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  1. We quit using bst 10+ years ago is it still available?
  2. Its terrible and knowing we have crops that are not worth anything isnt helping. We have been approached by a bto that wants to rent our land but rumors are he isnt paying his bills
  3. My family recently sold our dairy herd 70 percent went for beef its strange to see our farm empty
  4. "This was my neighbors tractor they hardly worked it try finding a nicer (add any model)"
  5. Looks like somerset county pa where i live
  6. It seems like every farm in my area has a 600 blower and a 5100 grain drill
  7. Great news congrats my family will keep prsying for a full recovery
  8. Upper 12's the end is near here we are below our break even at 12
  9. Badger pack drive silo unloader. That thing was always broke or stuck and it hated haylage
  10. This dairy business is getting scary we lost another trailer load of milk in my county because of deans foods
  11. I couldn't imagine running windrowed fodder through a chopper that would take power and run the risk of getting rocks in the cutter head I bet it's nice bedding though
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