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  1. I used to have one, worked great after I put new knives on it. I bought an operators manual from New Holland that really helped me out. I mounted it to an 861 though so I don't know what you would have to do for a B414 Chris
  2. We mowed the last two days pulling a 12' mower. The 806 ran great. As stated in a prior post, the fast hitch isn't working properly. We don't want to change things, just repair those items and do it properly. Now that the mowing is done we can start working on them following the advice we were given. here is the 806 at work. Chris
  3. Not sure if this will help. Our 3414 had wasn't getting enough fuel. We had to clean and rebuild the entire system. This included the fuel pump and the carburetor. On ours the PO had installed an electric fuel pump that delivered too much pressure and crushed the carb float. Not sure where to get an original carburetor, there are lots of these in Canada though, check those salvage yards. Chris
  4. Thank you very much. Is there a number to determine what type of hydraulic hitch it originally came with? Chris
  5. I'm starting a new post so it doesn't get lost in my previous post about my fast hitch issues. Attached is a picture of the serial number on my 806. Can someone id what the specifications were for this tractor by the serial number? Thanks Chris
  6. I believe my problem is similar to the post that ny bill o references. I'll have to get the serial number and you guys can decipher it for me. I know there was work done on the fast hitch as the prior owners have welded the adjustment arms in the shortest extension. I only have one lever to raise the arms up or down, there is no draft control lever. I'll have to look at the book to what the configuration is supposed to be. I'll take some pictures tomorrow (if it's not raining) and post them. I really appreciate the help and suggestions. Chris
  7. I bought a Farmall 806 diesel last December for operating a 12' rotary mower and to plow with a 3 bottom plow. I have a small farm that is mostly planted in warm season grasses and a 3 acre food plot. We hadn't been able to use the tractor till now as we were awaiting new tires and letting the ground dry out. So we are learning about the tractor and what needs attention. This tractor has a fast hitch that operates, but it does not go all the way down. The arms are at an upward angle. When I attached the plow I had to jack the rear of the plow up to slide it on. I was hoping the weight of the plow would lower the arms, but it did not. With the tractor off and the lever set to lower the fast hitch all the way down, eventually the fast hitch arms will lower to about 3" from the ground. I know there has been some work/modifications done to the control lever, but I don't know what. I'm not sure if there are any rods or parts missing. What should I be looking for? I do have the parts manual. The tractor starts and runs great and is the most comfortable of the tractors I have. I know a little over power for a three bottom plow, but thats ok with me. Thanks for any and all help. I can take pictures, but I don't know if they would be of value. I believe the tractor is 1965 vintage. Chris
  8. Not sure what happened to my message, but 18.4 x 34 on rears. Who has good prices on these tires? Thanks chris
  9. We'll work on the key and make it fit better. It's snowing and getting cold now. I don't have a heated shop at the farm so I'll have to wait until it gets a little warmer to pull steering arms off again. I appreciate everyones help. I need to replace all the tires, 9.5L x 15SL on fronts, 18.4 x1
  10. I'm using a brushhog 2512 to mow warm season grass weeds and light brush. I know grass is tough to mo. I'm trying to manage fields for habitat. I was using a 5' mower and it was taking about 40 yours to mow everything. It's much faster with the 12'. Chris
  11. Matt, Thanks for the info. We test drove this tractor at the dealer, but were going slow just checking that everything worked. We bought it and drove it to the farm, about 15 miles and then noticed the left tire wobbling. We bought the tractor on December 31 and paid cash. The dealer wanted it off the books for 2020 and really worked with us. This is the largest tractor I've ever had or even driven. Never needed anything large until I bought a 12' mower. I pulled it with an International 460 for two years, but it was really working the tractor and I didn't want to damage it. The 806 is overkill, but it was local and the price was right. We're painting some of the sheet metal now, it should make it run better in the spring Somehow I've become a fan of the International/Farmall line having owned 4 so far. Chris
  12. Thanks for the quick responses. I'll take it apart again when it gets warmer and fix that key. Now I heed to buy tires and have this tractor ready to work in the spring. Chris
  13. I just purchased a 1965 Farmall 806 diesel. Overall a nice tractor that I will use to mow brush with a 12' mower. I bought it from a local dealer who took it in on trade. They knew very little about it. The wide front axle is freshly painted with many new bolts. I don't know if was a replacement or changed from a narrow front. My issue is that the steering arm on the left spindle is loose. I tried tightening the cross bolt, but it is still loose. I took it apart and checked the spindle and that looked good. The woodruff key was in place. I didn't have any calipers to measure the spindle or steering arm so I put everything together and really tightened it down with a 3/4" drive socket and 4' extension bar. I was careful not to break anything, but the steering arm is still loose. I took some calipers today to the farm and measured the spindle that extended up through the steering arm. It measured 1.69" which I think is correct. Is it possible for the steering arm to wear so much as it cannot be tightened or is it the wrong steering arm. It was too cold to pull it apart today. I'd like to get this fixed. Thanks for any ideas and help. Chris
  14. We pulled the generator and it looks like it needs brushes. Hope that fixes it. This tractor looks like it was used little. I'm not sure of all the details, but the previous owner couldn't get it to run a few years back. Numerous people looked at it and made modifications, but couldn't get it running. When we bought it the fuel system was completely plugged. I don't know what caused this. We spent the time to clean and rebuild the components and the tractor runs great. It will be a handy tractor around the farm.
  15. My brother helped in getting this tractor running. It is mostly original. 1963 gas that was really unmolested. It had sat for a few years. We needed to clean and rebuild the fuel system components, runs good now. Just need to work on the generator as its not charging. We learned alot about this model. Not much about them on the internet. Chris
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