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  1. T-Mo

    War Year Tractors

    I have a '44 B, but the gear shift knob is plastic - could be a replacement.
  2. T-Mo

    Veteran's Day 2019

    This day seems to go unnoticed by some (as does Pearl Harbor Day). But I want to show respect and honor to all my fellow veterans. I salute you all. Terry Reed E-6 Staff Sergeant US Army 12B Combat Engineer 1978-1985
  3. The front weights are more expensive than the rear weights. I bought two sets of rear weights, one set for the '47 pictured, and one set for my '50 Cub. I got them at JP Tractor Salvage in Fredricktown, Mo, for $60 a set. Front weights, which weigh 25 lbs, go for at least $125 up. BTW, they're the same weights that IH put on the rear of their garden tractors, like the ones on the 782 picture above this post.
  4. T-Mo

    IH Running Gear?

    The previous owner put 4 x 4 wooden blocks under the front bolster - but there is still some movement there.
  5. T-Mo

    IH Running Gear?

    I picked this up last Friday. It might be an IH running gear, but is it and what model?
  6. Well, I did go and get it. It's a '44 from the serial number. I send off for the free fuel cap last night. The loader is a Henderson, btw.
  7. I would love to find a F-12 or a F-14 in my price range (free or almost free), that is complete and would require little to nothing to get it going.
  8. Thanks, for the welcome. Here are some pictures of my Cubs. The '47 is the one with the blade.
  9. I joined this forum a while back, but never posted. I have a '47 and a '50 Cub currently, and this Saturday I should be picking up a B with a loader. I'm not sure of the year, but it looks to be in good shape. Here is a video of it running that the seller sent me. Here are the pictures from the ad.
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