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  1. General rule in my area, if you want good equipment, go to Iowa. Not everything is prestigious, but per capita, iowegians have the cleanest, nicest looking well maintained within the 5 state area.
  2. Rescue11

    8930 MFD

    Been a while since I have done anything to the 8930, but within the last month its transformed some. Still have a ways to go, but its still nice to see the progress thats been made. Dad did a little waxing while I set the front tires out to try and give the ol girl a little curb appeal. Thing needs paint...surprise surprise. Did happen to shoot a little black paint on the dishes because they looked kinda ugly being all silver, along with the stack and a few other things. Turns out I need to move them out more, even though the tires miss everything on the loader, still too close fo
  3. I'd say you're lucky to find them at dealer. Not too many guys worry about decals on drills that "new". I agree with your logic tho. Sometimes you just have to pay the piper
  4. I'd love to have one. Guys who own them say the short wheel base and lighter weight makes them ride a little roughly and maybe power hop a little easier. But I would still love to have one with pto and 3pt of course
  5. Just an update... Hasn't moved. Its still in the same spot as the last time they took the picture lol
  6. Skulking around on TractorHouse I happened upon this gem. I know they up sized the rear tires to 18.4 42s, but doesn't that seem a little excessive for the front tires? I would think that would throw the ratio off a heck of a heap! Neat looking non the less. Gee, the first 1066 being auctioned currently makes this one a bargan! https://www.tractorhouse.com/listings/farm-equipment/for-sale/192868533/1973-international-1066
  7. Bitty, Thank you, best of luck with a valve! SDman, the answer I was needing. Thank you so much. There is not a place that I have found that gives that information. In fact it doesn't seem to even be a conversation anywhere.. Thank you thank you thank you!
  8. Looking at buying a joystick operated valve to put on our 8930 to run a loader with. Owner of valve were interested in says it was used on a 4620, and should work on tractors all the way up to a 4960. Will this work on our 8930? Dont know where to begin on this. Thanks
  9. I'm an idiot, yes, 3650. Thanks Dale, we will have a look. Appreciate it
  10. Grandpa has an 8650 IH softcore baler he's having an issue with. One of the two arms which bring the twine down to the bale let's the twine loose after every third bale. Hasn't given any issue all year, but now requires him to get out to re-attach the twine often. Any ideas? I don't bale, never have, know very little about it. Thanks
  11. Betting on Carbon Monoxide, this was taken just before the end
  12. Have any luck? Sorry for being absent, yes I'm an hvac and refrigeration guy, wasn't going to mention that earlier, but Jmech let the cat out. lol... Yes, over charging/incorrect charging proceedures can be an issue, and could be this 1, however your suction pressure still seems slightly low not totally eliminating an over charge, but is more indicative of a restriction or metering problem. Yes, taking a pressure and temperature reading at the suction line will be helpful. Look on your suction gauge or T/P chart, convert your pressure to temperature And Then subtract your line temperatur
  13. If too many people had their dirty dick beaters around a orschelns can of refrigerant or a previous tech didn't pull a good vacuum, you could have non condensables in your system (air and moisture). With a clean evap, condenser, and adequate air flow that leaves the refrigerant circuit. If you're running at 270/28 that's a relatively wide split. 70 degree air is ok if you're cab is 90°, but without that number its hard to say really. A temperature reading at the service valves would be good to see where your refrigerant is hanging out. It could be under charged, you could have non
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