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  1. I live in ohio. When you drive on i75 if a car flies by you at 100 mph, 90% of the time it has Michigan plates. My wife asked me why MI people drive so fast. I told her it's because they've never been on roads this nice before.
  2. Nope, I knew exactly what they meant. I see you're going with option 1 though.
  3. When somebody says "Let's not talk politics" you have three possible replies 1) I'm such a dimwit that I dont know what that means 2) My personality is so abrasive and one dimensional that I literally can't stop myself 3) Ok, let's talk about something else Is it really that difficult to go with option three? I dont want to hear about freedom of speech. You can say whatever you want at your house, but this is the forum owners house, and he can throw you out for talking about stuff you were asked not to. He doesn't owe you a pulpit to sound off from.
  4. I plan to build a hydro electric dam AND fix the Flint MI water situation using nothing but the tears from this very forum. Come on, people. Are you so seriously dependent on the federal government and their daily inaction that a change from one party to another means the end of your quality of life? I heard this same crap from the left in 2016 and the right in 2008. I dont care who's in power, if you succeed or fail in life in the next four years is up to you, DC won't help you or stop you. I always remember this classic poem "Republicans are red, Democrats are blue, neither one of them
  5. In ohio that tractor with loader would be around $2000-2500.
  6. I have an old grainery that I am converting into a workshop. Mechanic shop downstairs, woodshop upstairs. I know it was common practice in the old days to use license plates to cover holes, but I guess during the depression they tried to get a little extra use out of everything. I'm going to try to patch them back together to put up on the wall.
  7. I've got a 3 speed trans and radiator for a flathead in Ohio if anybody needs one. I would sell cheap or trade, they are just taking up space.
  8. I use my 424 loader tractor all the time, but it was built in the 60s so I dont consider it old.
  9. We still use dad's 48 JD A for raking and tedding. My uncle put a GPS on his JD 50 because he uses it to pull the sprayer. And you haven't lived until you've really lugged down an 830 doing tillage work. The front tires barely ever touch the ground and flames shoot 18" out of the muffler. Just like cars and pickups, new tractors are nicer, but the old ones are a lot more fun.
  10. "Great father son project. Ran when parked. Dont lowball me, I know what I got."
  11. There was quite a bit of money added to the payroll program they started in the spring for small businesses, so restaurants should be eligible for that, and from what I read last night they supposedly tightened regulations on the program to make it harder for the wrong people to scam the system and take money away from the people that need it, which is good. That slickster preacher Joel Oesteen with his two mansions got over $4,000,000 from that program last time around.
  12. The best I ever saw was a riding mower in the bed of a truck, the tailgate was open, and there was a guy on the mower holding the brakes on to keep the mower from rolling out the back. This was going down a busy highway at 60 mph.
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