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  1. Yeah i use rockauto a lot. I only ever once had an issue with receiving a wrong part, and they took care of it pretty painlessly. Their prices are hard to beat if you can wait a few days for the parts. Ive never bought anything from them with a core so i dont know how well that works. One thing you do have to watch out for is you are buying a bunch of different parts they might ship from different places and you get several shipping charges that can be pretty high. Overall i like them and will continue to use them.
  2. I'll second the vote for Denny's. I havent had him do any carbs for me but i have dealt with him several times on ignition issues and he has been great to deal with.
  3. Thanks for all the input guys. Ive seen it advertised as high as $8 a bale around here, but i didnt know if anyone was actually paying that much for it. I sold first cutting saturday and was worried that i sold it too cheap. But i have a reliable buyer that buys all i have, and he comes and picks the wagons up right out of the field. I think being able to sell it all, without ever having to unload it, with one phone call, is worth a decent discount. It sounds like my $4 a bale is at the low end of the reasonable range. All things considered im satisfied with that.
  4. This is a question for the hay buyers and sellers in Ohio and surrounding states. What is the going rate this year. Im trying to figure out how to price mine. I'm not seeing much advertised, but the hay that is out there has prices all over the place. Thanks
  5. The first step should be evacuate the system, vacuum it down to remove any air, then charge it with the correct amount of freon. Once that is done run the ac with gauges and see what the system is doing on both the high and low sides. If you are still blowing off at the pressure relief valve one common problem is not enough airflow through the condensor (thats the unit in front of the radiator). This caused usually by either a bad fan clutch if its a belt driven fan or an electric fan not running. If you have an electric fan it should be running any time the ac is on. The proper tools for ac can be a bit pricey and most people dont know what is correct when watching the gauges, so there is nothing wrong with taking it to a pro. Kind of like carb work, an amateur can fumble with it for days and not get it right, when an expert can make it run perfect and only need $100 for their time.
  6. Using a tire tube seems pretty legit, considering that when I looked at the picture I thought it was a hollowed out log.
  7. I agree. This is what ive been using in my 350u and it seems to getting along fine.
  8. Im kind of thinking that with the budget you have a 2wd in better condition would be a better option than a rough fwa tractor. I mean, your 2wd tractor did the job for 30 years, am i right? But if your heart is set on fwa i think jd 2555 can be found for that money. My uncle bought one new that has over 20,000 hrs. It has been fantastic.
  9. Im right up the road from you in Kettlersville. The alfalfa i sowed last spring came back really well, but the stuff i put out in 2017 is barely coming back at all. Hopefully the guy i bought last years seed from has more of the same available.
  10. I grow alfalfa and my dad grows grass hay. We sell small squares to a local guy that boards horses for people. We sell them a little below market value because in my eyes its worth it to have a loyal customer that will come get the hay right out of the field as soon as we have it on a wagon. I figure not having to put it in the mow or advertise or deal with the general public is worth at least a dollar a bale.
  11. Right, I tend to use "clutch" as a blanket term sometimes. So, is hytran the right fluid for that?
  12. I checked it but didn't change it. I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to have to tear it apart before I put new fluid in there. Does it just take hytran?
  13. This is my first IH tractor and it was quite the basket case when I bought it, so I don't really have a good frame of reference as to what is normal. I have been fixing one problem at a time and yesterday I was working on the Pto. The issue was that the pto shaft spun all the time. So I followed the instructions in the manual for the pto clutch adjustment. On my first try I noticed that the engine would bog just a bit when the pto was disengaged. So I loosened the front adjusting screw for the applied clutch a quarter turn and tried again. After that the bog was gone, but with the pto disengaged there is just a small bit of whining noise from the trans. With the pto engaged everything seems quiet and happy. Is the whining noise something I should be concerned about, or would that be considered normal operation? Thanks
  14. Thats an awesome looking truck Rusty. My first car was an 86 c30 with 6.2 diesel with the pump turned up, sm465, and 4.10 gears. That thing had crazy torque, and a top speed of 70 mph lol. Ive had a few other square bodies since then, but it will always be my favorite, just because of all the memories a young man tends to make in his first vehicle.
  15. It was rustoleum farm and implement gloss white.
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