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  1. I want to paint the side panels on my International 460 Utility and was told IH 901 is the correct off white color. Does this paint come in a spray can? If not, is there something close? What would you use? Thanks, Chris
  2. Questions about my 460 Utility

    Thanks everyone for the replies. A grease gun holder, I never would have guessed that. What does the grease gun look like? I have that operators manual, it gave me some good information, I need to get some of the other manuals, like the parts manual. I'm surprised at the differences between the Farmall 460 and the International 460. I'm sure learning a lot. I do have a fast hitch 2 bottom plow that came with the tractor. I will work on that next year. I'm guessing it is way too small for this tractor. Any ideas on photo 1? Thanks again everyone. Chris
  3. Questions about my 460 Utility

    I have a number of questions about some items on my 460 Utility that I don't know what they are or how they are supposed to work. I'm hoping the knowledgeable folks on this site can help me. First photo: there is a "U" shaped bracket that looks to be attached to the throttle. There is a spring missing, but what does this do? If I move the throttle, this doesn't appear to do much of anything. Photo 2: this bracket is underneath the replacement alternator. What did it hold? I went to the tractor show in Alexander, NY this past weekend, the Farmall 460 did not have this bracket. Photo 3: The left and right side brackets with the large holes behind the lift arms, what would or could be attached to this? Photo 4: This bracket is located above the PTO housing. It has a spring on top. What is it for? Photo 5: The outside lever doesn't appear to be attached to anything. What should it control? And finally, Photo 6: this is the right side, what would you attach with the three bolts? There is a similar boss on the left side, those bolt holes plastic plugs to protect the threads. I really appreciate every ones help so far. Chris
  4. It's running and moving

    I want to thank everyone who gave me advice here. I finally got the transmission free last night. This tractor now moves under it's own power. The engine runs fine and I'm pretty darn happy. I still have a lot of small things to fix plus I still need to rotate the front axle to properly align the front end. This tractor probably hasn't run in 8-10 years and sat out side. I hope to use it this fall. I'll probably still have more questions, I really appreciate the help. Chris
  5. Battery cover

    Thanks everyone. That's exactly what I needed to know. Chris
  6. Battery cover

    What does the battery cover look like on an International 460 Utility? I have the original battery box, but no cover. Thanks, Chris
  7. Can't move shifter in 1st or reverse whats wrong

    It is an International 460 Utility The tractor has sat for some time. I was told 5 years, but I believe it is a few longer than that, I bought it about a month ago. The previous owner told me it ran fine and shifted good. I originally could not shift into any gear. As recommended from this site, I took off the shift tower, sprayed with penetrating oil and lightly tapped on slides, gears 2/3 and 4/5 moved after a few days. I believe the detent balls were stuck. I've been spraying the reverse/1st slide for about 3 weeks now, tapping lightly on the detent balls and the slide, but it only moves about 1/16". Chris
  8. You guys have helped me a lot and I thank you. I'm have a problem where I can not shift into 1st or reverse. I have taken the shifter tower out and removed the springs on top of the detent balls and sprayed with penetrating oil. The other gears were initially frozen but they work well now. But 1st/reverse is not moving. I've been spraying with penetrating oil for about 3 weeks. Is there something I'm missing? Is there something else I should be looking at? Thanks Chris
  9. How to rotate front axle

    Thanks for the responses. It looks like I have my work cut out for me. I don't have a torch set anymore so I will need to borrow one. I've been spraying with penetrating oil. No movement so far. All the grease dust boots are shot on the tie rods. Can new ones be purchased? Thanks Chris
  10. How to rotate front axle

    I'm still working on my 460 Utility. This is a wide front end model. The right front tire has quite a bit of toe in. After inspecting it I found that the center alignment pin on the cap that allows you to adjust the width of the front is a replacement and does not go all the way through the axle. This has caused the axle to be rotated forward about 3/4" thud causing the toe in. I've removed the bolts from the cap and have the bottom section off, but because the axle is slightly rotated, the center pin is bound up. I've attached a come along to the top of the spindle and tried to rotate the axle backwards, but no luck. It won't budge. I don't want to put to much pressure at the top of the spindle as I don't want to break anything. Any thoughts on what I need to do to rotate the axle and bring it back into alignment? My explanation is probably confusing. I'll take some pictures and see if I can post them. Thanks, Chris
  11. New Member Introduction

    I pulled the gear shift tower off yesterday. The shifter was quite tight so I lubricated that. The shift forks are not moving. There is some rust so I have sprayed some penetrating oil with hopes it will help break them free. I've only tapped on them with a drift pin and hammer. There are 4 coil springs under the back of the shift tower. They are very rusty. What are they for? Should I clean or replace them? Thanks for everyone's contributions. Chris
  12. New Member Introduction

    Chris NY - I'm over by Niagara Falls, Thanks for the pictures of the air breather. They should help in putting mine back on correctly. Hopefully I'll get to the shifter today. Who is a good source for used parts? Thanks, Chris
  13. New Member Introduction

    Thanks everyone for the welcomes. I hope to get more work done on it. My mom decided to sell her house and after some time it has finally sold. So my brother and I have 50 plus years of accumulation (junk) to move and dispose of. We completed most of it today so that will give me some free time to spend on the 460. 660 Driver - The shifter will not move forward or backward at all so no grinding. Jeff-C-IL - I will check that out. I hope they are just stuck and this will be a simple repair. Chris
  14. New Member Introduction

    Good afternoon. I am a new member to this Forum and my handle is appropriate. I need some help with an International 460 Utility. A little about me. I have a small farm that is planted in warm season grasses. I need to maintain this farm by mowing. I've only owned Ford tractors and used them to pull a 5' brush hog. I bought the 460 as it was larger and I plan to pull a 7 or 8' mower with it. About my "new" 460. I bought a couple of weeks ago. It has sat in a yard for 5+ years. The owner said he rebuilt the engine and replaced the clutch. It has new tires on it. It was too big for him so he bought a smaller Kubota. The engine turned over, but would not start. I took a chance and bought it and towed it home, only a few miles. I found this website and based on the posts I read, I bought AL386 plugs, copper core wires and installed them. I drained the fuel tank and flushed it with fresh gas and replaced the battery and checked fluids. I turned the key on, pressed the starter and this tractor fired right up! I was pleasantly surprised. It seems to run smooth. But now some questions. I can not shift it into gear. I can move the shift lever sideways, but not forward or back. Even with the tractor off and the TA pulled back, I can't shift into gear. Any quick thoughts? I will pull off the shifter tower and see what is inside. A simple question. The oil bath air breather is mounted upside down. I have no idea why. Does any one have some good pictures as to how this should be mounted. I know I am missing some brackets, the upper breather tube and the air filter/housing. Thanks for reading. By the way, great forum. Chris in New York