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  1. It would be for backup heat. My thoughts were something I could use as a shop heater that could easily be brought in the house in the event of a power outage during winter.
  2. Are the tank mounted propane units okay for use in the house? Like I said it wont normally be used in the house, but I will want it as a backup unit if the power goes out. The house is over 100 years old and not very tight if that makes a difference.
  3. Do you mean one like this? It is more BTU's for less money, I like that. Plus we have a propane grill so I already keep a tank or two of propane around.
  4. Thanks. The bins are from harbor freight, it's a 20 pack for $15 that comes with mounting rails. I used three of those on this. The rest is 5/8 plywood. I have about $100 in it all together. I built on to the end of a big cabinet. If I had it to do over I would have made it as it's own free standing unit.
  5. I've been working on organizing hardware in the shop. I'm tired of the over packed storage containers and coffee cans full of mixed junk. So I built this. I thought it would be a lot bigger than I needed. It is actually filling up a lot faster than I expected.
  6. How do you guys feel about these type of heaters? The recent winter storm got me and my wife thinking about a backup heat source if the power goes out during the winter. We dont lose power often so I didn't want to invest a ton of money in the heater or time in installation. Also, I dont need something that can keep the house at 75 degrees for days on end, I just want to keep it inhabitable and keep the pipes from freezing. My thinking is with one of these I could use it as a shop heater and if the power goes out I can just bring it in the house. My current shop heat source is a torpedo heater which makes gobs of heat but is very loud, and kind of smelly. I thought this could be a lot nicer for that. I have no experience with these. Who has or had one of these or one similar and what do you think of it? Would you buy another? Thanks
  7. My dad said that the first time we caught a snapping turtle. "How hungry do you think the first guy that ever ate one of these was?" Ugly, smelly, disagreeable ******** them turtles are.
  8. Maybe ugly black wheels cause the throttle to not work properly. Every guy I see running WOT and blowing smoke has ugly black wheels and Chinese mud tires. Had a coworker that bought one of those ugly bro dozers, he was explaining to all of us why he needed it for towing and all the other super manly stuff he does. So while we were out in the parking lot for a smoke break we flipped his ball hitch upside down just for giggles. It stayed that way for months.
  9. I used rustoleum primer and tractor paint on my 424 and was happy with how it turned out. It was about $40 a gallon at menards last year so naturally it's around $70 now. Here's my thread if you're interested. https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/148085-tractor-painting-tip-and-tricks/
  10. It's about time to get a newer vehicle and I'm thinking it may be the ticket. I want something that doesn't get terrible mileage as a daily driver, but is still capable of pulling a trailer with a car or small tractor when it needs to. How are they holding up long term? Any major issues to look out for?
  11. I used to like vice grip garage, but after a while it started to feel repetitive, and also now the videos are too long. They used to be 30-40 minutes, now they are closer to 2 hrs. I've found another channel with a similar feel but I like better. It's called low-buck garage. He isn't as much of a personality, but the channel is all about bringing old junk back to life for cheap, and his videos appeal more to my mechanic brain than VGG. https://m.youtube.com/c/LowBuckGarage
  12. Yeah but I make a pretty loyal companion if you can get used to me dragging my butt across the carpet.
  13. Back in my younger, wilder days I used to say "Beer gets me tipsy, whiskey gets me drunk, tequila gets me felony charges." For seven years my wife stayed home with the kids while I worked. She started back working a couple weeks ago, and I am off this week. Since she always did fine job keeping the house I thought I would do that for her while she was gone, so I was gonna take care of the kids, do the cleaning, and have supper ready this week. I didn't even make it through the first day before I started drinking on the job. I dont think I'm meant to be domesticated.
  14. My grandpa told me about once sending one of my uncles out run the tractor when he was pretty young. An hour later he comes walking back to the house and said "the motor started banging then it quit running." Grandpa asked if the tractor had oil in it. Uncle says "oh yeah, you can see it through the hole in the motor."
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