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  1. Not sure what happened to my message, but 18.4 x 34 on rears. Who has good prices on these tires? Thanks chris
  2. We'll work on the key and make it fit better. It's snowing and getting cold now. I don't have a heated shop at the farm so I'll have to wait until it gets a little warmer to pull steering arms off again. I appreciate everyones help. I need to replace all the tires, 9.5L x 15SL on fronts, 18.4 x1
  3. I'm using a brushhog 2512 to mow warm season grass weeds and light brush. I know grass is tough to mo. I'm trying to manage fields for habitat. I was using a 5' mower and it was taking about 40 yours to mow everything. It's much faster with the 12'. Chris
  4. Matt, Thanks for the info. We test drove this tractor at the dealer, but were going slow just checking that everything worked. We bought it and drove it to the farm, about 15 miles and then noticed the left tire wobbling. We bought the tractor on December 31 and paid cash. The dealer wanted it off the books for 2020 and really worked with us. This is the largest tractor I've ever had or even driven. Never needed anything large until I bought a 12' mower. I pulled it with an International 460 for two years, but it was really working the tractor and I didn't want to damage it. The 806 is ov
  5. Thanks for the quick responses. I'll take it apart again when it gets warmer and fix that key. Now I heed to buy tires and have this tractor ready to work in the spring. Chris
  6. I just purchased a 1965 Farmall 806 diesel. Overall a nice tractor that I will use to mow brush with a 12' mower. I bought it from a local dealer who took it in on trade. They knew very little about it. The wide front axle is freshly painted with many new bolts. I don't know if was a replacement or changed from a narrow front. My issue is that the steering arm on the left spindle is loose. I tried tightening the cross bolt, but it is still loose. I took it apart and checked the spindle and that looked good. The woodruff key was in place. I didn't have any calipers to measure the spindle or ste
  7. We pulled the generator and it looks like it needs brushes. Hope that fixes it. This tractor looks like it was used little. I'm not sure of all the details, but the previous owner couldn't get it to run a few years back. Numerous people looked at it and made modifications, but couldn't get it running. When we bought it the fuel system was completely plugged. I don't know what caused this. We spent the time to clean and rebuild the components and the tractor runs great. It will be a handy tractor around the farm.
  8. My brother helped in getting this tractor running. It is mostly original. 1963 gas that was really unmolested. It had sat for a few years. We needed to clean and rebuild the fuel system components, runs good now. Just need to work on the generator as its not charging. We learned alot about this model. Not much about them on the internet. Chris
  9. Well I've found some of the parts I needed for this tractor, now I need to install them and try starting. I've found that since it is gas, parts are hard to find. I've learned I need to make sure I don't buy parts, such a fuel pump. that are for a diesel. Ive done a lot of internet searching and there just isn't much about this tractor. Though I was told the B-414 is the agriculture model and there is more inforation on that. I hope this will be a good and strong running tractor. Chris
  10. I just bought an International 3414 with the front end loader. It is a 4 cylinder gas. The tractor looks good but the previous owner told me that they could start it but it wouldn't stay running.When they first bought it, it ran good. So -they have removed the distributor because they thought it was broken. Now the distributor is missing. I see there are two distributors for this model, an english DELCO and a Lucas. Which one do I need? And where can I buy one? The engine is a BC144 and the tractor serial number is 2538, so 1963 manufacture. It has the Zenith VN carburator, why is there a
  11. WESnIL and ny bill o, thank you so much for the replies. My plow sure will not ever look that nice! What a great job! I will pull the cap off and measure it. Hopefully I can get a replacement. Thanks for the part number. When it stops raining, I'll take some pictures and attach. Chris
  12. I just bought a 3 x14 311 plow. I will use it with my 460U to plow about 5 acres for food plots. The plow has no grease fittings on the coulters It does have domed caps which I guess are to hold grease for the coulter bearings. One of the caps is rusted through and needs to be replaced. Where do you find this part and what is the part number? Is there a parts book available for these plow? Thanks for your help. Chris I hope these photos help. I will need to change a mouldboard eventually, which one do I need? Any idea as to the vintage? Anything special about setting it up to p
  13. First, I would like to thank the folks on this forum that provided advice on this tractor. I bought it about 3 years ago and it had a few issues. The questions I posted on here were answered professionally and really provided the information I needed. I've been using the tractor on my small farm for the past two years mowing, plowing and pulling a 12' disc. I bought a 12' mower that makes the tractor work, but it is doing a great job. I bought some of the side panels that were missing, did a rattle can paint job on them and the tractor looks presentable while working. I'm really happy with it.
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