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  1. I was going to grow some popcorn this year, which I had never tried before. I looked up seed for it and it was stupid expensive, so I tried the germination test on just some regular white popcorn from the store that cost about $2.50#. This is it at two and a half days.
  2. The first rule of English; their our know rules.
  3. Is the front hitch / bumper an aftermarket unit or factory? I have one that looks identical on my 424.
  4. This is suprising, you seem so positive and upbeat on here.😉
  5. When the #metoo movement was a thing a while back about sexual harassment, somebody told me their brain always reads it as "pound me too"
  6. My favorite is when they say that an item is "for sell". There have been things for sale that I was pretty interested in but I never contacted about because the ad was so poorly written that I knew the seller was going to be an absolute nightmare to deal with.
  7. I might have to start printing those to put on the chairs beside me when I go to the DMV. Not a covid thing, I just dont like people.
  8. I'm going to nominate a piece of pipe. 4' long 1" pipe is one of the most used tools in my shop. It's a pry bar, a handle extension for the breaker bar, you can hang small parts on it for paint, or use it as a hood prop. A million and one uses.
  9. I've got four different packs of sweet corn seed. A half pound I bought this year, a couple little packs my wife grabbed when she was at the store, and some left over seed from last year. Should I just mix it all together and plant it, or plant each type in it's own patch? I'm curious if mixing will get weird results due to cross pollination. I plan to not plant it all at once to so it's not all ripe one time so planting it separately wouldn't be difficult. My second question is what happens if I let some get fully ripe can I use it as seed for next year? It seems like that worked for thousands of years so why not now? Thanks
  10. Well if he was drawing unemployment he was definitely counted on the unemployment rate. Now Hobbyfarm is correct when he said that if you're not looking for work and not drawing unemployment then I don't think you are counted. For instance my wife stays home with the kids, but she doesn't get counted as unemployed.
  11. The unemployment rate is the lowest it's been in 20 years. My theory is with everybody hiring all the people that worked in gas stations, restaurants, fast food joints, etc have so many more options now. So they took $20+/hr factory jobs instead of the low paying jobs they had. But that's just my theory.
  12. Harbor freight has those for around $100. I've had one for years. It works pretty good.
  13. I have an old honda crv that I use as when I dont need my pickup truck. It is incredibly rare that it does a trip over 40 or 50 miles. 99% of the time it stays within 15 miles of home. It could pretty easily be replaced by an electric car. I've never penciled out a cost comparison of how one would stack up against a gas car that gets 25 mpg. But I dont see how an electric tractor would work. On a car you use a fair amount of torque to accelerate then very little to maintain a cruising speed. Tillage work uses so much torque and its constant load, this would be difficult for a battery. When the ground gets fit you need to work all day to get the ground ready, working 4-6 hours then stopping to charge for ten hours isn't an option. I think on semis if they set up a way to change batteries, like you stop at a truck stop and a guy with a fork lift pulls out your low battery and swaps in a charged one that could work, but I see a lot of $$ issues with that.
  14. If its 7' wide and 6.5' tall it's not comparable to an h3, which is much smaller.
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