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  1. Call me old fashioned but if you see a tractor you like just go introduce yourself and ask if it wants to do some plowing.
  2. No doubt. I definitely want to pay for all that so I can scrape the snow off my driveway and rake hay.
  3. When I was in high school I came home from a party after having girl trouble. I asked my dad if he had any advice on women. He told me "Women are like a television. You don't know how they work, or why they work. You're just glad that they're there."
  4. I think that's the plan for now. I made mental list of the pros and cons of each, and really the loader is the only down side I see to keeping the 424. So as long as I don't find anything wrong with the tractor I think I will probably go with the 424 and keep an eye out for a better loader in the future. I can then sell the trip loader to offset the cost a bit. One upside to the trip loader is it looks like it will be a lot easier to take on and off than the loader on my 350.
  5. Hillman, Two new 14.9-28 tires on the 350. One good 13.6-28 and one not so great on the 424, but they are both bolt on rims so I figured I would put the new tires on whichever one I keep.
  6. It does have factory power steering that felt good with the loader off the ground.
  7. I don't have any implements for the 350 besides a grader blade. I have been looking and fast hitch implements have been awful hard to find in my area and over priced. The three point would be nice for that. The 424 has three point controls on the RH side and the loader valve sticks out from under the seat. It's strange but appears to be factory. The 424 ran really good for about ten minutes, we ran the loader, three point, and pto and everything worked. It had a stuck brake but we got that freed up. It then died, and I think the fuel feed is clogged from cruddy old gas. The situatio
  8. If you had to pick one which would you choose? I have a 350 utility that was very obviously rode hard and put away wet before I bought it. I have done a ton of work to it and got everything working, and converted it hydraulic steering. It has a loader with hyd tilt and still looks like garbage but works pretty good. Today I was offered a really good deal on a 424. It has a cheapo trip loader. It runs but needs a little attention from sitting for too long. It is faded but really straight. I don't need or want two loader tractors, So I need to pick one.
  9. Does anybody here have any valves they might consider selling?
  10. My 350 utility has an FEL with hydraulic tilt and a fast hitch. It uses two OE valves on the RH side of the seat to control everything. The previous owner made it so the fast hitch and loader tilt run off the same valve, you have open and close a series of ball valves to switch from one function to another. It works, but it's a pain in the butt, and I want to change it. Ideally i would like to have two valves for the loader, a valve for the fast hitch, and a valve to add a rear remote hookup. What would be the simplest way to accomplish this? Adding IH valves, or buying an aftermarket tw
  11. The problem isn't that people are lazy, most people are working. Unemployment is super low. So if you want to hire people your job has to be more appealing than their current job. Why would a person want to be at a dairy farm at 5:00 am and get covered in cow crap 10 or 12 hours a day for $10 an hour when they can go to a shop or a factory at 8:00 for $20 an hour, good benefits, and plenty of overtime?
  12. Yeah i use rockauto a lot. I only ever once had an issue with receiving a wrong part, and they took care of it pretty painlessly. Their prices are hard to beat if you can wait a few days for the parts. Ive never bought anything from them with a core so i dont know how well that works. One thing you do have to watch out for is you are buying a bunch of different parts they might ship from different places and you get several shipping charges that can be pretty high. Overall i like them and will continue to use them.
  13. I'll second the vote for Denny's. I havent had him do any carbs for me but i have dealt with him several times on ignition issues and he has been great to deal with.
  14. Thanks for all the input guys. Ive seen it advertised as high as $8 a bale around here, but i didnt know if anyone was actually paying that much for it. I sold first cutting saturday and was worried that i sold it too cheap. But i have a reliable buyer that buys all i have, and he comes and picks the wagons up right out of the field. I think being able to sell it all, without ever having to unload it, with one phone call, is worth a decent discount. It sounds like my $4 a bale is at the low end of the reasonable range. All things considered im satisfied with that.
  15. This is a question for the hay buyers and sellers in Ohio and surrounding states. What is the going rate this year. Im trying to figure out how to price mine. I'm not seeing much advertised, but the hay that is out there has prices all over the place. Thanks
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