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  1. Rescue11

    1066 decal set

    Look at the sixes. Took me 30 seconds scrolling between the good picture of new decals and the faint but visible side shield. The top slash has slightly taller arch on the old vs the new, which appears to have a shorter, wider arch. But the bottom of the 6 looks to have a larger blacked out area on the new vs original. Different font style, slightly. Could they be trying to avoid some kind of copyright infringement? I'm glad they make them tho! I'm sure much more affordable than Mother IH.
  2. How's your 7120 pull that disk ripper? How deep? What type soil? Or is that a Haha picture?
  3. Recovery rate, and some of the materials. There are differences. Although they are getting less every year. I'm sick of water heaters after the smart valve and epa insulation BS. That with constant rising cost and pressure from box store pricing. They are a losing battle
  4. Which is AO Smith, also makes state and Kenmore. Toured the plant bout 6 years ago. At that time A.o. Smith, Rheem, and one more company were all that produced tank style heaters in the us. In the last year or so I have noticed that more of them are built in Mexico... grrrrr
  5. Unless your a member, you won't be able to view the pix. Lots of good information and a link or 2 tho. https://www.onlycubcadets.net/forum/showthread.php?t=51475
  6. I'll look. MESSICKS Has a Toro kit same as cub cadet but waaaaay cheaper. Will get back to you
  7. That's really cool. Not something everyone has!
  8. Thanks for your commitment to a great cause. One of the most important things a person can do is directly make a positive impact on other human lives. I cant help you out with your feelings now, maybe in 35 years you can help me with mine😉
  9. Even got some end of year shredding done
  10. Last year we finished combining right before a snow which didn't leave until it was time to plant corn. That mixed with a bunch of precipitation left us with ditches... everywhere. Terrace channels, waterways, flat ground, hill ground, even broke over a few terraces and washed ditches right down the backside. Luckily even starting harvest late we finished in a good amount of time and the weather has allowed us to start repairing... for the time being. Although we are progressing, it too has not come without the usual challenges. Here are some pictures to go with. Our challenges are not near what others in the larger area have and continue to face, for those guys I truly do feel sympathetic. Soft ground that didnt look soft! Had half the scraper pushed off before I got stuck. County cleaned out the ditch and tube at an intersection by one of our farms early fall. We didnt have the corn picked yet so they put it on the roadside. Today's project was stock piling it for... you guessed it, filling ditches. Took a little video of the gnuse for those that haven't used 1
  11. Thanks guys, its always been a pita but I never really thought much of it until I realized that we have limited 3pt travel with the drawbar support on. Not mentioning the fact that the flippity flop isn't very helpful when using 3pt implements! Y'all are awesome, thanks for helping!
  12. Is the drawbar support fairly straightforward or is that also something that is tractor specific? Would love to see how you did it.
  13. The 1086 we have is a 79, which has the older (bottom pic) style stabilizers. I have seen 1086's with the newer (88/magnum) style. What does it entail with switching over, and are the parts from an 88 or magnum compatible? Thanks for your help.
  14. Ok, thought they still had axle issues with the 1600s. Used to have a 1660 that had the axle welded on. No bin extension. Afraid to add 1. 2166 has 1, like you, I drive with a brain.
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