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    I have been having this problem today. I am using the right display name and I know I am using the right password.
  2. Thanks for the help. I found the cooling jets at Agkits for about $20 ea. I wish I knew for sure they will fit the block but I could probably modify them if they don't. They look like they have a shoulder on them so I guess they go in from the bottom and that keeps them from coming out. Thanks again.
  3. I ran a wire down in the hole and it didn't feel like a ball. I don't have the engine out. By removing the main bearings will it let the plug come out if t has one. What engine would I need to order the oilers for? I checked the dealer today and they didn't find the oilers listed for any of the tractor engines.
  4. What oils the pistons on this engine? I'm having trouble with a 886 galling the pistons. It looks to have a place intended for oiler jets but they are not drilled all the through. Appreciate some insight.
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