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  1. I need an oil pan, an oil cooler and the bottom part of the oil bath for my TD6 62 series, which is a 6 cylinder. I was told this has a 262 ci engine and has been used in other tractors besides the TD6. Dick 408-722-0125
  2. T & J Garage, 2 Japanese brothers, I think their names were Tom and Joe. They had a heck of a business, then in the later years they got big doing boxes for garbage trucks. I had forgotten they had the IH tractors.
  3. I think the IH dealer you are referring to is Redwine Tractor Company. They were originally in Mountain View and then moved to Sunnyvale. They were also an AC dealer. Boy, i'm sure dating myself. I called it a conversion kit, but like you stated, it was an attachment. I have a D2 5U and it's the same seat as I have on my TD6, so maybe when Matt did his conversion on the tractor that I now own, he just took it upon himself and got all the parts he needed and did the conversion. He was a pretty bright guy when it came to equipment and I could see him doing that.
  4. Hi Louie, I heard that International never made a series 62 orchard model, but because of the high demand for orchard tractors in our area, they offered a conversion kit, which included a D2/D4 seat and all the other necessary parts, is that correct? My friends, both orchardists, bought this tractor and another one new, along with the conversion kit, and converted them themselves. They were both very good mechanically and were able to do it. They since have passed away so are not around to ask about it. I got this info from one of their sons. You might have known them, they were from Cupe
  5. I have a 1964 TD6 62 series that was converted to an orchard model low seat tractor. The problem I'm having is the main clutch and left brake are constantly needing adjustment. I use an offset disk so I'm constantly turning left, but I do not ride the brake and clutch. Because of this problem I am very careful to not ride the clutch or brake. My mechanic that has been doing the adjustment is very knowledgeable and familiar with this tractor and cannot understand what's going on. He said there is a clinch nut that he makes sure once he does the adjustment he tightens it down and makes sure ever
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