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  1. Have spot welded many of them joints to shaft no problems
  2. No problems with the open boarders cartels will be sending ammo in.
  3. Thanks everyone just what I wanted.
  4. Does anyone have a picture of a 3 point to 2 point conversion bracket they could share, I know they exist but have never seen one.
  5. Having trouble finding hydraulic pump part # 331421r91, can get part # 328114r91 witch is a dresser # will it interchange? As per mountings and drive coupleing.
  6. Looks like a horn weight, used to train horn growth on show cattle.
  7. Looking for part#331 421 r91, hydraulic pump drive for IHC 150 track loader.
  8. I believe IH made a model 500 in gas don’t know the size or years made.
  9. I need a couple of pistons and a good sleeve for a td9 with a 335 engine
  10. Just sold a 660 gas, only 130 or so made in gas version.
  11. Key works best for me. I feel half naked whites pair of jeans.
  12. Get ahold of Ken Updike on here, I think he has shipped tractors before.
  13. Squirt some penetrating oil on the butterfly shaft and take a small vice grip turn the shaft back and forth, the shaft should overcenter to closed position when in gas mode.
  14. This is beside the choke you turn it to control air, it is connected to rear of carb.
  15. My td9 has a choke like rod back threw fire wall you turn to adjust for starting. Looks just like choke rod.
  16. A 1086 with no 3 point how rare is. That?
  17. Ag express in Des Moines can make a new one, they just need model of planter.
  18. I think he said it was a 234 picker on and off in 15 minutes
  19. I have a 14a for sale. For parts, has a cracked head. Steering clutches do not have a lot of hours. Would like to sell whole but could sell parts. Phone 7123703663 in Iowa.
  20. Did some one here have a formula for a radiator flush?
  21. Leave the sleeves out and get 806 gas pistons
  22. I have a b with a working system, that is for sale.
  23. I have a 2 bottom roll over fast hitch plow that was made at stockton
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