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  1. Update on Farmall Cub Project

    If I were you, I'd pull that valve cover and adjust those tappets before installing the carb. Lots easier with the extra clearance. Looking good though. I went through my old family Cub couple years back, stem to stern. Chris B.
  2. This project actually started about 8 or 9 years ago. Picked up a stuck 450D cheaply, I hope but don't remember. Knew nothing about these diesels other than their storied reputation. Pulled the head, dropped the pan and ended knocking the pistons and sleeves out as stuck assemblies. Once clear, the pistons tapped out easily and were all quite usable. I had to replace one cracked sleeve but put it all back together with new rings. I didn't spot any cracks in the head and there was no antifreeze in the oil when I took it apart. Once I sorted the gas side out it was running. One diesel line was leaking where it had rubbed against another line. Brazed that and replaced a couple others. I pulled the pump that was filling with diesel and sent it out for rebuild. Once, I played with the tractor a bit, the TA was obviously no good and it needed some seals and was generally pretty beat to heck. I found a 400D hood sheet to replace my missing one.
  3. 450 Diesel project

    Got it running and driving and shifting smooth. Filled the trans the night before. Driveway wasn't covered with oil the next morning so I did something right. Starting was easy--that has never given me trouble. Rigged up the dash plate and all the elec'l connections. The big console cover thingy has a crack I'd like to get fixed. Got a few minor leaks to fix now. Then, I wait for the weather to break to paint this and the gasser. Chris B.
  4. 450 Diesel project

    Did alot of scrubbing last couple days. I'll do some more cleaning as I reassemble, obviously, but paint is a couple months away and I will need to get it running again first. The brakes were working well, so I pulled them apart cleaned and reassembled. They're adjusted for a minimum of freeplay right now. I even pulled the pedal shaft to put new seals in. Those were a pain to pop out. Before I crank it and fill the hydraulics, I intend to pull each frame rail and scrub down the backside. Not much room alongside the diesel rails. Chris B.
  5. Got a couple gas start diesel brothers delivered today

    Very nice. Why buy one tractor when you can get 2 at twice the price? Chris B.
  6. 450 Diesel project

    Back to my tractor....Got it reconnected and pushed into my garage. Lot of stuff to hook up and clean. By far, the filthiest tractor I've worked on. I loosened all the base bolts for the hydraulic unit and propped it up some just to push out the muck underneath. When the time is right, I'll swap the diesel filters and clean that water trap. A nice wide front is going to end up on this beauty. Too bad I don't have power steering. Chris B.
  7. 450 Diesel project

    In order, an IEL Super Pioneer, Power Machinery Canadien PM390, Remington Bantam gear drive, Homelite Super 2100A, Pioneer 1850 gear drive, Pioneer 15-20 gear drive, and shelves of saws.
  8. 450 Diesel project

    Ask and ye shall receive. My first love is these old tractors, but saws popped up when a buddy was clearing his shop out in 2002 and gave me a couple old Stihls. One thing led to another and I'm sitting at 240 or so.
  9. 450 Diesel project

    TA and IPTO are in along with a new trans pilot bearing. Chris B.
  10. 450 Diesel project

    These showed up from Dieners. Of course, they'll have to sit around looking pretty till after paint. Chris B.
  11. 450 Diesel project

    Look at the picture of the motor on the splitting stand. Some of my saws are in the background.
  12. 450 Diesel project

    Got the split done yesterday and rebuilt the TA housing. Not a hard job, just have to take your time and do stuff in the right order. Those internal case seals are a pain to get in straight. Found the IPTO drive shaft on top munched some so I ordered one of those and a set of bearings. The trans pilot bearing was pretty well trashed so one of those $110 bearings is ordered as well. I had to bail on the rear main seal. The neoprene type on my motor is long obsolete. Didn't seem to leak much, if any. Flywheel is already finished so I'll be wrapping up that part of the job. Still want to get a bunch of other seals done while the trans in empty and I'm waiting on parts.
  13. 450 Diesel project

    My neighbor swung by to check out what I was wrenching on. He sure is fascinated by my old junk and the fact that I have a collection of 230 plus chainsaws. Chris B.
  14. 450 Diesel project

    More done today in prep for the TA split tomorrow. Got rid of my old, mangled hydraulic lines and found some nice replacements. The right side hood wouldn't sit down properly with that spliced tee and large hose. Lot of stuff had to be moved to do the clutch split. IH sure packed the diesel tight around those frame rail bolts. Buddy said his neighbor has an original WFE for 300 bucks. Weighing that against no power steering. Chris B.
  15. 450 Diesel project

    I'm about to go full steam. Unless this rain doesn't stop and my tractor ends up floating down the river. Before I split I want to dump the trans, fill it with my old diesel, and drag it around in gear to rinse the gears and bearings. No time like the present. By springtime, I'll have both of these turkeys ready to paint. Chris B.
  16. 450 Diesel project

    Correct. Had a nice conversation on the phone and the stand showed up 2 days later. Chris B.
  17. 450 Diesel project

    I'm about to proceed with splitting the 450D for TA and clutch job. At first, I was considering using a loader to pull split the tractor from the front back but couldn't get comfortable with that idea. I acquired a good splitting stand instead so I can do this the smart way. Clutch is here and a TA kit is right behind it. I'll be putting a good set of main hyd lines on. My old ones have been cut into and spliced with a hose. Pretty ugly. And, I want to reseal the pump and replace a bunch of o-rings while all that's apart. No sense in double work. My only concern is the rear main. My IPL shows the felt style, but I've heard of rubber oil seals being installed. I know the crank pulley is different then my IPL shows so only time will tell.
  18. McCormick OS6 Restoraton

    Look forward to seeing the finished tractor. I like my later IHs with the extra features but the early models are refreshingly straightforward. I particularly liked your repairs to the hoods. Chris B.
  19. 450 Diesel project

    I have a 560 as well but I'm partial to the old 4 cylinder gassers. Chris B.
  20. 1940 B timing marks & indicator

    TDC mark is on the flywheel thru a hole in the bottom of the bellhousing. Chris B.
  21. 450 Diesel project

    My heat houser installed. This one is exactly as described in Guy Fay's book.
  22. 450 Diesel project

    Thanks. Other than needing paint, the steering bracket, and some seals, the gasser is done. All the hard work was done years ago, especially figuring out why the powering steering didn't work.
  23. 450 Diesel project

    And this last piece of the 450 collection. 9 years ago I picked this NOS IH heat houser for the 400 series tractors. Blue canvas says Farmall. I replaced the windshield which had spider-webbed and warped with some polycarbonate.
  24. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    I'm not into crawlers and don't really encounter them. But, I have to say I really enjoyed reading this thread and will continue to follow it. These gas start diesels are fascinating as is seeing you fight thru pitfalls of old machinery and generally prevail. Chris B.
  25. 450 Diesel project

    Now it looks a little rougher. Engine was stuck but not hard. Freed it up in less than an hour with some rocking in 5th. Tires are still good. Water did its damage to the fuel system and I had to replaced the rusty and leaky gas tank. Could not get the carb to adjust smoothly after I ultrasonic cleaned it and Cuda cleaned it. The bowl had been full of water and was gelled when I tore it down--horrible condition. When I borrowed my Super M carb and got it running perfectly, I bought a reman and solved that problem. I suspect the old one has a hole or crack internally. Power steering on this one works great. 9 years ago, I replaced the priority valve with a Steel Wheel Ranch rebuilt. All I really have to do is replace the steering arm. The old one somehow twisted and created a bit of toe out. TA is good as well.