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  1. On fords of that era the first step when you have a drivability problem is to clean element in the mass air flow sensor. They are very sensitive to any type of contamination and will cause all sorts of running issues. It's not a guaranteed fix but it's a very common fix, and its free.
  2. Well that video ended too soon. Theres always one dumb one in every herd. That guy knows which one it is.
  3. I have a similar vice that came with my barn but it doesn't have the ball and socket. I assumed it was for sharpening saw blades, but that was just a guess.
  4. It seems like around here gleaners are the only old combines still in use. I never see old Deeres or IH combines, just late model stuff. I have two neighbors that run gleaners. One only has about 40 acres but the other farms a few hundred with his.
  5. "The plane is all set, sir. The apprentice just got done putting it back together." 😳
  6. Thanks guys. He was a big influence on me because he had his own shop and I spent a lot of time there growing up. He taught how to properly fix things and taught me how to fabricate and weld. He seemed to really enjoy when kids showed up there wanting to learn. He was patient and would take the time to teach and pass on his knowledge. He was also willing to just hang out and talk, which when you're a kid it can be hard to find an adult like that. He drank too much, smoked too much, worked too much, didn't eat enough or sleep enough and it caught up with him. He didnt get the most years out of life, but he definitely got all the life in his years.
  7. He was an air force vet, volunteer fireman, truck mechanic, father and grandpa. He was very influential on me growing up and was a big part of why I took an interest in all things mechanical. We drank a lot of beers together and had a lot of adventures. He always had a story for you, and how much was truth and how much was a fable I will never know, but I think I like it better that way. We bury him in a few days and thinking about him reminded me of this quote.
  8. I grew up on a 44 acre hobby farm that dad still lives on and farms. Hes getting old and hasn't said what he plans to do with it. I would love to take it over, but if he decides to sell there is no way I can afford it. Around here it is the BTOs buying up the farms. If they bought his I already know what would happen. Two days after the sale a track hoe would show up and knock down the house and barn, and they would rip out every fence row we put in together. Then whole place would get plowed into one big field. The new owner would spend four hours there planting in the spring and four hours combining in the fall, otherwise they wouldn't set foot on the property. They wouldn't even notice farming the extra 40 acres, just another tract to go along with all the others. There would never be another cow here or another bale of hay made. It's kind of heartbreaking what has happened to the small farms around here. Sorry, I'm just rambling and venting my own frustrations.
  9. I'm right between you guys in kettlersville. O-H!
  10. I have unstuck one with marvel mystery oil. I've always heard good things about atf/acetone mix as a penetrant and I bet I would work great in that situation. If it frees up the right thing to do is pull the head and inspect everything, but in reality if it's just a hobby tractor that isn't going to get used hard I would probably be satisfied with passing a compression check after running it a while. Good luck
  11. I ran mine a few days ago, but mostly to make sure it is still in working order. I dont want to find out its broke when it gets real cold. We have been running an electric space in the bathroom when we get ready in the mornings.
  12. Most low oil level sensors work as an on or off kind of deal. They put them in the pan at a certain height, let's roughly a quart low, and when it's not submerged it trips the light. We still need the dipstick because it doesn't tell you how much you need, only that you need "some". A low oil cutoff is a bad idea on a car. Imagine driving on a busy four or six lane at rush hour going 90 to try and not get ran over, and your engine shuts down because you are a quart low. That would suck.
  13. My dad had a 93 c3500 single rear wheel with a 6.5 diesel and a 5 speed in red. Give me that with 4wd and that could be a forever truck for me.
  14. How about some pics of this hot rod?
  15. Thanks. I just recently painted it.
  16. I dont have a smoker. I have made it on the grill with the husks left on and that was fantastic. I think the smell while cooking was better than the corn itself.
  17. No advice on the question but I used some of that in my barn. I think it looks good. You can see it in the background.
  18. The stuff from this weekend was burpees bi-color corn. I have another variety planted that should get ripe next week. I'm not even sure what that seed was, a neighbor bought too much so they gave it to dad, who gave it to me. I'm gonna have to find out where it came from because it's got a lot bigger and better looking ears than the burpee corn.
  19. I just use an earthway garden planter.
  20. I have 16 rows about 50 feet long
  21. My earliest batch of sweet corn got ripe this weekend. Its kept us busy with canning (and eating). We processed about about eight dozen ears yesterday. This was our first year we've tried canning anything and our first year with any real success growing corn besides just tiny garden plots, so its been a lot of fun and learning new things. We also canned about 75 quarts of green beans this year and some carrots.
  22. Electric fence around the parking area?
  23. Didnt somebody post something similar to that on here a little while back? I remember there being boxes put around combine tires to keep the critters out.
  24. They didnt get all their money from the government, they made some selling drugs to whoever plumbed that house.
  25. I'm a big time DIYer, but cutting down trees is something I've always been willing to pay a professional to do. We had four biggish trees in the yard we wanted gone, one was close enough to reach the house and leaning the wrong way. I told the tree man just to lay them down and I will do the rest. He had less than an hour in it, i paid him $200, and we both walked away feeling like we got the better end of the deal.
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