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  1. 5088 won't go in gear

    I'll make note of that ihrondiesel. Gonna check clutch valve this week, hope thats the problem. I have 6500 in it. Has complete new a/c system.
  2. 5088 won't go in gear

    any idea guys what a 5088 with possible clutch and sentry problems is worth in the midwest? Below avg appearance. 7000+ hrs. texas tractor. I know 5488 mfwd are becoming popular again. Neighbor sold his online to man in ohio in $30000 range. Do 5088 2wd have value up north?
  3. 5088 won't go in gear

    k. thanks mike, i will check. I checked out your website and saw you buy used sentry module. i will check to see if we have any laying around. we dont run 50 series anymore. this 5088 i'm working on belongs to equipment company and is for sale. we using on farm to blade turn rows. thats why i'm hoping for inexpensive fix. not much market in texas for 50 series. Most end up sold in auctin, sold on internet to ohio or nebraska.
  4. 5088 won't go in gear

    It's not pin or linkage. Cable and adjustment is good. Could it be in valve or am I looking at a tractor split?
  5. 5088 won't go in gear

    5088 ranges won't go in gear when clutch depressed. Only grinds. With tractor not running, you can put range(low,med,high) in gear then start. It will then move. Clutch seems good when stand on brakes. What could problem be of not going into range when running?