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  1. Sounds like you're back feeding voltage through the monitor. How do you have it hooked up?
  2. Been hearing since I have been in the trade how 134a and 410a will both be phased out. Whilst talking with different wholesalers today R-22 is through the moon again. One place had it for 775.00/30lb drum. Nuts. Another guy said 410 will be the same way in 2 years. MOTHERF------- Light commercial hermetic systems have gone to a propane blend... likely what a guy will see down the road. Heard tale of residential and even package units being sealed like a windowshaker.... no taps installed from factory. disgraceful
  3. That would have been it. You would remember better than I, was it HIC? Or was it Stansbury's inventory? HIC was purchased February of '19 by Bruna out of KS. I was two at the time Tim and Larry bought out Myron, actually I remember walking through the shop door and seeing a few red tractors in back. When Mom dad my sister and I would go for walks I'd sit on the cub cadets they parked in front by the sidewalk. 3 of the tractors we have were bought new, pretty well new, or as demonstrators from that building. When Tim and Larry bought out Stansbury's in 92, they renamed it Humboldt Implement, th
  4. Thanks, idt he's probably interested so much in setting up anywhere, but I'll certainly pass this along.
  5. Parts man, Corey's step-dad, Myron, passed a few years ago, and his mom passed this last winter. He's the only child and started out a parts man working for his step-dad when Myron owned the local IH dealership, since then the dealershiphas changed hands a couple times, but he is still behind the counter. Corey graduated from Humboldt between my dad and aunt in the late 80s, as did I in the late '00s. We have done alot of work for Corey's folks over the years right up to their passing. My grandpa did 98% of his farm equipment business with Myron starting back in the 50s, all the way up t
  6. What did you find? Ours just started this issue
  7. Man, sofar I'd say your luck is pretty strong! I'd love to have that mfd. Nice looking tractor
  8. I'd take any 3! Lol
  9. That's probably before most guys had a love for them and the time when alot of guys remembered the idiosyncrasies without the wealth of information and peripheral support they have today! Good time to buy! Do you still have that tractor? BTW, 19k in 2003 is equivalent to roughly 27k today! ... ish
  10. Rescue11

    8930 MFD

    Thank you! Glad to have ya. I had a friend take that video so my Grandpa could see how we got it out of the shop! Bput a qtr inch on each side if the tractor is square centered in the door. Had to remove the door frame trim
  11. Grandpa is 86 as of February, he could not get in the cab of our '79 1086 anymore. We got a step kit, door opener kit, and side handle for it and it allows him to still use it!
  12. I have been looking for about 10 years, the biggest thing with this tractor, although not having exactly what I want it was in town at the dealer we have done business with for over half a century. I knew they would stand behind it, with a tractor like this I want to buy one from a trusted individual, where I can put my eyes and hands on it prior to writing a check. Price range I'd say 15 at tops for now, however that, just like anything has variables too. I think I'm going to let off the gas for now. The used equipment market has jumped alot... along with Fertilizer and everything else.
  13. Rescue11

    8930 MFD

    Thank you very much, I have felt that way too whenever coming across somebody else's nicely done tractor too!
  14. Rescue11

    8930 MFD

    Video of the ol girls first look outside in months
  15. Rescue11

    Covid Shot

    Hauled alot of people with covid, some died, some didn't. Got the shot because my grandparents wanted it and as a responder I has access early on. I wanted to be the lab rat for my grandparents sake. And I'm sorta neutral either way on the shot... made little difference if I got it or not. Anyway I have had it for quite some time, nbd. Good luck with the conversation
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