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  1. Rescue11

    8930 MFD

    A little closer
  2. Sorry for your loss. Lokks like he was full of spunk!
  3. Rescue11

    8930 MFD

    Roof on, kinda. Nobody here knows where to get a new antenna, asked the magnum group on Facebook, they will know. Need a new antenna and coax before bolting cab roof down. Mike Links doesn't return my message. Was going to buy lights from him, got them from larsen instead
  4. Rescue11

    8930 MFD

    New foam on hood and roof
  5. Hobart transformer tap machines. Good, reliable, economical, and easy to find consumables My 2 cents worth
  6. Yea... they make tracks for everyone these days. Heard some folks even have tracks in their shorts
  7. Rescue11

    8930 MFD

    Thanks for the Intel and complement! Yes, been raised in the fire & ems service, very active member for 13 years and assistant chief for almost a year. Some of the most picky bulls in a China closet you'll ever find... lol Dad and I have always wanted to make the existing equipment look new because it fills the need and budget! We're on cloud 9 just having 2 8900 boxcars. Felt like I was on top of the world getting an 8930 with dual pto from dealer in town! Grandpa has never cared much at all for appearance, but has always kept things mechanically very well. Bra
  8. Hey guys, my brother-in-law has been looking for a smaller tractor and finally found this S/N: 2530002U001679 3688 on auction, just north of here. All original tractor with only 3352 actual hours! He and my nephew drove it home that afternoon and changed the oil then gave her a bath. Very nice, straight tractor for sure, should be a good machine for many years to come. Course he sent me a few pix of the Quadtrack and gas bar under the same roof, kind of a David and Goliath moment!
  9. I'm glad for guys like you that do commercial refrigeration. I hate it with a burning passion. Did it for 8 years, said to **** with it when my daughter was born
  10. Yes it is, love it. Had that particular 1 for better than 45 years. The only way I'd get rid of it was if the replacement was already home. Would like to buy a 9' but those things are hard to find and high when you do. I build miniature versions for utility tractors and garden tractors. They put all the weight on the big axle, offer more stability and carry twice the material as a loader bucket and you can see the cutting edge. Loaders have their place, but its always second to a gnuse in my eyes.
  11. We needed to get the hole dug and that was our only plan B. The backhoe bucket is 3' wide and yea, some will fall off, which is why I backed up next to the hole. Don't like a mess on the grass for the family to walk thru. Not ideal but it worked. No frost, never got cold until the next day when we got that BS arctic blast. Then we got enough snow to insulate the ground, still have no frost to speak of
  12. Yea, idk I guess they don't want the mess of loose dirt next to the grave. We have seen a huge swing towards cremation. When we started 15 years ago about 75% were full burial. Now it's about 75% cremation.
  13. I should probably change the title, now that you mention it that could be taken wrong.
  14. The 4 remots is pretty swell
  15. We dig graves... nothing special there. We use a backhoe like most guys, along with an old dump truck, but the brakes locked up on the old hooch, had to get the grave dug so we went to plan b. Got the job done!
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