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  1. rear fenders 560-504

    I did. They fit. The only difference I found was the 504 fenders have grab handles on them, the 560 doesn't.
  2. Ground Hog day

    Around here: If you have half your wood and half your hay on Groundhog Day you're in good shape.
  3. Seat suspension repair kit

    I used the parts from Steiner too. Just had to hone the bushings a bit to get proper fit on the shafts. Works great.
  4. Different looking Farmall

    Must have been modified for some particular use. Here is a factory BN. Lots of them around here in upstate NY.
  5. Different looking Farmall

    A BN was a narrow tread B. It was not an A with a narrow front. Both rear axles were the same length, just narrower.