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  1. Afternoon gents, So I've got my grandfather's Ole 706d with the 282. My neighbor down the road borrowed it buy brought it back with a freeze plug out and oil pumping out like it's getting ran through the water pump. Any thoughts on this, It runs fine hasn't effected that. I need to get her up and running before winter sets in. Thanks, Greg
  2. So a little update on the "Turkey" long time nickname. I have been using the old girl around the place just trying to stretch her legs but I have found a set of 48" axle to loader brackets for the Du-Al 325 with a grapple. She purrs like a kitten the only issue I can see is that I think the clutch is going to need to be addressed at some point just doesn't seem to have the Grip that I remember.
  3. The last 2 pictures show grandpa's note taking skills.
  4. This is supposed to be the dual loader that was on it but I don't remember it. It has a prince pump. Anyone know for sure if this will work on this 706. It has a grapple bucket for it to.
  5. I finally got my grandpa's 706d loaded and home. It hasn't ran in more than 10 years and all it took was a fresh battery and cracking the injector lines.
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