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  1. I have a Woods L59 on my Super A, and on my Super C, I think it's an Artsway and I'm not sure what the model # is. Thanks!!
  2. I hope this is the right section for this question but I'm looking for finishing blades for a 6ft belly mower. What do you all use? I've seen some at TSC but I'm not sure if they're worth the money. Thanks, Joe
  3. JoeKan

    1300b Question

    The owner has sent me pictures of the truck and camper and honestly, there's no rust or dings in the camper that I can tell. The truck cab has a lot of surface rust but the interior is in excellent shape.
  4. JoeKan

    1300b Question

    Are they a good truck, how many were made in 67 with a Dreamer Camper bolted to it? Are they known for being dependable or are they junk? Can they really travel 75 mph down the highway? (His video shows him doing it). Thanks for the help, Joe
  5. JoeKan

    1300b Question

    Thanks FarmallMMark, Could you find much information on the internet about them? I haven't been able to find any and no one I've talked to has ever had one.
  6. JoeKan

    1300b Question

    I met a guy who says he has a 1967 1300b dually with a Dreamer Camper built onto it. It came this way from the factory. I've searched all over the internet and I don't think IH made a 1300b series? Can someone help me in trying to identify this truck? It's a beast! I don't think this gentleman is misleading at all, I think he may have been mistaken. Also, has anyone heard of the Dreamer Camper they put on IH back in the 60s? They were made by Bud Coons in Pomona, CA. Are they any good? Whatever this truck is, it has a V8 4 Speed and he sent me a video of it going down the highway at 75 mph. So it does move out. Thanks for any help, Joe
  7. Hello, Can someone tell me if a blade off a Cub fit a Super A or C? Thanks, Joe
  8. JoeKan

    Blade for SA

    Reaching out again for a front end blade for a Super A. The one on ebay was $600 which was too much.
  9. JoeKan

    Blade for SA

    I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but not sure which one?? I'm looking for a front blade for my 54 SA. If anyone knows of one, I would appreciate a heads up. Thank you, Joe I'm at 66043 in NE Kansas.
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