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  1. First, I would like to thank the folks on this forum that provided advice on this tractor. I bought it about 3 years ago and it had a few issues. The questions I posted on here were answered professionally and really provided the information I needed. I've been using the tractor on my small farm for the past two years mowing, plowing and pulling a 12' disc. I bought a 12' mower that makes the tractor work, but it is doing a great job. I bought some of the side panels that were missing, did a rattle can paint job on them and the tractor looks presentable while working. I'm really happy with it. I've learned a lot about the differences between International and Farmall and this tractor. I still have one issue though. While plowing (2 x 14") the hydraulics will somtimes jump up or down and you can hear the hydraulic pump straining. I changed the fluids with Case Hytran and put a new filter in (there was no filter in place) and the hydraulics seemed to work fine. But it makes for a hard day plowing when the depth keeps changing. What could be causing this? Is there a relief valve gone bad, or and adjustment I need to make? Thanks for any help Chris
  2. Gordon76, Thanks, that is exactly what I'm looking for. So I have a Farmall under dash panel. Live and learn. Do you know where I can obtain an International under dash panel? Or who might need the Farmall panel I have and don't need? Chris
  3. Can some one post pictures of what the under dash panels on an International 460 Utility looks like? I bought the three piece set off ebay last year and they don't fit my tractor. I asked specifically if the were from an International and not a Farmall. He told me they were from an International. Are there different styles for different years? Thanks, Chris
  4. Tom, Thanks for the information. I'm supposed to be getting a two bottom plow, but I thought it might be too small for this tractor. I don't know what model it is. Chris
  5. I last posted needing help un-sticking the front axel on my International 460 Utility. To recap, the right side axel was slightly rotated and a smaller through bolt was used. This caused the tractor to be badly out of alignment which would cause severe wear to the right tire. I want to thank those that offered suggestions and to those who offered words of encouragement. After being unsuccessful last year, my brother and I worked some more on it last month. We finally did get the axel rotated to put in the proper sixe through pin. The 460 now sits properly. This was difficult job. We used a lot of heat, a come along to pull the top of the spindle back, a heavy ram to push the bottom of the spindle forward. All this after applying penetrating oil for about two months. I would not want to do this again. I'm waiting for a new rear rim and then we go to the fields. This tractor has a fast hitch. What size three or two bottom plow is best for it? Who sells fast hitch plows? Thanks again. Chris
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