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  1. 1966 IH TD9B Crawler Tractor

    Looking for some help. I have a 1966 TD9B gear driven crawler tractor. After about 20 feet in forward or reverse it stops moving. Any input is appreciated. Thanks
  2. IH TD9 BG tractor crawler

    Hello All. I'm trying to find a parts manual in the meantime. I need to know a part number for the parts I need in the picture posted. Thanks for any help.
  3. IH TD9 BG tractor crawler

    I want to thank everyone for there help and advice. My manual showed up yesterday. So very helpful with diagrams. I think I fixed it. Have to wait til it dries up before I can actually give her a good test. I believe the problem was with the steering brake. Under the dozer I went. Took the plate off. Bolts different on right side than left. Tightened the turnbuckle on the brake shoe about 4 full turns. Got up started it and turned on a dime. The clutch/brake foot pedal doesn't go to the floor anymore, I have my 3 inches of play. I still have about 4 inches of play in my right handle. I think I have to adjust the turnbuckle next to the big tension spring to tightened up the right lever. Do I extend it to get rid of the play or shorten it? I believe I have to shorten it. I think I broke my neck yesterday. Wife wasn't much help lol. I have to buy some bigger wrenches. Lots of missing and loose bolts here and there. I'm very interested in the fan you were talking about. I have to look into that yet. I don't know if theres anything in my book on it. Gotta do some more reading!!!
  4. IH TD9 BG tractor crawler

    Yes, teeth are rounded, that's a good thing. I just tracked manual. Its in Albany and hopefully be here tmrrw. Wife is off tmrrw and going to help me with checking out steering clutches and brakes. Can't drive here right now too much rain. Not allowed on lawn lol. I took a picture of the turbo, lots of oil. Any suggestions here? Everyone has been so helpful!! Thanks again. Terry
  5. IH TD9 BG tractor crawler

    Yes, its a she. Didn't want to offend anyone lol. Flat ground running forward, goes pretty darn straight, yes, pulling the right stick, she wants to go right, very very very gradual though. But when towing/winching a 70 foot by 2 foot maple, it wants to turn right on a dime under load, but not all the time.???
  6. IH TD9 BG tractor crawler

    This is so very helpful!!! I'm going back out and look now. Heres the newest picture after cleaning and its yellow underneath all the crud!!! Can't wait to repaint it!!! Has a caring home now...
  7. IH TD9 BG tractor crawler

    I want to thank everyone for helping me out so much!! After 4 hours of pressure washing all the years of dirt, grime, sticks and stones, I think she's pretty clean. I will have help this weekend with checking out the steering. While I wait for my manual, I have another question. I'm posting a picture of a shield of some sort that is bent, was packed full of all kinds of rubble, I don't think I can have it bent back to its rightful position? if I cannot, what is it called and where is the best place to buy parts? Thanks again to everyone!!!
  8. IH TD9 BG tractor crawler

    ok great. Thank You. Heres a picture of the way the levers sit for the steering. I will be checking out whats under the plates tmrrw. I also tried pushing against a tree with both sticks back and it did stop pushing and right kicks in only under alot of pressure but won't hardly turn when just driving.
  9. IH TD9 BG tractor crawler

    Hi. Yes, the round plates and theres a bolt missing in one?
  10. IH TD9 BG tractor crawler

    Thanks for all the help. What lubricant for the diesel do you recommend and how much would I put in? Here is also a picture of the steering mechanisms. Do they look correct? Thanks
  11. IH TD9 BG tractor crawler

    Which is better to use for the machine? It worked great all day. Didn't put it under to much stress. Trying to take it easy with it. I do know it needs a new valve cover gasket. Looks like the end of it is shot and sticking out. Can't wait til the manual gets here!!! Thank you.
  12. IH TD9 BG tractor crawler

    Hi. I just bought an operators manual on ebay for a crawler tractor with equipment, won't be here til Friday. I bought a 5 gallon hytran and put amost 3 gallons in the tranny under the seat and the rest in the tank next to the seat. It filled it to about 4 inches below that plug. I believe its a 5 speed forward with one reverse. The left side has no play turns on a dime when I need it to. The right has about a foot of play, kinda flops at you when you pull it. I don't know what and where the sprocket drive is. this is the first heavy duty equipment I have ever owned. Rental and contractors were outrageous. Also, I bought diesel fuel for it but what was in the tank was red. Kerosene or diesel? Which is better to use? I put road diesel in it and it seemed to burn cleaner. Barely any smoke. Thanks for your advice on anything? Very much appreciated!!!
  13. IH TD9 BG tractor crawler

    Great. I will give that a try. Actually when I was pulling a tree out I thought I felt it pull to the right??? That makes sense. Hopefully its just frozen and nothing major wrong with it. If not, I guess I better just stay straight or stay left. I'm surprised in the power this machine has. I've never owned anything like it. But I have a lot of work to do and rental was outrageous, so I'm learning. Oil gauge seems to work, in the green, and full. Temp gauge doesn't seem to work though. You have been so helpful. I'm so appreciative!!!
  14. IH TD9 BG tractor crawler

    Thank you. Yes, it does once I figured out how it works. Can't figure out brake, has forward, reverse and neutral. Pulled it out and untangled it and pulled some 70 foot trees out I had dropped. Pulled without hesitation, crazy strong. Just don't know how to operate it. The fella I bought it from didn't even know how to start it. Bought it from a junk yard and hasn't been started in 3 years.
  15. IH TD9 BG tractor crawler

    Ok great. Thank You. I will pick some up tmrrw. I don't want to run it like it is. I have one more question if that's ok. It turns left on a dime but the when I turn right the stick is really loose, kinda floppy, and doesn't want to go right in reverse or forward. Any ideas? Springs, tensioners, rods under the seat all look good. Thank you for helping me out!!!