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  1. 806 Frank

    Can the top shaft in ta housing be removed with single split at clutch?
  2. 756 rear end noise

    Check your wheel wedges could be loose.
  3. 986 gear noise

    Thank for your input.
  4. 986 gear noise

    The driven to gear on our 986 has a tooth broken off, so makes a clicking noise every revaluation. Would you split ta housing to fix, or run as is?everything else work as should
  5. 986 gear noise

    The rest of the story, tractor started making rattling noise, sounded like from rear. Of engine dropped pan and removed couple of rod caps ,found one with wear and some crank damage. Thought that was problem. Did major out of frame overhaul.put back together still have noise drained rear end and dropped transmission brake. Found gear tooth laying on housing.
  6. Paint codes

    What is code for white paint on 1968 656?
  7. Paint codes

    Thank you.
  8. Does anyone know where to buy, or if someone on here can make them.