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  1. Yes, was referring to the latter of the two. But that's a good summary tho!
  2. I thought that was a thermistor??
  3. That looks kinda neat really! Different from what I'm used to! We have a higher houred 2166 that costs about 6 grand each year to get out of the shop. This year was over 10 grand. Cost of doing business they say. You probably won't wear it out as fast but would be interested to see how well it shells on only 4 rows. Best wishes and congratulations on your new toy!
  4. Rx11 flush gets my vote
  5. Not in prison, but I agree. If your only using the tractor for an hour here and there, fine. But if you're on it very long at 1 tim, God only gives you 1 back
  6. No voodoo here... But have used MO-99 for the last 7 years where needed. Have been pretty happy with it. The pressures do run lower, not a bad thing considering anything r22 is almost 10 years old and many much older. Have been told it's not as efficient as r22, but what blended refrigerant is? So anyway, R 22 is money, not near as bad as it was a year ago, but those are the only refrigerants I use for a 22 system. Whare ya at? Going to be hot for a while.
  7. We have that same tool box. LEDs are nice. Put 10 on 0ur 1086. Have 2 more I'd like to add
  8. Done with corn, started on beans yesterday.
  9. I SAW YOUR VIDEO ON YOUTUBE!! I have questions!
  10. Not on our farm. We run two! Easy to work on. Bitty, that is very impressive. Gives my heart good feelings to see a project like this
  11. Sandhiller... too big?
  12. Which Beatrice commerce has been sliding the last 2 decades anyway. I agree, definitely will hurt Beatrice. Knowing several from Gage county, they are deeply concerned about their future. If they are responsible for interest, they wont ever get it paid down. A county Sheriff truly can make or BREAK a county!
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