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  1. Rescue11

    8930 MFD

    Both our 89s have just the one.
  2. Rescue11

    8930 MFD

    That's exactly what I was thinking. Wasn't sure it would work 100% but looks to be so. Has 6300 hours, it really seems to be a clean tractor, thank you! The shuttle might be an item down the road after other things happen, but all we really use a loader for is haying a 40 head cow heard in the winter and a few odd jobs here n there. They look pretty slick tho, I will say that!
  3. Rescue11

    8930 MFD

    I'm usually pretty solid on OEM. Haven't even priced'em yet 😬
  4. It's kinda like the guy retiring who is helping his replacement. Bidi is good, maybe if we had 200+ head of cattle we would keep it, but just cant use it for pulling a scraper or other ground engaging equipment, so it will be forsale once we get brackets for the loader. It is handier than a pocket on a shirt as a loader, I do have to say.
  5. On another note, I nosed the 10 um to the loader and... wow. Looks big by comparison.
  6. Rescue11

    8930 MFD

    Anyway, needs some attention, atleast cosmetically. Would like to find the right mirrors for it and a battery cover. The cab could use a lower cushion and the post/upholstery kit. Paint, front fenders and LED lights, along with the gas struts and rear window seal to name a few. But that will be as time allows, the rush is off, we found a good tractor for what I feel is a pretty good price. When it warms up some I'd like to pull the cab roof off and give it a good cleaning, then maybe see if I can wax the paint and paint the front wheels to make it look half way ok until the tractor gets re-painted. Till next time!
  7. Rescue11

    8930 MFD

    Took a few pix today, nosed the tractor up to the new-to-us loader. Looks like we will have to set the front wheels out? Currently set on 30" rows.
  8. This is very true, guess I'll get a work out then lol
  9. We finally found a loader. It's a TA 76, found in Iowa, brought home today. Not a bad looking piece of equipment. Does anyone who has this setup know if the front weights can be left on? This tractor will not live with the loader on it all the time. Looks like it might be close either way.
  10. We dont stop period. Eat while driving. Some of the trickier meals I'll hold the clutch in on end rows or while my dingy is out. Not to put others down, grandpa always said to get out and let someone else run while you ate... fat chance, you wouldn't get back in the saddle the rest of the day! So, more out of "competition" than anything, I enjoy eating! Not having to wood it down.
  11. We now have 2 magnums and shutter the thought of selling the 1086. Course the 10 carries a great degree of sentiment, but still a very useful tractor and highly reliable
  12. Have been reading my Ford service manual which I bought off ebay last summer. Low and behold it's from Peaceful Creek! Wonderful
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