio you are using on the cup so you dont use the wrong one once you start pouring.
  10. My first thought on the billet cart is that it looks like someone finally designed a round bale feeder that our cows wont have wrecked in a week. Nice work. I wish I had your talent for fabricating.
  11. My friend took an old combine windshield wiper blade, one of those super long ones, and wrote Boeing on it and threw it on a buddy's roof. Does that count?
  12. The fed has regulations as to how power grid should be made and it needs to meet certain specs. States can tell them to "piss up a rope" which is exactly what Texas did by opting out of federal subsidies and saying they handle their own power grid because they thought they knew better. Now their grid sucks but instead of admitting they didnt build it up to par they try to blame windmills because "gull dern libruhls". There are working windmills all over the country in places that get a heck of a lot colder than Texas.
  13. No, you actually dont have to pull the body or the engine to remove the heads. The manual says you do, but the only reason is because you cant get the head bolts all the way out. If you lift the head bolts enough to clear the block and put a rubber band or zip tie around the bolts so they cant fall down you can remove the heads without all the nonsense.
  14. I almost always removed the front seats if I was pulling a dash even if I didn't need to. It gives me more room to lay on the floor and I can put the seats someplace they wont get dirty during the job. Ford has had some real blunders in the last couple decades. After using spark plugs with no issues for literally 100 years they made cylinder heads that would just eject the spark plugs at random. They followed that by redesigning them with a completely new spark plug that wont come out even if you want it to. If they are too stuck then you will have to remove the head. Step 1 to remove the head: Pull the cab.
  15. The $20 paint gun is actually what I have, and I'm happy with it. Like everything else from harbor freight you probably only like it if you've never used a good one, but it puts the paint on. I also have a decent respirator mask, and nice bright headlamp is helping with my lack of good lighting.
  16. I got the first coat of paint on.
  17. I got primer on the carcass today, and I figured out a little trick on my own that I thought I would share. When masking odd things like a hyd hose or wires or the pto shaft aluminum foil works great. Its a lot handier than paper and masking tape.
  18. Thanks for the advice guys, feel free to keep it coming. I spent last night knocking dents out of the grille shell and hood. They actually came out surprisingly decent considering I've never done that before. I wish I would have got some before and after shots, but you know how it is, you start working and you dont think about that kind of stuff. My son is supposed to be cleaning up the back side of the sheet metal today so I can get primer on that this weekend.
  19. When I see a poor idle my first thought is a vacuum leak. Hook up a vacuum gauge and see what you have at idle, it should be in the neighborhood of 20 inches of vacuum. If you have 15 or less that's a leak. You can find it by spraying carb cleaner at the areas you think might be the culprit while it's running, if the engine runs different that means it started sucking in the carb cleaner. I would start at the carb base gasket and the intake gaskets as those would be the most likely problem. As far as converting to efi, you could do it with an aftermarket kit, or you could use 4.3 tbi setup from 90s gm pickup, but I think it would be more trouble than it's worth. Getting the carb cleaned and rebuilt would be a lot cheaper and easier. Then make sure you run some stabil through it before you put it away in the fall.
  20. What's the best way to deal with the decals? Scraper, sander, or something else?
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