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  1. Im right up the road from you in Kettlersville. The alfalfa i sowed last spring came back really well, but the stuff i put out in 2017 is barely coming back at all. Hopefully the guy i bought last years seed from has more of the same available.
  2. I grow alfalfa and my dad grows grass hay. We sell small squares to a local guy that boards horses for people. We sell them a little below market value because in my eyes its worth it to have a loyal customer that will come get the hay right out of the field as soon as we have it on a wagon. I figure not having to put it in the mow or advertise or deal with the general public is worth at least a dollar a bale.
  3. Right, I tend to use "clutch" as a blanket term sometimes. So, is hytran the right fluid for that?
  4. I checked it but didn't change it. I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to have to tear it apart before I put new fluid in there. Does it just take hytran?
  5. This is my first IH tractor and it was quite the basket case when I bought it, so I don't really have a good frame of reference as to what is normal. I have been fixing one problem at a time and yesterday I was working on the Pto. The issue was that the pto shaft spun all the time. So I followed the instructions in the manual for the pto clutch adjustment. On my first try I noticed that the engine would bog just a bit when the pto was disengaged. So I loosened the front adjusting screw for the applied clutch a quarter turn and tried again. After that the bog was gone, but with the pto disengaged there is just a small bit of whining noise from the trans. With the pto engaged everything seems quiet and happy. Is the whining noise something I should be concerned about, or would that be considered normal operation? Thanks
  6. Thats an awesome looking truck Rusty. My first car was an 86 c30 with 6.2 diesel with the pump turned up, sm465, and 4.10 gears. That thing had crazy torque, and a top speed of 70 mph lol. Ive had a few other square bodies since then, but it will always be my favorite, just because of all the memories a young man tends to make in his first vehicle.
  7. It was rustoleum farm and implement gloss white.
  8. I never found a foam brush that i liked either. The hardware store had packs of three regular paint brushes in different widths in their bargain bin. I bought all they had. They worked good and were cheap enough i didnt even bother to clean them, i just threw them away after i used them. And no judgement here. My farm machinery is meant to be used, not admired from behind a velvet rope. I wouldn't want a paint job that i was afraid to scratch or get dirty.
  9. I'll check tonight when i get home.
  10. I want to use conversion arms to use three point implements on my fast hitch tractor. It has a bracket bolted on just above the pto that I assume is for the top link, but i wanted to verify that is its purpose. What do you guys think? Thanks
  11. I used the rustoleum rusty metal primer and rustoleom tractor paint on the front axle and front wheels when i built my hydraulic steering. I brushed it on, it smoothed itself out really well and had a nice shine. Its a working tractor so i wasnt aiming for perfection but it turned out nice. Its only been on there about a year and a half so i cant really say how it holds up long term, but so far so good. I will probably use it when i paint the rest of the tractor. When it comes to "bang for the buck" paint i have always been happy with rustoleum.
  12. First i should say im not even against dodging the draft. If you are going to force 18 year old to go die it better be a damn worth while cause. But if dodging the draft is what you did dont insult my intellegence by trying to feed me obvious bullshit. After four years of high school basketball the guy suddenly gets debilitating bone spurs, and now he cant remember which foot it was. Im not dumb enough to believe it. And just because he had legal paperwork doesnt mean its not dodging, it just means his dad had enough money to get him out of it.
  13. Im going off of my fuzzy memory here, but i believe the key actually has to be in the on position to remove the key cylinder on those. I think you will be fine. You will need a steering wheel puller and a special spring compressor tool to remove the plate that locks the steering wheel. You should be able to get those at the parts store if you dont have them.
  14. Im prolife and a registered republican, but that isnt going to stop me from saying Trump isnt fit to be president. Im not going to pretend he is good at his job so i can feel like we are "owning the libs". I expect a president to be smart, have good judgement, be professional, and have a strong moral compass (doesnt have to be a saint, but respectable). I dont see any of that from him. What i see is a person who cant make it through a day without firingoff an angry unprofessional tweet. I see a person who puts his family into important government jobs instead of more qualified people. I see a reality tv host that felt compelled to talk about "grab them by the p****y" when talking to a reporter. I see a draft dodger that now wants to play the role of a tough guy. I see a guy who has five kids by three different wives that he cheated on all of them. I see a guy that takes more offense at kneeling football players than at klan rallys. I want whats best for America for the long haul, not whats best for my republican ego right now, so im not going to pretend we made the right decision by hitching our wagon to this guy.
  15. You can buy the manuals direct from international. Under service manuals they had seven different manuals ranging from $3-$10 each to download. Go to the case ih homepage, click the OWNERS tab, click the TECHNICAL PUBLICATION STORE from the drop down, put 560 in the model search and fill the fields below that and it will show you all the available manuals for your tractor. The nice thing about a down load is you can print your own and if you get greasy fingerprints all over it you can just print another one.
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