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  1. Yessir, also, if you cant reach a good, consistent ground, with power applied, you can measure voltage across the contacts similar to procedure used in ohmic test, only withoutremovingwires, just like the voltagetest you described. This gives you a simplified voltage drop because like you say it is a switch, voltage should not be read across a closed switch, so the larger the difference the worse off the contacts are. On a side note, the voltage drop test is handy because if a switch is totally defective it will ohm out bad or show a high voltage differential when cold. But earlier on before total failure, contact points on a switch can appear to be in the acceptable range when cool, but once a load is applied, particularly after a length of time, the contacts will expand. This creates higher resistance in turn creating a larger voltage drop and increasing amperage resulting typically in higher thermal levels. The process continues and compounds until the device is allowed to cool. Eventually the contacts will become pitted to the point, between carbon build up and lack of conductive material, the switch will either ohm out at a super high reading or be O.L Lots of times the tricky to catch, intermittent "shorts" as most refer to, a guy has to be quick to test a suspected component particularly in a short cycle scenario, and undoing wires sometimes takes too much time allowingthedevicetocool enough th change readings. Ohmic and voltage testing is extremely invaluable. OHMS law (E/IxR) is a good one to live by... that and PIE (watts=amps x volts) Helps the world make sense! That's a really good bit of information to know about, thank you for sharing! I wonder how many Sentry modules have been unnecessarily changed out because of a faulty cab solenoid?!
  2. Yall have some really good looking 14s!!!! How do they handle the 18.4 42 tires?
  3. Made a good decision. 86 series is a really good bang for the buck. I wouldn't get rid of ours for nothing! Good luck to you and your son. Sounds like he has one **** of a support group backing him. Does he actually have ground lined up to farm yet? You mentioned the 2 balers, guessing yall do some haying. Very good.
  4. Dont worry, happens to the best, or rest, of us! You have a very nice looking 1586! Very sharp!!
  5. Rescue11

    8930 MFD

    So does my issue require the bushing replaced... lubed?? Haven't had this problem on the 8920, no clue 😕
  6. Rescue11

    8930 MFD

    Took the fan out and moved the fan shroud out of the way, amonxed other things today. Reason being that I knew there was way more dirt in the condenser, cooler, and radiator that I was not getting without that kind of access. Honestly, having never been this far into a magnum (not saying much) everything was pretty straight forward. Grandpa was a little bewildered by how much needed to come apart, but the amount of dirt from the radiator alone was shocking. I spent a good hour and a half to two hours washing all three coils to where I had a deluge of clean water flowing through and I'll bet there is still some that I didnt get. That's not to mention the 45 minutes worth I did last night. With a new belt and clean condenser, the A/c works pretty well. Suction line had a good sweat, and even with a wet condenser the low pressure light didnt come on at 60° ambient od temp. I'm going to peak the top of the cab off and clean everything out including the evaporator and drain hose. It has new cab filters, so I'll go ahead and check the refrigerant too after that's done. Took alot of self discipline to not remove the hood and other red parts for paint. I want so badly to repaint this tractor that my teeth are chattering, but other things need attention first. On that note, I have a few questions, 1. Why does the front of the hood not rest evenly after it is closed? I can pull down on it and that solves it until the next time. 2. Has anyone had experience with the buddy seat from All States Ag Parts? They have a reasonably priced one, but are they junk? Are there better ones to be had? 3. It needs a battery box cover, only one I have seen is 60.00. Seems high for what it is. There a better place to buy things like that? 4. Where is a good place to get the OEM style mirrors? Want to ko the cheesy one it has. Thanks, Trent
  7. Rescue11

    8930 MFD

    Ok, like a bad connection at the post itself? I did ziptie the solenoid back, started the tractor to move it, then when parked, cut the zip tie and the engine kept running. My original thought was the coil could have a weak spot that exacerbates when its warm from usage. Not sure, it did appear to work correctly today tho.
  8. Rescue11

    8930 MFD

    Got to use the 8930 yesterday disking down some terraces that were tiled this winter. When she would pull hard, the temp gauge would climb clear to the top of the green. I would then have to stop at a headland and throttle the tractor back halfway and wait for temp to come back down. Overall the tractor did really well, a few minor setbacks. I guess the biggest issue was a wet spot dad found with the 10. Grandpa was running around with the dirt buggy, while dad and I were disking. Good day, good memories, not too many of those days left unfortunately. Anyway, when I drove the 8930 into the shed it just died, but started right off. Thought I had it in too tall a gear. But its actually the fuel shutdown solenoid that is acting up. So, gotta get one coming. Got new gas struts put in the cab and put a new ac belt on and commenced to washing out the very plugged condenser, cooler, and radiator when I broke the 40+ year old yard hydrant encased by 3' of concrete. After that, it's time to call it a day!
  9. Rescue11

    8930 MFD

    Both our 89s have just the one.
  10. Rescue11

    8930 MFD

    That's exactly what I was thinking. Wasn't sure it would work 100% but looks to be so. Has 6300 hours, it really seems to be a clean tractor, thank you! The shuttle might be an item down the road after other things happen, but all we really use a loader for is haying a 40 head cow heard in the winter and a few odd jobs here n there. They look pretty slick tho, I will say that!
  11. Rescue11

    8930 MFD

    I'm usually pretty solid on OEM. Haven't even priced'em yet 😬
  12. It's kinda like the guy retiring who is helping his replacement. Bidi is good, maybe if we had 200+ head of cattle we would keep it, but just cant use it for pulling a scraper or other ground engaging equipment, so it will be forsale once we get brackets for the loader. It is handier than a pocket on a shirt as a loader, I do have to say.
  13. On another note, I nosed the 10 um to the loader and... wow. Looks big by comparison.
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