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  1. Syracuse Crank is near you, and they’ve done excellent work for me repairing cracked heads on my Farmalls.
  2. Went today, never been before. 1. Very impressed with the vendors buildings. Everything you could ever want red related. 2. Not as much diversity of tractors as I would of liked. Didn't see any big old traction engines, moguls, titans, 8-16's. 3. Lots of letter series, '06's and of course 60 series, since they were featured. 4. Lots of Cub Cadet stuff. 5. Not many later tractors; 56's, 66's, no 2+2's. 6. Very few implements. 7. Very few original tractors. Like to see them! 8. Thought it would be larger. Smaller because it's in the east this year? 9.
  3. Farmall pete


    Going for the first time on Thursday in Bloomsburg PA. I don’t see much on the show website about different attractions and events. I’m supposing it’s a big show and I’ll only be there half a day with livestock to feed back home. Any tips on things “not to be missed” while I’m there?
  4. This was the white and orange stuff I used in the ‘70’s...smelled like oranges. Melted the plastic pieces so they would NEVER come apart!
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