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  1. Ha - it is a beast! https://vimeo.com/228678020
  2. I got the 1466 fired up today - new batteries, fresh diesel, and crossed fingers. It runs great, but has sprouted some serious diesel and hydraulic leaks - I'll have to work on those ASAP.
  3. Yea, rare and expensive... Those tires are $2,500.00/ea apparently.
  4. Hey all - not a great picture, but here is the 1466:
  5. Honestly Mark, I don't have much of a use for them, but they were a big part of my childhood. They'll just be a hobby for me, but I may end of making hay or something with them.
  6. The '67 806 has a very straight sheet metal, but the engine is weak and the clutch is just about out - I could barely get it to go up a hill in 1st gear (1st, not 5th). Because it'll barely move, I think I'm going to work on it first. I'm going to try and get the 1466 fired up soon too. The 1466 was completely restored in the mid-90's (still 20 years ago) so it's not a big deal. We didn't use it much because it was just too big for dairy work. We only disced or pulled a silage chopper with it. I was going through some old stuff and found this too - an 806 owner's manual from 1967. I'd forgotten, but I found this on eBay several years ago (and paid big bucks for it) as a Christmas gift for dad:
  7. Happy 4th weekend everyone - Here's the 1967 806 - I got it fired up today!
  8. They were weak when parked - the 806s alternated front-end loader duty for many years. Luckily, none of these have TAs.
  9. Hello everyone - Greetings from Charlotte, NC. Unfortunately, my father passed away recently (he was 58) and I'm left with three Internationals: 1966 806D (pictured), 1967 806D, 1974 1466 These tractors were never show ponies - always work horses on a dairy. He bought the '66 806 before I was born (I'm 29). Because of this, they're all in need of a good amount of work - particularly the 806s, they both need a new clutch. I don't want to sell the tractors - I'd like to keep them and restore as I find time & money. Although I spent the first 20 years of my life milking cows, stacking hay, and cutting silage - I stepped away from that after college and now work in engineering. It's safe to say that these old tractors inspired my fascination with engineering and mechanical stuff. My first goal is to get them all running - some have been sitting for a few years, but were all running when parked. The '66 806 just required a new battery and a shot of ether to fire right up. I suspect the others will be the same. This will take years of work and tons of money, but hopefully it'll be worth it in the end. I'm sure I'll need the help and support of this community. Pictures of the other tractors to come shortly. Thanks, -Chad
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