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  1. Here's some whole tractor shots. After doing some measuring, all the brands are about 0.5" the same in diameter for this size. The only thing I can guess is the previous tires (15+ years old) were extra tall for some reason. I guess it doesn't look terrible. I was just hoping that some fresh tires would give it a boost. Next time, I'll upgrade hubs and wheels to something bigger. Thanks for the input.
  2. I ordered some new tires for my NF 706 and ordered the same size that was on there 6.50-16s. But when I picked up the new ones and put them on the tractor, they seem too narrow and too small, even compared to the ones I replaced of the same size. What the biggest/widest/best looking tire for these factory rims? I just want the tractor to look right and the tires not look 'stressed'.
  3. OK - that makes sense. This is the first TA model I've had. The 806s and 1466 I have are all TA delete models.
  4. Are you saying it should roll when the engine isn't running? The manual says clutch adjustment is a two person job as you need someone to depress the clutch while measuring/ adjusting.
  5. I've put about 30 hours on the '67 706D since I bought in March and I love it! That 310 is a fast starting, sweet sounding fuel sipper. I haven't had an issue with it at all, but I do think I need to make some adjustments to the Clutch & TA. The shift linkage is tighter than any '06 tractor I've driven in the past and the parking brake inspires confidence. However, I've noticed that if I leave the tractor is gear, even 1rst (L1), it will roll on an incline. I park it on a flat surface with parking brake on, and bush hog lowered so it's not an issue. However, I know it shouldn't do that. ****, we used to park our 806s on a hill so we could get them to start as the batteries/starters were dead all the time. Additionally, the clutch seems to engage twice - meaning it engages some, but then a little more as you fully release the pedal. Lastly, as the tractor warms up, I get the oil light on when the clutch is depressed which I know is the dump valve. Are all these issues adjustment related or are there other things going on? I've got the manual and procedure for the adjustment, just haven't haven't been able to get someone else's schedule to align with mine yet to get it done, as it's a 2 person job. Pic for attention. Thanks for the help!
  6. Hey all, I hope everyone is doing good and surviving. I know the quarantine is a lot more tolerable with the tractors to play with. I've put about 10 hours on my 706 and absolutely love it. I desperately need a bigger bush hog, but I'll find one soon enough. When I bought the 706, the previous removed the remote hydraulic couplings as he had bought them specifically for his JD bush hog. As of now, the tractor is just capped (see picture). I'm seeing a lot of different things online, but really would like to know what exact pieces I need to regain remote hydraulics. I've seen 1/2" male and female kits, but it appears I may need an adapter of some sort. Any insight is greatly appreciated.
  7. Yep, just remove the bolt and washer and they just slide off the splines. Nothing else holding them intact.
  8. A lot of wiggling and shaking back and forth, ha. Mine were pretty well greased, so it wasn't too hard. You may have to take a rubber mallet to them.
  9. Hey everyone - finally made it back to farm and was able to look at the 3pt on the 706. As several of you stated, the arms were indeed lined up with the ‘2’ mark instead of the ‘3’. Luckily, they came off pretty easily and I adjusted them to the ‘3’ mark. Now it ‘s lifting high and all is well! Thanks a ton for the help!
  10. It’s definitely a ‘67 with the upgraded 3pt. This advert for the ‘67 has the same 8 hole rear wheels.
  11. Hey all, I’ve been playing around with the new-to-me 706 and I don’t think the 3 Point Hitch arms raise as high as they should. They move fast and quietly all throughout the lever positioning, but with the lever in the fully raised position, it only lifts my bush hog just over a foot off the ground. There’s no struggling or anything, just seems like someone set the limits lower in the past. Is there a way to adjust? This is fully raised:
  12. Yessir - it’s a bit small; need to get a bigger one, but it’ll do for now.
  13. About 5 years ago when we stopped running a dairy ?
  14. No, I bought this one from an individual in Statesville, NC. It's been in that area since new. I'm the 4th owner. I just relocated it an hour south.
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