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  1. I have a 2 bottom roll over fast hitch plow that was made at stockton
  2. Steiger st325, cat challenger 85, cat d7 dozer
  3. Are the gaskets available for type b IH injection pump, thru whom.
  4. Removed plunger from injection pump to get it unstuck, now engine wants to over rev. Can pump be not in right position with rack when installing
  5. We had a 510 at a feedlot I worked at could not hold head gaskets. Repowered with a Cummins 4 cylinder can’t remember the model.
  6. That model is still flying south of walnut,east of Hancock.
  7. We were having same problem with td9. Removed tower took. Top off and gently taped plunger down and got it freed up.now runs on diesel but when we open throttle wants to over run rpms. Need advice how to fix.
  8. Put a rebuilt engine in td9 that had been sitting for 12 or 15 years after overhaul. Couldn’t get it to run on diesel, found plunger was stuck in top position. Took apart got pump working,runs on diesel.now when you open throttle will start to run away. Can switch back to gas before rpms get to high. What could be problem?
  9. Is that bottom bolt broke off where it goes into casting, doesn’t look right to me.
  10. 806frank


    We have three of them.
  11. If the brakes are hanging up they should be smoking hot..
  12. If I read your post right you have a separate 3 spool valve, you would run hoses to and from one of your tractor valves and tie lever back.
  13. I use some long studs to help Aline head as you lower it .
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