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  1. Power t post pounders, affordable or junk?

    Waiting for Milwaukee to build one
  2. Our 1086

  3. Our 1086

    Yes! How ed her, after dealing with people all freaking day I actually relax from listening to music. My hearing and other senses have picked up on deficiencies in equipment while the radio was on, but I'm also familiar with the equipment I run. To each their own tho!
  4. Frozen septic lines

    Dawn dish soap and water, tear out anything that isn't masonry or structural framing. Carpet, drywall, furniture. That's why these events are spendy.
  5. I Don't Understand

    Man, you got a great deal. That's a very good looking 1450. Most want ztrs anymore which lessens the interest in these things. America doesn't garden anymore, and SCUTs have basically taken over the gt status. That's fine, cuz deals like this will show more! Again, congratz!
  6. Our 1086

    Oh yea! never thought of that. Thanks! Yea, it will get a bath and might even try some buffing compound. Usually try to wash them a cpl times a year.
  7. Frozen septic lines

    I agree with some of the comments made on here. For my day job, dad and I own and operate a plumbing and hvac business. Big 10-4 on going out in nasty weather on your one day to spend time with your family and people thinking it's outrageous price. The trades deserve a day off too. But if you want it bad enough you will pay... cash The other thing is running a Jetter from the tank up to the house is the best way to do that on a rural line. Or just wait for it to thaw naturally if you don't want to spend the money! A Drain King will not work, and a cable machine will not chew through ice. Been there done that. Heat Trace buried with the line will not work either. If the ground temperature is cold enough to freeze the sewer line your little 3 watt per foot heat Trace would be better suited for igniting magnesium. Frozen lines suck it is a fact. However when I get a customer that whines and cries about how much I'm charging them to come out on Christmas day in the middle of a blizzard, I remind them that people lived for thousands of years without indoor plumbing and they also that also survived thousands of years without heating their house at the touch of a button. Better yet cooling their house with a touch of a button. All these things are luxury whether we want to admit it or not and every luxury item I have never bought has always had a large price tag. Glad you got it, how deep is your line buried? If your tank is below your basement, barring it a walkout basement, that line would have to be several feet deep? That's some Frost now!
  8. Our 1086

    Yesterday was our last "nice" day for a while so I decided to replace the a/c clutch on the ol girl. When I pulled the clutch off, I was amazed to see a portion of the field coil had pulled out of the retainer and essentially been destroyed by the pulley. Looking back I'm amazed that it didn't ground out the control ckt. You guys know better than I do, but my first thought looking at the bearing was we lost a few ball bearings. But then I started wondering if this particular bearing uses plastic spacers, which are nowhere to be found if that is the case. Nonetheless, it's replaced and functional. Now to get the two fuel leaks fixed. I'm guessing that the one up by the engine is the pump primer because that is the only fresh wet spot I can find. Which makes me wonder if the fan is blowing the fuel around on the engine. The sending unit on the lower tank is also leaking. Will probably take these repairs to town simply because we do not have the equipment to remove the wheel, and I don't feel comfortable messing with a pump let alone knowing if it can be repaired or not. Oh well it's just 95 bucks an hour right?
  9. Our 1086

    Absolutely, otherwise I talk to myself, and who wants to listen to me talk? Not me! That's for sure! Thank you very much! I enjoy both of them. Those old 7.3s are becoming a commodity around here. That pickup has 137,000 miles on it and I have had several try to buy it, no way. Glad to see you guys don't have anything bad to say about it. Was kind of skeptical since I bought it off eBay as a reconditioned stereo. Do you guys run a hot wire for the memory? Or just comb through it whenever you turn the machine on? Pic of finished product. One speaker was bad so I bought a cpl cheap 4x6 pioneer speakers to try. Right now it's just kinda sitting in there, but I am going to build adapter plates so they are actually more stable. Thought about building insulated boxes for the speakers to hit against
  10. Why you shouldn't use a tree to hold up a post pounder

    Wow!! Shud RTU'd the stump! Glad your tool is ok!
  11. Request for thoughts and prayers.

    Prayer for Tractordanp sent
  12. Our 1086

  13. Our 1086

    Was 50° here, so I cleaned the shop out some and brought the 1086 in to start on some pre season repairs before we have to start working on planters. First order of business, needed a working stereo. It quit last year and No tunes suuuuuux. Just verifying that my eBay purchase works before installation
  14. Our 1086

    Was 50° here, so I cleaned the shop out some and brought the 1086 in to start on some pre season repairs before we have to start working on planters. First order of business, needed a working stereo. It quit last year and No tunes suuuuuux.
  15. Case IH Cyclo 800 planter questions and parts

    Only pic I have, very poor, but the box below the monitor is the 4 switch marker/tool bar control that is being discussed here. You guys that plant without monitors obviously have way more time and money than I do. Seed is just way too expensive for me to waste