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  1. gearheadmb

    450 TA

    On the 350 I used to have the TA linkage adjustment was very finicky. Just a hair off and it would do the same thing you are describing. I would probably put a new friction disc in it while you're in there and follow the linkage adjustment instructions in the manual. I think the TA on those was a good feature in theory but a real pain in the butt to actually live with.
  2. gearheadmb


    I had a 350u. As stated above the steering was shot. I ended up putting a steering axle from a JD 95 combine under the front end to have hydraulic steering. The other issue was the torque amplifier. Does a 300 have those? When I bought the tractor the TA wouldn't shift, so I was satisfied with one speed. Then it seized up, and I had to find a replacement. After that it worked, but the linkage adjustment was super finicky and I had to adjust it all the time to keep it working. But it ran good and felt like it had a lot of power for its size.
  3. I cant answer your question, but you could look on the IH parts website to get the part number then look at other models to see if they match. I had to do that when I needed a TA for my 350.
  4. Last year i sold my gas 350u with aftermarket loader for $2500 and i had that within 24 hours of posting it. It was running and everything worked but the back tires were junk and over all it was in really rough shape.
  5. Are the loader mounts the same on a 656 as a 424? There is a GB workmaster loader for sale locally that I think would be nice upgrade from my freeman trip loader. I think it would be worth the asking price if i can bolt it right up, but not if i have to do a bunch of fabrication. Thanks
  6. This has a lot of good info about solvents comparing price, effectiveness, safety of different part washer solvents. I use to use kerosene, it worked well and didn't stink like I expected, but when I move the parts washer into the new shop I think I'm gonna switch to something less flammable.
  7. Call me old fashioned but if you see a tractor you like just go introduce yourself and ask if it wants to do some plowing.
  8. No doubt. I definitely want to pay for all that so I can scrape the snow off my driveway and rake hay.
  9. I think that's the plan for now. I made mental list of the pros and cons of each, and really the loader is the only down side I see to keeping the 424. So as long as I don't find anything wrong with the tractor I think I will probably go with the 424 and keep an eye out for a better loader in the future. I can then sell the trip loader to offset the cost a bit. One upside to the trip loader is it looks like it will be a lot easier to take on and off than the loader on my 350.
  10. Hillman, Two new 14.9-28 tires on the 350. One good 13.6-28 and one not so great on the 424, but they are both bolt on rims so I figured I would put the new tires on whichever one I keep.
  11. It does have factory power steering that felt good with the loader off the ground.
  12. I don't have any implements for the 350 besides a grader blade. I have been looking and fast hitch implements have been awful hard to find in my area and over priced. The three point would be nice for that. The 424 has three point controls on the RH side and the loader valve sticks out from under the seat. It's strange but appears to be factory. The 424 ran really good for about ten minutes, we ran the loader, three point, and pto and everything worked. It had a stuck brake but we got that freed up. It then died, and I think the fuel feed is clogged from cruddy old gas. The situation with the tractor is the owner is in the nursing home, his son needs to settle up the estate, something to do with medicare I don't really understand, but he needed the tractor gone to put the house up for sale. I told him I would take it home and get running then either buy it or help him sell it then we'd work something out. It really is a good straight tractor, the only thing holding me back is the light duty trip loader. My 350 is beat. It was a highway tractor at one point I think because there is yellow paint under the red, and you can tell it's been really abused. Stuff is wore out that shouldn't be. Just dumb stuff like the splines are shot on the PTO handle. Not just that but a million little things like that. I thought about trying put hyd tilt loader on to the 424 but the loader is rough too and I might just not mess with it. I think I'm gonna go with the 424. I'm not familiar with them and I wanted to make sure they were a decent machine. Most of the stuff I've read online has been pretty positive.
  13. If you had to pick one which would you choose? I have a 350 utility that was very obviously rode hard and put away wet before I bought it. I have done a ton of work to it and got everything working, and converted it hydraulic steering. It has a loader with hyd tilt and still looks like garbage but works pretty good. Today I was offered a really good deal on a 424. It has a cheapo trip loader. It runs but needs a little attention from sitting for too long. It is faded but really straight. I don't need or want two loader tractors, So I need to pick one.
  14. Does anybody here have any valves they might consider selling?
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