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  1. DTM Farms

    Changing oil in the am, will look in the filters and 1st oil out, hopefully caught it in time🙏
  2. DTM Farms

  3. DTM Farms

    Replaced the harmonic dampener, reset valves, (each cylinder TDC) QUIET!!!!
  4. DTM Farms

    But it only does it when the engine is at working temp, which puzzles me!
  5. DTM Farms

    I am familiar with the injection pump hammering noise usually heard on startup and it isn't that! Once heard a dozer start knocking with a bad fuel injector, might have to pull them once I change the dampener and the problem persists!
  6. DTM Farms

    Ordered one just a few minutes ago, just concerned if that's the problem. The old tractor sat up for a few years with just cranking it every now and again until lately. Thanks
  7. DTM Farms

    Really appreciate the information, again thanks
  8. DTM Farms

    Could you run yours and see if you have any wobble to the dampener? Would really appreciate it, maybe a short video.
  9. DTM Farms

  10. DTM Farms

    I don't think it is open, archived I think. I think my next step will be to crack the injectors at hot idle to see if one is bad, then change the dampener
  11. DTM Farms

    Could the harmonic dampener cause this? It is the original and does not turn true, has a wobble to it!
  12. DTM Farms

  13. DTM Farms

    Would anyone have an idea of what could be going on?
  14. DTM Farms

    FarmerFixEmUp - I recently read a post about a tractor that you owned which had the same problem that is concerning me with my tractor. Just set the valves to eliminate that potential concern. The tractor runs fine when cold, but has a tapping noise, most noticeable from the front of the engine only at hot idle. Could you tell me what did you find with yours?