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  1. Yup, bet they thought their 560 days were behind them, with selling off the ag line
  2. We put K&M on our 8930, it didn't come with oem 🤬. Any rate. They are a good mirror. https://www.sloanex.com/aeh2altmeg-universalmirrorkit.html#view-2
  3. That's what I like about this 1. The top hole changes the 3pt linkage geometry enough that it pulls the top link in more towards the tractor giving the mounted Implement more lift clearance. Didn't know If anyone else has 1 to know the mfr.
  4. Yes, I like it and want to find another 1... if it matters to you...
  5. I have bought this one yesterday. Well built and has 2 top link pin settings which is fantastic! The seller said it came with a used Massy tractor he bought. Question is, anyone recognize it or what brand it is?
  6. Sounds like you're back feeding voltage through the monitor. How do you have it hooked up?
  7. Been hearing since I have been in the trade how 134a and 410a will both be phased out. Whilst talking with different wholesalers today R-22 is through the moon again. One place had it for 775.00/30lb drum. Nuts. Another guy said 410 will be the same way in 2 years. MOTHERF------- Light commercial hermetic systems have gone to a propane blend... likely what a guy will see down the road. Heard tale of residential and even package units being sealed like a windowshaker.... no taps installed from factory. disgraceful
  8. That would have been it. You would remember better than I, was it HIC? Or was it Stansbury's inventory? HIC was purchased February of '19 by Bruna out of KS. I was two at the time Tim and Larry bought out Myron, actually I remember walking through the shop door and seeing a few red tractors in back. When Mom dad my sister and I would go for walks I'd sit on the cub cadets they parked in front by the sidewalk. 3 of the tractors we have were bought new, pretty well new, or as demonstrators from that building. When Tim and Larry bought out Stansbury's in 92, they renamed it Humboldt Implement, then moved to the former Wittwer John Deere site on the East side of town. My Uncle worked as a parts man for Myron in the early 80s. Infact I have a Humboldt newspaper from the fall of '84 with Tim, Larry, and my uncle Lynn infront of a brand new 5488 2wd, for the Richardson County fair. Somewhere we have a video dad took titled Humboldt Implement moving day. There is part of the video that I remember a guy with a track loader smashing up old combines to be scrapped. The building has had various businesses within over the last almost 3 decades including several restaurants, a couple feed stores, a seed store, even a flour mill. It currently belongs to a friend that is running a welding shop. It still has remnants of the former dealer days that somehow managed to survive all the prior occupants. About a month ago, we needed some work done to the Gnuse, so I took it into town on the 856 and backed it into the very shop it was sold out of and had worked on it from the time grandpa bought it new. Sorry to ramble... my wife doesn't really care, gotta tell somebody lol
  9. Thanks, idt he's probably interested so much in setting up anywhere, but I'll certainly pass this along.
  10. Parts man, Corey's step-dad, Myron, passed a few years ago, and his mom passed this last winter. He's the only child and started out a parts man working for his step-dad when Myron owned the local IH dealership, since then the dealershiphas changed hands a couple times, but he is still behind the counter. Corey graduated from Humboldt between my dad and aunt in the late 80s, as did I in the late '00s. We have done alot of work for Corey's folks over the years right up to their passing. My grandpa did 98% of his farm equipment business with Myron starting back in the 50s, all the way up till Myron sold out to two of his employees in 1992. I guess you could say there is some family history there. So, this morning while I was at the parts counter, Corey asked if I would come over to his folks place and look at some cub cadet items for him. While I was there he showed me some items from the old IH days and told me of some things he had already taken home. Brochures, sales records, ih bearings sealed in the cans, some open, dealer edition toy tractors, an international rolling tool chest, international tools, signs, posters, etc... Some of the items are pertinent to Humboldt and or Stansbury's (name of dealer while Myron had ownership) but most is just good old IH. I told Corey that I don't know who or where he could go to get rid of the stuff at a fair price, but someone here would. I also mentioned he won't be able to quit his day job, but some of the stuff does have value. If there is someone here interested let me know, I think he just wants to get through everything and move on with life. However I don't want to see him get screwed either. I feel a certain responsibility to help him with this and I'm hoping you guys would help me out in the process. Thanks
  11. What did you find? Ours just started this issue
  12. Man, sofar I'd say your luck is pretty strong! I'd love to have that mfd. Nice looking tractor
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