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  1. From the back looking forward. Looks to be from the left side.
  2. Yes pto is working. It’s raining down from relief valve. And it looks to be raining down and aerating and getting bubbly towards the front of the housing.
  3. Ok all new o-rings, new relief valve, new pump and new fluid and still no rear remotes or 3 point hitch. What’s next? Any suggestions? Fluid looks like there are air bubbles when I let it idle for about 30 minutes to let fluid circulate and re checked. Thanks.
  4. Is that with the valve? Or in the opening? The new valve has a new oring on it. Thanks.
  5. Can someone point me in the direction of where the relief valve on this tractor is. I changed the main pump, put new fluid in and I’m still getting no rear hydraulic lift or remotes. I have the relief valve, just don’t know where to put it. Thanks.
  6. My 1066's (5600 hrs) rear hydraulics went out, no remote power or 3 pt power. I have the hitch pump out of it now. The seals were intact, just a bit smashed. I have new seals to change it out, but if that doesnt work. I will probably get a new pump, though all of the pumps i have found with the part numbers that i have, have two ports and mine only has one. So its throwing me off a bit. So I guess i am asking, if i change the o-rings and put it back in and it still doesnt work, is it the pump? or do i look at another part? Thanks in advance.
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