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  1. Bale unroller repair

    Yep, I want one!
  2. Bale unroller repair

    I agree with Butch. Let’s see more on that wood stove in the background
  3. X box 360 hunting games question

    Try renting them from Redbox before buying. Netflix may even rent games. I don’t remember
  4. A simple pleasure

    I got it if no one else did... lol
  5. Farmers only

    Lol!!! That’s funny!!
  6. Inversion tables

    Surely someone around you has one collecting dust or being used as a coat rack that would let you try it. I don’t have one but if I did... i also have a bad disc in my back. I never believed in chiropractors. Still am a skeptic. But after I couldn’t take it anymore (Drs were not helping and wanted to cut) my wife talked me into trying a chiropractor. The first visit he took x-rays and tried to pop my back with no success. He told me to come back the next day and I did. He put me on the table, bent me like a pretzel and cracked my spine. I walked out a new man. I don’t know if they can help you but he did help me.
  7. Reloading

    I’ve heard that about .45. I’ve heard the brass is thin and it gets damaged when ejected. I’ve never looked at the casings that closely.
  8. Reloading

    I put a new scope on my .243 awhile back and finally got around to sighting it in today. It’s shooting less than 1” groups at 100yds. sighted 2 inches high. That should be zeroed at 200 but I didn’t check it. The wind picked up and I got cold. Maybe I’ll try it again later in the week. It’s suppose to warm up but a chance of rain.
  9. Reloading

    .223, .243 and .308. Maybe later get into .45auto.
  10. Take over!

    Cool. What are we driving?
  11. Reloading

    I’m thinking I may start reloading my own ammo. I don’t reload now because I don’t shoot enough to justify buying the reloading equipment. I’m thinking of picking it up as a hobby. Any thoughts?
  12. Vice President Pence in town today

    Why not Minot? Freezin’s the reason!
  13. New to me 1066 Hi Clear

    Must say, I have never seen one of those before...
  14. Forum rules

    I’m guilty of this too but I think it should be against forum rules to post anything without pictures. Doesn’t have to be pictures of any thing you own. Just pictures.
  15. 544 row crop hydraulic problems!!

    Sounds like the hydraulic pump is going bad. Drain the fluid and pull the pump. It’s on the left side. Gear may be working it’s way off