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  1. If I read your post right you have a separate 3 spool valve, you would run hoses to and from one of your tractor valves and tie lever back.
  2. I use some long studs to help Aline head as you lower it .
  3. 806frank

    CAB FOR 966

    Put a roof top on a stinger years ago, got it from thermo king Christianson (spelling) in Omaha N.
  4. What is part # for sealant for brake drums on 86 series tractors. Or a aftermarket equivalent?
  5. 806frank

    Plow parts

    Is there someone on here that sells plow parts? My wife’s cousin is looking for part # 58996c. Needs four of them.
  6. Do the other side and it will look factory.
  7. Leaking hydraulic oil on 1486 on torsion bar. Can shaft be removed without moving wheel out? The wheels are set for wide rows now. What parts do I have to replace?
  8. What all needs to change to put a 282 in a td9 crawler? Flywheel, clutch, front pulley, side rail length? Thanks for information.
  9. 806frank

    1566 1086

    I didn’t think it would work, but wanted some expert opinions. Thanks for your input. Located in southwest Iowa, be a long road trip.
  10. 806frank

    1566 1086

    We would like. To mate the engine and ta section of 1566 to rear end of 1086.
  11. 806frank

    1566 1086

    Have a 1566 with differential out. If we split at rear end will a 1086 rear end bolt up or is there a difference.
  12. 806frank

    986 Temp Guage

    I think that is water level sensor.
  13. Something like New York’s new abortion law.
  14. The traps work good. Simple to make. Have several in an open front shed.
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