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  1. It turned out to be the steering cylinder. Pulled the cylinder and tore it down to rebuild. There was a piece of metal lodged in the piston that had scored the bore too much to repair. Ended up buying a new cylinder. Steers like a new one now.
  2. Well, it didn’t take long to learn about the spring! Honestly, I watched a few videos so I had an idea of what to expect. When I said they “rebuilt” it, the metal had scored some surfaces. I do not have a good way to clean those up so I let the dealer do that and put the kit in it. If I remember correctly, the kit for the clutch assist came with the MCV kit. It’s been a while and I could be wrong about that.
  3. Here it is doing what I bought it to do. I had a picture of the little piece of metal but I can’t find it.
  4. Usually when something good happens to me, I keep quiet about it. Karma has a way of getting even. But, I’ve waited long enough to tell this story. 3 years ago I came across an old’ boy selling a 1066. The price seemed kinda low so I thought I’ll take a look but be weary. I went and looked at the tractor and it seemed to be everything he said in his ad, and some things he didn’t. It was a low hour (1800) cab tractor. Of course the doors and some of the glass was missing. Turns out, he got the tractor off of a local farmer who said the TA was going out. He had plans to replace the TA but never did. Occasionally, when you tried to move it, it would not budge. I walk around it, drive it a little, kicked the tires and low balled him. And he took it. I was nervous at this point but what could be worse than a bad TA. I loaded the old girl and drove home. When I went to unload it, it wouldn’t move. I messed with it awhile and finally pulled it off the trailer with another tractor. I backed it in the barn figuring I would get to it later. in the meantime, I did some checking, bought a shop manual and asked around for ideas on what could be causing the issue. To a person, everyone I asked said the TA was bad. Just for the heck of it, I decided to run all the pressure tests anyway. Everything checked out good, but it still wouldn’t move! At one point, I was crawled up under it and had my dad in the seat pushing the clutch and watching the little red light. Then, something caught my eye. When he released the clutch, the input shaft of the clutch assist moved, but the output shaft didn’t. So, I had him push the clutch in and out several times and got the same results. Now I’m thinking, if the clutch isn’t releasing, then it won’t move. I tore the clutch assist apart and in the spool found a little piece of metal probably an 1/8th inch square. I took the clutch assist to a local dealer and had them rebuild it. When I re-installed it, everything worked as it should. Tractor moved, TA worked. So I waited for the other shoe to drop. I have farmed with this tractor for 3 years now and other than needing the steering cylinder rebuilt, and my brother running it out of fuel, it’s been a dandy. there is my story.
  5. Thank you for sharing. All of us has been through similar ordeals I’m sure.
  6. Steering hand valve? That’s a new one on me. I’ll have to look that up.
  7. Hello everyone. I have a 1066 that I have owned for a few years now. I love the tractor but it has a few issues. The one that bugs me the most is the steering. To get the thing to go straight, I constantly have to turn the wheel to the left. Or maybe it’s to the right... I don’t remember. Anyway, I believe the steering cylinder is leaking fluid past the piston seals. Does this sound right? Thanks in advance. joe
  8. This probably goes without saying but to be safe I am going to say it anyway. With all the rodents calling it home, there probably isn't a good wire on it. Check everything before putting power to it. And keep a fire extinguisher handy. I would hate to see it burn up. I've seen it happen.
  9. I like the pics.keep them coming please.
  10. I grew up in Palmyra. Now I live in Corydon. My brother lives on Big Springs road. Bet we know some of the same people.
  11. Winch alone is worth $800
  12. What are you cutting? I can't tell from the pic.
  13. Looks like you all had an awesome day! Is that your boat?
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